Skills Every Men Should Know

100+ Skills Every Man Should Know

You can’t be perfect in this world, and you don’t need to be one. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need any skills. Skills are what separate you from others. You can’t always depend on others for minor tasks. Why not learn some skills instead? A man should know a couple of skills to save themselves from an embarrassing moment or a dire situation. So, we prepared this article “skills every man should know” just for you.

Skills Every Man Should Know

Prepare breakfast

A man should know how to prepare his own breakfast. Isn’t it fascinating and time-saving to prepare breakfast yourself rather than complaining about lousy taste or missing something? Instead of affecting someone’s mood, it is best to make breakfast yourself. 

Ride a bike

The most favorite vehicle of youths today- bikes. Most youngsters see it as a means to show off their style and manliness. Moreover, going on a ride, not caring about problems is the best freedom one can hope for. On the other hand, it is the fastest means to reach your destination in a time of urgency.


Reading a book is either tedious or exciting depending upon people. You don’t need to love it, but at least you need to know how to read. Not only to graduate, but it helps to alleviate your stress levels and relax your mind and body. 


Just like reading, a man needs to know how to write. Make yourself stand out from the rest either by your creative writing skills or beautiful handwriting. Sounds easy, but you need a lot of practice to bring out your creative thinking into the paper. 

Sign a signature

In the world of digital signatures, signing a signature is still very crucial. Either you go to a bank or a government office, you still need to sign documents to get your work done. Moreover, a signature is your unique identity and shows your personality. 


If you are with your family, you might not have any problem with food. But, when you are on your own, you need to cook for yourself. As a matter of fact, there isn’t any rule that your mother or wife should prepare food for you. Why not surprise them for a change and give them a golden chance to have the best food in their life? So, a man should also know how to cook.

Manage your wardrobe

It is embarrassing when a friend visits your room and sees your clothes here and there, mostly your undergarments. Your family won’t mind, but not-so-satisfying moments for your friend. 

Organize books

A man has to know how to organize his books. Well organized books on a bookshelf or desk show your love and affection towards books. Instead of wasting your precious time searching for books, it is better to manage them nicely in the first place.

Keep your belongings safely.

You are getting late, and you can’t find your belongings. Whose fault is it? It’s your fault, and you can’t blame others for your bad habit. Keeping your belongings safely will save you time, and you will reach your destination on time. When you open a drawer and see your belongings adequately managed, it is a moment to feel proud. 

Tie shoelace

You are with your friends, and suddenly they hear a sound, “Bang.” and they see you falling on the ground. Why? Because you can’t tell them you can’t tie shoelaces. Everyone starts to laugh and make fun of you. You don’t want to be in such a situation. You really don’t! 

Manage money

Managing your money is an art. You might have heard that time and money are everything in this world. Well, it is the truth, my friend. You need to have money to do something, to start something. For example, you are craving to go on a vacation with your friends, but you are left out because you don’t have money. So, it is crucial to manage your money to fulfill your desires. 

Manage time

It is an essential skill a man has to know and should possess. Punctuality and consistency is the greatest asset in one’s life. Most importantly, you will get new opportunities, and you can achieve more in a short period. You will be one step ahead of everyone. 

Wear a suit

A man needs to know how to wear a suit. Be it on a birthday or a wedding, a suit reflects your personality and your dressing sense. Not to mention the attention it grabs. Who knows, you might find your life partner when you look dashing in a suit.

Tie a necktie

A man needs to know how to tie a necktie. The absence of a tie in a suit and a shirt incompletes your attire. So, take your time and learn how to tie a necktie. Whether it is a job interview or a wedding, or a school function, a necktie is a must. 

Wish other

Can’t wait to wish someone on special occasions? That is how a man should be. Making others feel special, seeing them smiling gives you a unique satisfaction that can’t be described in words. You need to know when and how to wish others; even it means to remember the dates. You can record these special dates on your mobile, instead.

Change a tire

You are on a highway, and one of the car’s tires goes boom; no one wants to be in such an unfortunate situation. Worst, you are alone, and the nearest repair shop is miles away. In such a case, knowing how to change a flat tire comes in handy. So, save yourself from such a situation by learning how to change a flat tire. 

Buy flowers

A man should know when to buy flowers and give them to your loved ones. You aren’t obligated to buy them on special occasions only; buy them when you feel like giving them to someone. It shows how much you care and love them.


