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How to Play Beer Pong Drinking Game?

Do you know how to play beer pong drinking games? 

Or, are you hearing about it for the first time and wondering about it’s game existence?

Whichever category you fall in, no worries! We will guide you through it.  Even if you haven’t played it before, today, you will know everything about it: what a beer pong drinking game is, its rules, and how to play it.

Beer pong is a fun and popular drinking game. Whether it is a birthday party or a gathering, you will love playing it. It is perfect for enjoying your weekend. By the way, it is very easy and has simple rules. So, within a few minutes, you will understand how to play it.

Moreover, the beer pong drinking game is an excellent pastime. Even if it has its own standard rules, you can create and add your own to make it more interesting.  

However, good accuracy is needed to win this game. If you have a nice aim, then you might just win every round easily whenever you play. So, get excited and beer pong! 

What do you need to play beer pong?

The basic things you require are:

Table: A big rectangular table, mostly about 8 feet long.

Cups: Usually, 20 cups. However, it depends on you. If there are more players, add as much as required. If they are disposable, then even better.

Alcohol: Choose any alcohol of your preference. However, it’s not mandatory and alcohol can be replaced by juice, soft drinks, or water.

Players: Basically, a beer pong is played one-on-one or two-on-two. However, you can add as many players as you like to make it more interesting.

Balls: 2 ping pong balls for each side. 

The setup

First, divide players equally in each team. If you are playing with a total of four players, divide members equally as two on two. 

After that, stand beside the rectangular table. Now, place 10 cups each at both ends of the table. Set them in the form of a pyramid, starting from one in the first row, second in the second row, third in the third row, and four in the fourth row.

The endpoint of each pyramid of both teams should face each other. You can also place more cups if you want. 

Now, fill each cup with alcohol or any drinks of your preference. 

Then, decide which team throw the balls into the cup first. So, how do you do it? 

One player from each team throws a ping pong ball into the cup. They get one turn each. However, they have to look at each other’s eyes when tossing. The team to score goes first. If they both miss, either they or the following players continue it. 

What if both players successfully throw the ball into the cup? In such a situation, the next member from each team tosses the ball. It continues until the team to go first is decided. It is the standard way to find who goes early.

You can also prefer other ways, like tossing a coin. Sometimes, people also play rock, scissors, and paper. If you have any other methods than these, then you can do that as well. 

How to play beer pong drinking game?

The beer pong drinking games’ objective is to eliminate opponents’ every cup and make them drink. The faster you do it; the sooner you win the game. 

First, both the players from a team get two ping pong balls. They go in turn and throw the balls into the opponent’s cup. If they miss, it is your team’s turn. If both of them score, then they are allowed to shoot again. 

You have to remove the cup from the pyramid if the ball goes into it. But before that, you need to drink the alcohol. However, there is an advantage to the throwing team. If they are successful in sinking the ball before the opponent drinks, then the game ends there. 

You have two ways to throw the ball. Either you can directly toss the ball into the cup or bounce off the table to score. 

Directly tossing the ball only lets you remove one cup. But bouncing provides you two cups advantage: one which the ball goes into and the other is decided by the opponent. 

But the game doesn’t end when a team eliminates all the opponent’s cups. The other group gets one last chance to prove themselves. It is known as the Redemption. They shoot until they miss. If they are successful, then the game goes into overtime. Otherwise, you win the game. However, it depends on you whether to add this rule to the game or not. 

The conditions for overtime include:

  • Three cups are arranged into a pyramid.
  • Then, each team throws the ball. 
  • The first team to get rid of all the opponent’s cups wins the game. This continues until a team wins.

Some rules you need to keep in mind are:

  • You can block the balls if the opponent tries to score by bouncing. 
  • When throwing, your elbow shouldn’t touch or pass the edge of the table. 
  • You have to re-arrange the cups in diamond shape when only four are left.
  • You have to put the cups in the same line when there are only two left. 
  • If you sink the ball in your own cup, then the opponent gets the advantage. You need to drink the alcohol and remove the cup from the pyramid.
  • It is known as a shutout if you eliminate all the opponent’s cups without losing your own. 

After winning the game, the winner can give a penalty to the losing team. It depends on you, so it can be anything. However, you need to decide before playing the game for fair gameplay.

Also, remember to clean the ball and cups before playing. You need to think about your hygiene as well. Safety and health come first. 


Following are some variations of the game. You can also say them as additional rules. However, it depends on you whether to add these or not when playing. If yes, then make it clear at the beginning. 

  1. Before throwing, you can also call out in which cup you are going to throw the ball. This is a common rule in different parts of the world. Moreover, such a challenge makes this game more entertaining. You can also add a penalty if he/she misses (it depends on you).
  2. If a team successfully sinks the ball into a cup before the opponent drinks, then the game ends there. It is known as the Death Cup.
  3. A team can request to re-arrange the cups before throwing the ball, making it easier for them to aim. You will only get this chance two times per game. Besides, you can only do it when there are 6 or 4 or 3 or 2 cups left.
  4. You can also blow the ball when it is spinning around the edge of the cup. Do it before it touches the alcohol.
  5. You have to sit under a table the entire game if you fail to throw even a single ball into the cup. This rule is known as the Underachiever.
  6. If you catch the ball before it falls onto the floor after throwing, then you get a chance to toss again. However, you need to do it from behind the back. If you can do it, it is worth one cup if you score.

Are you excited to add these additional rules to your game?

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In Conclusion

Pretty simple and easy to play beer pong drinking games, right? In this game, what matters most is your aim and accuracy. If you have these traits, then you will be unbeatable. However, luck also plays a crucial role. 

Have a friendly competition and make your gatherings and parties the best ones of your life. Have fun playing it. But remember to drink responsibly. 

Are you ready to play beer pong drinking game?

Image Credits: cottonbro from Pexels

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