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How to Play Quarters Drinking Games?

What’s a party without some fun drinking games? You might have played many games with your friends and family. But, have you ever played a Quarters drinking game? No? Don’t worry. You can learn and play it with a bunch of your friends in the next party.

The Quarters drinking game is one of the most popular drinking games which is played in various parts of the world. It doesn’t take time to learn this game because the rules are simple. Within a few minutes, you will be ready to play.

In this game, players need to bounce a coin off the table into a glass. The player bouncing the coin is typically known as a shooter. Players wait for their turn to jump the coin. The player who gets the coin in the glass chooses one of the players to drink the beer. You can play either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

It has different rules and variations. First, let’s talk about the standard quarter drinking game.

Standard quarter drinking game

What will you need to play?

The primary things needed to play a standard quarter drinking game are:

  • A coin
  • Glasses: One empty glass and other glasses filled with beer depending on the number of players
  • A table: To bounce the coin, put the glasses, and for players to sit around

How to play?

First, every player sits around a table with their own glasses filled with beer. You put an empty glass in the middle of the table. It always doesn’t have to be beer; you can fill your glass with water, milk, soft drinks, etc. (whatever you like). It is all about having fun with friends and family.

Now, one of the players starts the game. He/she tries to bounce the coin into the empty glass. If he/she shoots the coin into the glass, then he/she can choose a player to drink their beer. At this point, he/she can either pass the coin or continue to shoot the coin. The game continues until he/she misses to bounce the coin into the empty glass. 

Once he/she misses, the next player tries to jump the coin into the glass. This way, the game continues. 

While in other regions, people play it differently. Players sitting around the table with a coin, glasses filled with beer, etc. The setup is the same.  The only difference is instead of one player at a time, two players face off each other simultaneously. 

Each player has an empty glass with them. A glass filled with beer is placed in the middle of the table. The rule here is to bounce off the coin into your empty glass before the opponent does. The loser has to drink the beer placed in the middle of the table and refill the glass. The winner passes the coin to the next player, and the loser has to face another opponent. This way, the game continues until it finishes. 

Interesting, right? Well, the fun begins now. There are different rules and variations to the game to make the game even more exciting and fun. Add in a few more dares, or make them drink two glasses of beer instead of one. 

Other Rules and variations

The standard quarter drinking game is almost the same in the different parts of the world. The only difference is the additional rules to make the game more fun to play. So, let’s see how people make the game more exciting.

Speed quarters

The first on the list is speed quarters. Players sit around the table, and the game starts with two players competing with each other. Both players have to bounce the coin into their empty glass. The succeeding player passes the coin to the next player sitting beside him/her. The loser tries until he/she succeeds and passes the coin to the next player. 

When the rotation ends, the player who is still trying has to stack another cup into his/hers. Now, he/she gets two final chances to succeed. If he/she succeeds in his/her first try, then the next player has to do the same within two chances. If he/she succeeds in a second chance, then the glass is unstacked and gives those glasses to two other players: this way, the game continues.

However, the player who is unable to succeed within two chances has to take the penalty. One player spins the coin, and until the coin stops, the loser has to drink all the beer, including the other player’s beer. And, the game begins again from the beginning.

The game ends when everyone decides to stop. 

Super quarters

In this variation, a large cup filled with beer is placed in the middle of the table. This is the penalty drink known as “Big Chug”. Now, place every player’s glass around the penalty drink. Every player should fill their glasses with beer and remember their glass.

The game starts when one of the players tries to bounce the coin. Interestingly, in this game, the player can be the victim himself/herself. Each player only gets one chance. If the coin bounces into your glass, then you must drink your beer. If the coin bounces into the other player’s glass, then that particular player has to drink his/her beer. Even if a player misses, then he/she has to drink the beer.

However, if a player succeeds in bouncing the coin into the Big Chug, every player drinks their beer. The last player to finish their beer has to drink the Big Chug. The glasses are refilled and the game is played again.

The game ends with mutual decision. 

Three in a row rule

In this rule, when a player bounces the coin into the glass consecutively three times, then he/she can make a rule. Everyone has to follow the rule. The rule can be anything like restricting everyone from saying each other’s name or some words. The player who breaks the rule has to drink the beer. 

If a new player succeeds in shooting the coin three times in a row, then, he/she can make a new rule and that rule replaces the old rule. 

The challenge rule

In this rule, each player gets a chance to bounce the coin into the glass. If a player misses, then he/she is challenged by other players. The player can either accept the challenge or pass the challenge.

In case, he/she accepts the challenge, he/she gets one chance to succeed. If he/she succeeds, then every challenging player has to drink their beer. Otherwise, he/she has to drink his/her beer or has to take one sip from every player’s beer. Sometimes, the loser has to drink for a second from each player’s glass.

One cup rule

The one cup rule is the most simple rule of quarters drinking game. It is the same as the standard quarters drinking game. The game starts when one player tries to bounce the coin into the glass. If a player succeeds, then he/she orders one of the players to drink the beer. The player tries until he/she succeeds. 

The game ends when every player is drunk or decides to quit.

If you are ever in a club or bored at a party, play quarters drinking games to have a blast. However, drink at your own risk. It is never a good idea to get drunk over your limit.

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