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How to Start a Fire Without Matches or Lighters?

You and your friends are hiking in the middle of the forest. Unfortunately, you lost track of the way. Now, you are stranded, without any idea what to do. You are without any local guide and can’t find any native people to help you. One after another, unfortunate events are happening. 

You have food to survive for several days. Now, your only hope is to have the instincts of Bear Grylls, which might be difficult right now. Before finding your way back or waiting for rescue, what you need at the moment is fire to keep you warm, prevent animals from coming close to you, cook food, and, most notably, survive. Sadly, you don’t have matches and lighters to start a fire. Also, you don’t know how to create a flame without them. So, how do you do it and get through?

Luckily, there are numerous ways to start a fire without matches. Besides, it is good to know the techniques. You never know when you might require such methods. So, it is better to be prepared to survive in unexpected situations. 

Here are 9 practical ways to start a fire. 

How to start a fire without matches in 9 effective ways?

Using rocks

It is one of the best and easy methods to start a fire without any matches and lighters. In this method, you need Quartz rocks or similar ones with sharp and smooth edges. Now strike those stones to one another to create a spark. You need to ensure that the tinder catches fire when you pound both the rocks.

You can also use a sharp steel knife if you have any. Carefully hit the rock with the knife to create sparks. 

Remember to put the tinder near to start a fire. For example, either on top of the rocks or next to them when creating sparks. 

Using glass

Ah, this takes back to the old days. You might have tried this method in your childhood. Taking a magnifying glass and a piece of plastic or paper and burning it. Do you remember it? If not, then stay with us to know how. Or, you don’t. You might have already guessed how to start a fire. 

Yes, in this method, you only need a magnifying glass or a piece of mirror. Then you take a piece of paper and concentrate the sunlight directly onto it. Within a moment, you will see fire. 

Keep the concentrated sunlight dot as small as possible onto the tinder or paper to quickly start a fire.  

Using flint and steel

You need a flint rock and a steel striker to start a fire in this method. First, hold the tinder with your thumb on the flint. Then strike the stone with the steel. Continue doing it until you see sparks coming from it. Quickly blow gently to make the fire big and strong. 

Using flint and steel is an effortless way to start a fire without matches. Carry them with you when you are camping or trekking, just in case. Comes in handy. 

Using friction

Friction is another primitive way to start a fire without matches. Indigenous people used to use and still apply this method. They don’t need lighters. Actually, they don’t use them. 

There are several techniques to start a fire using friction. Some of the popular methods are:

Hand drill

In this method, you create a fire with sticks. For this, you need a fireboard. And you make a v-shaped notch on it, ensuring it isn’t big enough and doesn’t pass through the base completely. Put an embark underneath the gap. Now take a stick, also known as a spindle, and put it in the hole. Then with the help of both palms, spin the spindle. 

With a lot of force, spin the stick back and forth. When the ember starts to light, put it into the tinder and blow gently. With the friction of the spindle and fireboard, you will be able to create a fire. However, it takes time, so continue spinning. 

Fire plow

For this method, take a softer wood to use as a fireboard. Now, make a deep and wide groove on it. Take a plow with the shape of an arrow or similar to it. It is also known as a spindle. 

Now put the plow in the groove and start rubbing back and forth so that embers catch the sparks of fire. Then transfer the flame onto the tinder and blow gently. You will get your fire in a moment. 

Bow drill

The bow drill method is the same as the hand drill. The only other thing you ought to do is tie a rope to a stick and create a bow. 

Now, make a loop with the bow’s string on the spindle and put one end of the stick onto the v-shaped notch on the fireboard. It will seem like a basic drilling machine. 

After that, hold the spindle with one hand and pull it with the help of the bow with another hand. Rotate it until the ember catches the spark. Then, transfer the ember onto the tinder and blow gently to start a fire easily. 

In friction methods, you need patience and hard work to start a fire without matches and lighters. 

Using ice

Starting a fire with ice? It might sound like a fantasy. But, you can create a flame with it successfully. It comes in handy during the winter season or in cold weather. 

First, take a big and thick block of ice and polish it to make a lens from it, just like a magnifying glass. It must be crystal clear. 

Now, like how you do it with a magnifying glass, concentrate the sunlight onto paper or tinder to start a fire. 

Using battery and steel wool

Batteries are the perfect tools for starting a fire. It contains magnesium that quickly catches flame. First, stretch out steel wool, ensuring it is 6-7 inches long.

Now, rub the sides of the batteries on the steel wool back and forth until the thread catches fire. Once you see the flame, transfer it to tinder or a piece of paper immediately. 

For this method, the 9-volt battery is best to start a fire. 

Using water bottle

Knowing the relationship between water and fire, using a water bottle to create a flame is cool. 

First, fill the bottle with water completely. Make sure both water and the bottle are clean before proceeding further. 

Then, put a piece of paper or tinder underneath the water bottle. Just like how you do it with a magnifying glass, concentrate the sunlight onto the paper and see it burning within a moment. 

Using chemicals

It goes without saying that chemicals have higher combustible properties than any other objects. And at the same time, very dangerous as well. This method is not recommended at all. Still, it is one of the quickest ways to start a fire without matches. 

Use chemicals carefully and at your own risk.

The mixture of chemicals such as potassium permanganate and glycerin can start a fire. Sodium chlorate, sugar, and sulfuric acid as well. And the list goes on and on. 

Using can and chocolate.

Do you have a bar of leftover chocolate and a can on you? Why? To start a fire. It sounds crazy. But you can. You might not have guessed that such a weird combination can be used to create a flame. 

In this technique, what you have to do is polish the bottom side of the can with the chocolate bar. Then, you will get a shiny base, like a mirror.  

Now, make a tinder nest or take a piece of paper. Then, point the base of the can towards the Sun and reflect the light onto the tinder. Within a short time, you will see the ignition. Pretty easy and cool, right. 

In Conclusion

There you have it: numerous techniques to start a fire without matches. Pretty amazing and unique ways, right. Keep these methods in mind. They will help you survive in case you are stuck in dangerous situations, like lost while camping, trekking, or after an emergency plane landing in the middle of nowhere, etc. We hope such circumstances never arise. Still, it is best to be prepared priorly. 

Also, remember to put out the fire when you leave. 

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Image Credits: LUM3N. from Pixabay

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