Not everyone likes negotiating over small matters. But, your negotiation skills will come in handy when the time comes. Whether you are buying groceries or renting a room, or selling products, your negotiation skills will save you money. Your negotiation skills will help you to convince someone. So, a  man needs to learn how to negotiate.

Play cards

You don’t want to be left out when others enjoy playing cards, and you are alone in a corner watching them play. Playing cards is one of the best moments to have fun with friends and family. Peeking at other cards, hiding some underneath the table, etc.- these moments make cards an enjoyable game to play.  

Crack a joke

Cracking a joke is the art of making a boring situation lively and enjoyable. One needs to know the perfect time to crack a joke and make everyone laugh. You will always be the guy in your circle who is looked upon when a boring situation arises. You will be Mr.dependable. Plus, everyone likes the company of people who is very funny. 

Go to a party

Saying no to friends when they call you at a party is very disheartening. It is a great occasion to spend some time with your friends and family. So, a man should go to parties and have a blast.

Enjoy vacation

Vacation is a way to entertain your boring life. Enjoying vacation means leaving the busy schedule back and living life to its fullest like there is no tomorrow. You might not get this golden chance soon. So, you need to enjoy your vacation.


A man needs to know how to shop like a man. You can’t always be like, “Mom, I need this; please buy it for me when you go shopping.” It is not so pleasing to tell your mom or wife or anyone to shop for you. For a change, why don’t you take them shopping? It will make them and you happy.

Perform CPR

Someone is lying before and is in a critical situation, and waiting for an ambulance might be too late for him/her. What if someone you know is in such a situation? Performing CPR at the right moment will save his/her life. So, learn to perform CPR, you might just end up saving lives.   

Drive a car

Hiring a driver or going in a cab every time you need to go outside is very costly in the long run. Learn to drive a car and travel on your own convenience. No more depending on the cab drivers or ride sharing platform . Additionally, going on a vacation or long drive in your car feels good. 

Prepare a CV

A man needs to know how to prepare a CV. If you want to get a call for an interview, you need a fantastic CV for a strong candidacy. It showcases your skills and abilities. 

Write an email

In a world where most people use Messenger, WeChat, etc., email is their most reliable means to contact someone for a business. Everyone writes an email when they need to talk about business. It shows your professionalism in today’s world. So, you need to know how to write an email to seal a contract.

Speak in public

Most people fear talking in front of a crowd. But, public speaking is the only way to grab a crowd’s attention or lead a team. It will help you to influence people. Learn to speak in public and win people’s hearts.

Compliment a person

When someone compliments you for your work, we feel like doing it more, and nothing can stop us. Complimenting a person is a way to appraise someone and boost his/her confidence. So, you need to know when and how to compliment a person. 

Listen actively

When someone is talking to you, you need to listen actively to them. Looking here and there or hanging on your mobiles is very rude to someone talking to you. What if someone ignores you when you are talking? You feel like bursting out of anger, right. So, never ignore someone when they are talking to you.

Start a conversation

You might have been in a situation where someone is beside you; you feel like talking but can’t take a step. Initiation is what matters a lot. Until you move forward, nothing will change. So, start a conversation to prevent an awkward situation. Who knows, you could be friends forever, or you can find a life partner. 

Plan a holiday

Instead of sitting at home, watching tv, you can plan a holiday with your friends and family. Working or studying 9-6 is very monotonous and feels like there is no entertainment in life. Opportunities don’t come; instead, you need to create yourself. So, plan a holiday and enjoy yourself.

Plan a date

Asking and going on a date with someone you love is a way to show your manliness. However, not everyone can ask their crushes for a date. So, plan a date and give your best to impress crushes and make them your life partner. 


No matter where you go, a party, wedding, farewell, etc., dance is what everyone loves to do. Rather than friends dragging you to dance, go on your own and start dancing. Show your cool moves and impress your friends. 

Reach on time

Have you ever faced a situation where a plan is canceled because either you or a friend arrived late? It feels so frustrating when this happens. So, to avoid unnecessary complications, you should learn to do every work on time.

Show empathy

A man needs to know how to show empathy when someone is sad, happy, crying, etc. You need to know what is going on with a person, understand his/her feelings, and respond accordingly. It will help you to build connections with others. 

