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10 Fears Men Have in a Relationship

Do you think men have fears in a relationship? Men act tough and don’t show their emotions most of the time. But when it comes to relationships, they do have worries which they don’t reveal often. Still, you can feel it. For example, when their girl talks to another man, they might feel jealous sometimes. Even when they feel insecure, they pretend to be okay. 

For some reason, men don’t show their worries. They do not want to trouble anyone. They keep it to themselves and fight alone. But don’t worry. Here are 10 fears men have in a relationship which you can observe and help yourselves get through. 

10 common and biggest fears men have in a relationship

Fear of rejection

Men are afraid of rejection when they are in a relationship. Girls leaving guys for another and divorce isn’t something unexpected. Such situations arise day to day with many people globally. So, many men fear about their girl abandoning them forever. Such thinking makes it hard for men to show their true feelings sometimes. 

Even when everything is alright in a relationship, men still fear being rejected one day. 

Moreover, such fear even begins before being in a relationship. What if she rejects me? What if she friend-zones me? What will become of our friendship if she refuses me?- such questions constantly restrain men from showing their affection towards a girl. 

Fear of being unhappy

There are ups and downs in a relationship. There can be happy moments and occasionally sad ones. You can’t always be satisfied, which is one of the fears men have in a relationship. 

Men worry about whether they are keeping their girls and families happy or not. What if they are not satisfied with me? They always fear it and stress themselves. This further makes them unhappy, and they try to do everything they can, even if it is challenging. 

Fear of not being able to fulfill

Every man wants to keep their relationship strong and healthy. So, they do everything for their family and give their best to fulfill their needs. Still, they think, “Are they happy with me? Am I able to give them a promising future? What if I am lacking somewhere?”

Whether it’s about giving their time to their family or helping financially, men constantly fear not fulfilling their needs when in a relationship. They want to give everything their family wants. Such thoughts trigger them to worry about it every time.  

Trust issues

Nothing is essential in a relationship other than trust. It is the foundation of any relationship. As long as it exists, the connection with people will be strong and healthy. However, men have a hard time trusting a woman sometimes. They worry about what if they pick the wrong girl. 

When a man is in a relationship, he only wants his girl to be with him. Actually, that is what everyone wants in relationships. However, there are times when a man feels like, what if she is cheating me. What if she starts seeing another guy? This leads him to distrust her and takes everything in the wrong way. 

Men want to be faithful, and they expect the same from their girls. However, insecurities make it harder for men to trust. They even fear being in a relationship in the future. 

Fear of losing freedom

Men fear losing their freedom when in a relationship. The more they are into a relationship, they sometimes think that they won’t be able to do this and that. They won’t have their own private time. They have to commit themselves. It’s good to spend your time with your girl and your family. Still, men worry about not being able to control their life. 

“I will have more responsibilities. I have to do everything for my family.” Such thoughts will pressure them. In the worst case, such feelings will make it hard for the relationship to sustain. It is better to create such a connection that fulfills your needs and desires and commit yourself to the relations. 

Fear about financial issues

The financial issue is one of the biggest fears men have in a relationship. You need love, trust, and support to keep the relationship strong and healthy. However, money is something that shouldn’t be missed to keep it going. You can’t fulfill your as well as your family’s needs when your finances are unstable. 

It is easy to manage yourself when you are alone. But when you have a family or are in a relationship, this won’t be easy as it sounds. You have to start thinking about your family. Otherwise, it will not only impact your life but others as well. This is what worries every man the most. 

Financial condition is crucial in a relationship. 

Fear of change

Changing for good is perfect in a relationship. And you should do it. However, men sometimes think, what if their girl changes? After being in a committed relationship, what if they don’t want to adjust? What if they don’t want to be in a relationship with them? Men stress themselves thinking about such things. 

Moreover, men fear change sometimes. Once settled, they resist it and sometimes overthink about it. They don’t understand that thinking about unnecessary things is only going to complicate their relationships. 

Instead of fearing change, men should adjust if necessary. They should find ways to overcome everything and settle down in their new environment and situations. This way, their relationship will be even more robust and healthier. 

Fear of not being loved

Just like women, men also worry about not being loved. They also agonize about being cheated. They want to stay with their girls and spend their whole life together. However, the situations change sometimes. It becomes so twisted that men fear that their girls no longer love them. When their girls talk to their male friends, they start feeling jealous. 

Sometimes, men feel like their girls don’t give them the attention they deserve. Then, they become emotionally unstable and passive. In the end, it affects their relationship. 

Fear of failing

Men always fear failing and disappointing their family or their girls. They feel like, “what if she doesn’t like what I planned? It will only make her sad and unhappy. What if I am unable to fulfill her needs?”

Sometimes, relationships don’t go as expected. But, it isn’t something so unexpected. However, men take it too seriously and constantly fear failing. 

Moreover, men feel unhappy and insecure when they think they are unsuccessful in taking care of their girls. They start blaming themselves. They curse themselves for their incompetence. 

Fear of not giving enough time

Time is everything in a relationship. If you don’t give adequate time to your family or your girl, it will affect your bond. It will become weaker and weaker. This precisely what men fear the most. They are always busy with their work. They are giving their best. Still, there are times when they try but cannot spend some precious moments with their family or go on a vacation. 

Their day is gone working. In a week, they have a day to spend. But, that is not enough sometimes. At some point, such feelings arise, and men fear this particular situation. A relationship becomes strong when you give time. Otherwise, it will remain simply a bond that connects you with your family or girl and nothing else. 

In Conclusion

There you have it: 10 common fears men have in a relationship. However, these aren’t things that can’t be overcome. If you give enough time and handle it with love and trust, these worries will fade right away. 

Don’t hold yourself back, and give your best to make your relationship strong and healthy. Fight your fears and never let them affect your precious relationships. Always make your family or your girl happy.

Image Credits: Takmeomeo from Pixabay

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