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Gurkha Cigars: Cigar More Expensive Than Cuban Cigars

Which brand or country comes to your mind when you think about a cigar? You are probably thinking about Cuba that produces one of the finest cigars in the world. And, which do you think is the most expensive cigar? If you guessed Cuban, you’re wrong my friend. It is the Gurkha Cigars!

Cuban Cigars used to be the favorite of many people in the past. Now, Gurkha Cigars has taken the top spot to produce the finest, most luxurious, and the most expensive cigars globally.  

Did this pique your interest? There is more that will make you stare at your screen continuously. First, let’s see how Gurkha Cigars came into existence and became the premium cigar manufacturer.

A short history of Gurkha Cigars

The Gurkha Cigars was established a century ago. During that period, it used to produce handcrafted cigars. However, Kaizad Hansotia revived it in 1992 and brought it to where it is today. Gurkha Cigars is now the leading premium cigar manufacturer.

But how did he come into this business? It all started when he was in Goa and enjoying his vacation. That was when he began buying cigars, and surprisingly, it was from the Gurkha Cigars. But, the company was dying, so he decided to buy the company and revive it.

At that time, unaware of the business, he began researching on how to revive it. There weren’t any premium cigar manufacturers. There were only a few cigars in the market, which only cost a few dollars. 

And then came the idea of creating premium cigars, which later revolutionize the cigar industry.  Kaizad Hansotia used rare tobacco and fine wrapper to produce premium cigars. It entirely changed the perception of people about cigars. Now, several cigar companies are competing with each other to produce premium cigars. The cigar industry has been booming since then.

At present, Gurkha Cigars produces the most expensive and luxurious cigars in the world that even cost 1 million dollars per box in the market.

List of Gurkha Cigars

Gurkha Cigars has more than 100 brands, so we handpicked a list of the most popular ones. The list includes Core Brands and Ultra Premium cigars as claimed by Gurkha Cigars.

Core Brands

“Cigars that celebrate the essence of Gurkha.”

Gurkha Real

Wrapped in a Connecticut shade, Gurkha Real features smooth and vanilla flavors. It uses Connecticut/Ecuador wrapper and Olor Dominicano filler. It comes in four different sizes: 

  • Robusto 5×52
  • Toro 6×54
  • Churchill 7×52 and
  • Magnum 6×60.

Nicaragua Series

It is wrapped in a Corojo wrapper with Nicaraguan fillers and is one of the strongest cigars. It comes in five different sizes: 

  • Robusto 5×52
  • Corona 5.5×46
  • Toro 6×54
  • Magnum 6×60 and
  • Belicoso 6.125×52.


Celebrating the 30th anniversary, Gurkha Cigars made Treinta with Ecuador Habano Rosado wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler. It comes in five different sizes: 

  • Robusto 5×52
  • Toro 6×54
  • Magnum 6×60
  • Belicoso 6 1 /4X52 and 
  • Figurado 6.7×52.

Cellar Reserve 15 Year

One of the finest cigars made by Gurkha Cigars, Cellar Reserve 15 Year is made from 15-year-old tobacco. It uses the Criollo 1998 wrapper and a Dominican binder and filler. It comes in different sizes like: 

  • Robusto 5×52
  • Toro 6×54
  • Koi – Perfecto 4×58
  • Solara – Dbl. Robusto 5×56
  • Hedonism – Grand Robusto 6×58
  • Kraken – Xo 6×60
  • Prisoner – Churchill 7×54
  • Solara – Dbl. Robusto 5×58
  • Fresh – Lock Pouch 5×58
  • Cellar Reserve 12 Yr Tubo 6×58 and
  • Tray

Cellar Reserve 21 Year

As its name suggests, it is made from 21-year-old tobacco. It uses a Connecticut Shade wrapper and Dominican, Nicaraguan filler and binder. It also comes in different sizes, such as:

  • Solara – Dbl. Robusto 5×58
  • Hedonism – Grand Robusto 6×58
  • Kraken – Xo 6×60 and 
  • Tray

Grand Reserve

It is one of the best selling and flagship cigars of Gurkha Cigars. It uses a 5-year old Connecticut wrapper and a 3-year old Dominican filler and binder. It comes in four different sizes:

  • Corona Natural 5×42
  • Robusto Natural 6×50
  • Torpedo Natural 6.25×52 and 
  • Churchill Natural 7.25×52

Ultra premium

“Cigars that represent Ultra Luxury and Exclusivity.”

His Majesty’s Reserve (HMR)

HMR currently holds the title of the most expensive cigar in the world that costs around $700-$1000 per cigar. It uses a 15-year-old Connecticut Maduro wrapper and a 12-year-old Dominican binder and filler. It is a limited edition cigar that is complemented by one bottle of cognac. It comes in a single size: Churchill 7.5×52.


It is wrapped in a 10-year-old Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper and a 7-year-old Dominican binder, and a 7-year Nicaraguan/Honduran filler. It comes in two sizes:

  • Triad Natural 7.25×52 and
  • Triad Platinum 7.25×52


One of the latest cigars made by Gurkha Cigars, it is wrapped in a Maduro wrapper and a Dominican binder and fillers. It comes in a single size: Churchill 7.5×52.

Black Dragon Tubos

It is one of the best and ultra-premium cigars made by Gurkha Cigars. It comes in a single size: Churchill 7.5×52.

The Beauty

It is wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper and a Dominican binder and filler. It comes in a XO 6.5×60 size.

The Beast

It is a rich flavored cigar, wrapped in a Costa Rica wrapper, a Dominican binder, and a Dominican/Nicaraguan/Honduran filler. It comes in a beautiful black box with XO 6.5×60 size, and Gurkha Cigars produces only 1000 boxes of cigars per year. 

Why are Gurkha Cigars expensive?

Gurkha Cigars produces more than 10 million cigars per year. Out of these millions of cigars, they include ultra-premium cigars like HMR, Cellar Reserve 21 Year, and Maharaja which fall under some of the most expensive cigars in the world. The cost ranges from $1000 per cigar to millions per box. 

But why are these cigars so expensive? What makes them so unique?

  • Gurkha Cigars only uses the best, unique, and rarest tobacco when making their cigars.
  • Each cigar comes in a graceful wrapper that you don’t see in other cigars.
  • Each cigar uses the finest binder, one of the main components that holds the tobacco filler, which costs hundreds and thousands of dollars. 
  • Cigars like “His Majesty’s Reserve” comes with one of the world’s finest cognacs, an expensive alcoholic drink.
  • Gurkha Cigars are packed in elegant boxes to make cigars even more premium and luxurious. 
  • What makes them so special is their flavor. Even the taste from these cigars shows why Gurkha Cigars is genuinely the best in the world.

Gurkha Cigars is a brand that truly stands up to its name as the best cigars manufacturers in the world. With its innovative ideas, Gurkha Cigars always comes with a bang; it always brings the best and premium cigars in the world. It never ceases to amaze people with its cigars.

Kaizad Hansotia revived Gurkha Cigars to give people the taste of cigars that they never imagined in their life; so that they remember the Gurkha Cigars forever.

It is never a good idea to smoke. Still, if you love smoking and have never tried a cigar from Gurkha Cigar, then you should try it at least once in your lifetime. Although, they are expensive. They range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars per box.

You might have watched different characters in movies like Don, Protagonist, etc., smoking cigars and attending meetings. So, if you want to experience the ultra-premium feel of smoking a cigar, try Gurkha Cigars. 

For more information, visit their official website: GurkhaCigars

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