Take a good picture

You are having the best moment of your life, and you didn’t capture them? Why? Because you don’t know how to take a good picture. Everyone has a smartphone today, and to click a snapshot. You don’t have to be a professional. A decent picture does the work. So, learn to take a decent shot to capture your once in a lifetime moments. 

Iron your clothes

Most men don’t know how to iron their clothes because they aren’t used to it. It is either their mom or wife who irons their clothes. But, a man needs to learn to iron their clothes. 

Let’s say you are going to a wedding, and then you realize you haven’t ironed your clothes and there is no one to help you. It is embarrassing to go in unironed clothes. So, it is better to learn how to.

Polish shoes

Your attire becomes incomplete without shoes. You might have heard shoes reflect a person’s personality. And it is essential to polish your shoes and attend a meeting or a wedding. Moreover, well, polished, shiny shoes grab people’s attention.

Pick a hobby

Rather than sitting at home doing nothing, it is more appropriate to pick a hobby and immerse yourself in it. Your life becomes more exciting and enjoyable when you engage in an activity. Furthermore, it helps to improve your skills. 


A man always needs to be clean and hygienic. Learn how to shave your face and neck to give you a clean look. If the razor feels dangerous, then you can go for an electric shaver. But they are expensive.

Trim beard and mustache

If you don’t want to shave your beard and mustache, then you can trim them. Most men, nowadays, grow their beards to look more manly and macho. So, you can learn how to trim the beard and mustache. 

Give respect to others.

Give respect and take respect. You might have heard this multiple times in your life. If you don’t give respect to others, then no one will show you respect as well. Connections are significant in one’s life. So, it would help if you learned to show respect to others.


You might be thinking sewing is for a woman. Well, you’re mistaken. Knowing how to sew is very crucial in one’s life. Rather than waiting for someone to sew your clothes and be late, it is better to sew your clothes yourself. 

Park your car correctly.

Parking a car correctly is a superb skill on its own. You need to learn to park your car if you drive a car. You need to practice a lot to park the car; especially when there is not ample space. Otherwise, you might not find another parking space for hours. 

Start a fire

You are camping, and you forgot to bring a fire starter with you. Without a fire, surviving in the wilderness is out of the option. So, learning to start a fire without a fire starter will save your life. Moreover, your camping is incomplete without a fire. 

Ride a cycle

Cycling is a skill to learn from childhood. It is the very first ride of most people. A man should know how to cycle. Cycling on an empty road, through mountains, trails, etc., gives unprecedented pleasure.  

Comfort a person

A man should know how to comfort a person when he/she is feeling down. You can’t leave your friends and family when they are in a bad situation. They need your support, so it is your responsibility to comfort them. 

Hang a frame

You are moving to a new house or a room, and you want your room to be filled with beautiful pictures and frames. But you can’t. Why? You don’t know how. So, learn how and where to hang a frame. It will make your room even more beautiful.

Change light bulbs

Just a light bulb can give you a hard time if you don’t know how to fix it. Rather than waiting for an electrician and wasting money on a small repair, you can repair it yourself. 

Change diaper

You will be a loving dad someday. And when that happens, you need to look after your children and change their diapers when needed. You need to change their dirty diapers and clean them when your wife is not around. So, why not learn to change a diaper?

Select a gift 

Selecting the right gift is never an easy task. What will he/she think about the present? Will he/she like it?- such questions create confusion, making it harder for us to choose the right gift. Still, a man got to know how to pick a perfect present. Since Christmas is near, you can give him/her a nice Christmas present.

Pack your backpack

Many times packing your backpack is a tedious job to do. Every clothing you need doesn’t fit in; sometimes, your bag becomes too heavy and chubby. Packing a backpack requires skill. You need to know how to manage your clothes and items in a bag properly.

Apologize sincerely

When it is your fault, you need to apologize sincerely. You need to realize if it’s your fault and should know how others feel. Sometimes, in anger, we say unnecessary things, and we don’t realize it. So, you need to know how to apologize. Don’t sever your relationships for trivial matters.

Greet properly

You are walking in the street, and you see a friend in the opposite lane. But, you don’t talk to him/her and act like you never saw him/her. People are vital to one’s life. So, you need to greet them properly. 

Call a person

Are you waiting for a friend to call you? Why don’t you call him/her instead? Rather than waiting for hours for their call, you can call them as well. 

