pyramid drinking game

How to Play the Pyramid Drinking Game?

What comes to your mind when you think about a party? Dancing, drinking, having fun all night, right? That is what everyone does. Why not make it more exciting and fun? You might be wondering how? For that purpose, there is a game that can make your party even more entertaining- the pyramid drinking game.

The pyramid drinking game is a fantastic game to light up the party with your friends. Like the quarters drinking game, It is easy to play but a little bit hard to understand at first. You need tricks and concentration to pull off the game. If you love games that require a little bit of thinking, you got one right here. Just pay attention and double your fun with friends.

What is a pyramid drinking game?

As its name suggests, a pyramid drinking game is a card game played in a group. As the game progresses, the loser has to drink alcohol as a penalty. It is also known as Bullshit Pyramid or Beeramid. 

What do you need to play?

These are the things required to play the pyramid drinking game.

  • A full deck of cards. You need to remove the jokers. 
  • A group of friends to play with, at least 5 to 6 players. You might need another deck if you add more players.
  • Alcoholic drinks for the penalty. If not, you can replace the penalty drinks with soft drinks or water, whatever you choose.
  • A smooth and flat surface. Ex: a table.

How to play the pyramid drinking game?

First and foremost, remove the jokers from the deck and place the cards on the table in the form of a pyramid. Set up the cards on the table either in descending or ascending order, starting one card in the first row, two in the second row, three in the third row, four in the fourth row, and five in the fifth row. Set up in such a way the cards are faced down. No one should know which cards are placed on the table beside the dealer. Now, deal the remaining cards evenly to the players. 

Each player can see their cards in their hands. They are only allowed to see their cards once and memorize them beside a bluff call. Most importantly, never let other players see your cards. You don’t want to be at a disadvantage. 

Before playing the game, let’s understand some basic rules. The dealer flips each card, starting from the bottom left. The penalty drink doubles as you move on to the next row. The penalty drink for the first row is 1. Likewise, two for the second row, three for the third row, and so on. 

Coming back to the game, first, the dealer flips the bottom left card. The player with the matching number can challenge another player to drink beer as a penalty. You should know at this point that the challenger is either bluffing or really has the matching number. Even if you don’t have the matching number, you can still challenge another player to drink the penalty drink. You call it bluffing or bluff call. 

The challenged player has two options here. 

  • First: Accept the challenge and drink the beer.  
  • Second: If you believe the challenger is bluffing and doesn’t have the matching number, then ask him/her to show his/her card. 
    • If he/she doesn’t have the matching card, the penalty is doubled. Instead of one, he/she has to drink two penalty drinks. 
    • If he/she really has the matching card, then you have to drink two penalty drinks. 

The game continues until the dealer flips over all the cards. This game aims to make other players drink as much as possible.

Additional rules and variations

Here are some special rules and variations to the game that you can add to make the game more enjoyable.

  • When all the cards in the pyramid are flipped over, the player has to drink the number of drinks equal to the remaining cards.
  • Players without any leftover cards during the game can’t be challenged or challenge others. He/she watches the rest of the game and isn’t penalized either. 
  • Any player has the privilege to guess another player’s cards during the game. If he/she gets it right, then the challenged player has to drink double. If he/she fails, then the challenger has to drink double. 
  • At the end of the game, players have to memorize the cards in the pyramid. However, there is a limitation of 45 seconds to 60 seconds to remember the cards. Then, players take turns to say the cards. For each wrong card, the players have to take a penalty drink. Shuffle the cards when one player finishes his/her turn. 
  • A player can challenge any other player to memorize all the cards in the pyramid at the end. If he/she is the least drinker, even more, better. Both the players face off each other. The loser has to drink the penalty drinks. 
  • After the game, each player can memorize the cards in the pyramid. Players take turns to say the cards. However, the fun part is that if the flipped card is high, then he/she has to drink. You can do the same for the low card as well. 
  • Place a card from the deck on the table facing upward. Everyone can see the card. Now, players take turns to say the cards in the pyramid. The players need to say whether the flipped card will be lower or higher than the card placed just now. If he/she guesses wrong, then the loser has to take a penalty drink.

Besides, the more rules and variations you bring to the game,the better it gets. Make your own rules and have fun. Twists and turns make a game more entertaining. 

Isn’t it a fantastic game to play with friends and family? The more, the merrier. Play with your friends and let them taste the power of the card game. However, remember to drink responsibly. Play safely.

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