Do push-ups

If you are a fitness freak, then you need to know how to do perfect push-ups. Even if you don’t, you can always join a gym to learn or self-learn at home. Start with the basics and move on to advance push-ups when you feel strong.

Help a needy person

Not everyone might be as fortunate as you. You have a shelter, get food whenever you want, and sleep in a warm room, but some people mightn’t afford all these. If you see such needy people, even a little help is a big help for them. So, you need to help a needy person.


Nothing is more exciting and enjoyable than having a barbeque party on vacation. Make a perfect steak and share it with your friends and family. Eating and enjoying together strengthens your bond.

Play with children

Playing with children can make you forget all your tensions for the day. Laughing, smiling, playing, being a baby for a day are the best ways to enjoy your precious time with your children.

Make children sleep

You need to know how to make your children sleep. When your wife is not around, you are the only person who needs to do it. Tell a story, sing a lullaby, do whatever it takes to make your children fall asleep.

Make a crying child laugh.

A man needs to know how to make a crying child stop and laugh. It is a difficult task to do, but as a dad, you should do it. No one will come for your help, and you must do it yourself. 

Know your weaknesses and limitations

I can do this, I can do that, and I can definitely do this- it doesn’t always work like this. You need to know your weaknesses and give your best to make them your strengths. Overcommitting isn’t always a solution. 

Cut vegetables and fruits

Giving a hand to your mom and your wife in the kitchen is the best thing to do. You can help them by cutting fruits and vegetables. Give them a little time to rest their hands and help them to prepare foods faster. 

Sharpen a knife

Blunt knives are always useless. Sharp knives are useful in day-to-day life. Whether in the kitchen or to repair things or to cut something, sharp knives are needed. So, as a man, you always need to keep your knives sharp and clean.

Make drinks

Making drinks for your friends and family is a courtesy. If you are calling your friends to your house, it is your responsibility to serve them drinks. Moreover, you need skills to make drinks as per their preferences.

Make coffee

A cup of coffee, whenever you are feeling tired, is an energy booster. It refreshes your mind, your mood, and you will be full of energy to do your activities. And, a cup of coffee in the morning is the best way to start your day. So, you need to know how to make coffee.

Grab attention

As a team leader, you need to know how to grab your team’s attention. This is what makes a good leader. Skills to grab attention not only makes you a good leader, but you will be able to achieve your goals quickly. 

Stay fit

A man always needs to keep himself fit and healthy. Everyone likes fit and healthy people. While others’ opinions might not be as important, but it is for your sake. Being fit helps to reduce the risk of suffering from diseases. 

Jumpstart a car

Sometimes, when you are driving, your car might stop in the middle. Reason: Your car’s battery is dead. In such time, you need to provide power to rerun your battery. So, you can jumpstart it yourself. Even if you don’t know, you need to learn it if you drive every day. 

Perform a first-aid kit

First-aid is the first medical treatment given to an injured person. You never know when you or someone might get hurt. So, it would be best if you learned how to perform a first-aid kit. It helps to save a person’s life. 

What to wear on occasions

You need to know what to wear on special occasions. You can’t go to a wedding with your boxer. Save yourself from embarrassment in front of others by improving your dressing sense. 

Make tea

Just like coffee, tea is a perfect way to start their day for some people. It refreshes your body and wakes you up completely in the morning. Instead of troubling others, you should prepare tea yourself and, if possible, serve others. 

Play an instrument

Even if you don’t know how to sing, you can still play an instrument. Most people love playing the guitar. You can learn to play any instrument and make a dull house party lively and enjoyable.  


Do you know how to swim? If not, you need to learn it. Swimming is a fun activity as well as a life-saving skill. It is the best way to enjoy your summer vacation. Plus, this skill will help you one day if you accidentally fall into a river or lake.  

Learn some fighting moves

It is good to learn some fighting moves. It will save you one day. Sometimes, falling back is the best solution. But, not every time. So, it would help if you learned some moves.

Speak a foreign language

Speaking foreign languages helps you when you are traveling to different countries. It will help you connect with other people in other countries and learn about their culture. 

Be loyal

A man needs to be loyal to their friends, family, and other people. If people trust you, you shouldn’t break their trust. If you want to survive in this world, you need to be trustworthy. 

Make a bed

Even a small thing you do will make your day better. Why not start it by making your bed? So, the first thing you should do every morning is to make your bed. 

Talk politely 

You need to know how to talk politely to others. It helps to improve your relationships as well as communication skills. It is always not the best option to speak rudely to others. You need to understand how others feel and talk politely.

Ask for help

As a man, you need to know how and when to ask for help. If you are in trouble, you should ask for help. Tackling everything yourself might not be feasible every time. 

Show emotions

Most men don’t show their emotions. They like to take it to themselves. When you feel like crying, you need to cry. Showing emotions helps to make your worries disappear. And, it is good to share your happiness, sadness, etc., with others. Let others support you when you need help. 

Say no

A man should know when to say no. Saying no is the best option in some situations. You don’t need to think about what others feel; you should look after yourself first. If such a problem arises, tell them the truth, and they will understand you. 

Stop a fight

What do you do when your friends are fighting among themselves? You will try to stop them, obviously. It is the most appropriate solution depending on the situation. So, as a man, you need to know how to stop a fight.

Hold a baby

Babies are cute, and when we see them, we like to hold them. But, taking a small baby on your hands needs skill. You can’t hold them just like that. They are powerless, small, and light, so you need to hold them properly.  

Play video games

Playing video games helps to alleviate stress and tensions in one’s life. Even if it is for a moment, one can enjoy the moment. You don’t need to master one; you can play for fun. 

Play sports

Just like playing video games, sports help to minimize your stress. Stress affects your mental health, but sports positively affect your physical health. It keeps you healthy and fit. So, you should at least play one sport. 

Have manners

Manners make your life more exciting and easy. People with manners are respected a lot because manners reflect your identity and your parents’ image. Having manners not only benefits you, but others will follow after you. It will make your life pleasant.


A man should know how to keep himself and his surroundings clean. You can’t live in an unhygienic environment. You might be ok with it, but not for others. You need to wear clean clothes, bathe regularly, brush your teeth, etc. 

Maintain a relationship

You need to know how to maintain your relationships with others. Relationships are vital in one’s life as they make you happy and reduce the risk of depression. 

Fix small things in the house

You can’t always call a plumber or an electrician to fix small things in the house. You need to learn how to repair things. It will save you time and money.


Who doesn’t love traveling? Once in a lifetime, everyone dreams of traveling around the world. Traveling, eating different foods, meeting various people, learning about their culture is thrilling and adventurous on its own. 

Manage your garden

If you have a garden, you need to learn how to manage it. Managing your garden shows how much you care and love plants. It is the best way to feel nature. Gardening also will provide a fresh vibe to your home.

Make a decision

You can’t always depend on others and need to make decisions yourself. No one besides you knows what is best for you, so you should learn to make your decisions yourself. Start by critically analysing situations and be rational about the decision you make.

Perform the Heimlich

Heimlich is a life-saving technique when someone is choking. While eating, choking can happen to anyone, and in such a situation, Heimlich is the best way to save someone. You put your arms around the stomach and apply upward pressure to force the food out. But when done incorrectly it can be severe, so learn the technique before you try it on someone.


Even without your smartphone, you need to be able to navigate correctly with a map and a compass. In the past, people used to navigate, seeing the position of the sun and plants. Learning to navigate will help you when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere. 


You need to learn how to make your life more entertaining. A life without any excitement and entertainment is too dull. No one likes the company of such people. So, it would help if you found ways to entertain yourself and others. 

How to fish

Fishing is a game of patience and endurance. It is a great time to enjoy your time with your friends. Drinking beer and having fish for dinner is the best way to spend the night. 

Organize a get-together

Friends are significant to make our life better. So, organizing a get-together once in a while is a great way to enjoy, share your moments, etc. Talking about the old days will help you to refresh your mood.

Exercise daily

Everyone knows how important it is to exercise daily. It improves your health and keeps you fit. It helps to control your weight, mood and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

Manage stress

Everyone has one or two tensions in their life. How you tackle those problems matters a lot. You can only be successful when you give your 100 percent and face those problems. So, you need to learn to manage your stress. 

Life isn’t only about surviving. It is full of surprises; happiness, sadness, hardships, etc., are all part of life. And you need skills to live your life to its fullest and make your skills your strengths and unique identity.

Everyone has some skills in them. Some can fully explore early, while some need extensive practice to explore. If you are having difficulties finding your own unique talents, then hope this article, ” 100+ skills that every man should learn.” helps you. Learn these skills and make your life adventurous.

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