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Anger Management Tips for Men: Ways to Control Anger

One moment you are calm and composed and the next moment you burst out of anger. Have you ever experienced it? Do you feel irritated when someone comes to sit next to you when you are relaxing? Do you feel the rage inside when someone disturbs you when you are working? 

It is normal to be angry. However, sometimes the situation goes out of your hand because you couldn’t control your anger. You will realize it later only to regret it. Yeah, it is sometimes difficult to restrain yourself. Still, it is crucial to find ways and deal with it positively. 

Here are 14 ways to control anger and come to your senses. So, are you ready?

14 ways to control anger

Identify the triggers

The first step to control your anger is to identify the triggers. There are always times when you suddenly burst into rage. Why? What makes you angry? Identify such signs. And when you do it, it will be easier for you to manage and control your anger. 

Sometimes, your breathing and heartbeat become faster. You sweat a lot. Watch out for such signs and control your emotion before it goes out of control. You can either find ways to combat such a situation or stay away not to make things worse. 

Read the situation before reacting.

Self-awareness is one of the most significant factors in controlling your anger. Be aware and read the situation carefully before reacting. 

Sometimes, people complicate things even more when they are angry. They don’t listen to anyone and don’t make an effort to understand what’s going on. Once they are calm, they realize that they made a big mistake. They regret their actions. So, it is crucial to analyze the situation and handle the situation calmly. No matter what, keep your cool.

Take deep breaths

Learn ways to control your anger. For that, you can count to 10 or take deep breaths. You know what, your breathing becomes heavier when you are angry. But, when you are stable, it will be easier to manage your emotions. The hormones and nerves that are aiding in losing your temper will be calm. 

Try breathing slowly from your nose and out from your mouth. It helps to lower your anger level. So, each time you are about to get angry, try this method. It will help you calm down. 

Find good ways to express your anger.

Instead of making things worse, find different ways to express your anger. A healthier and appropriate course of action is crucial. Some people count to 10, take deep breaths, use stress balls, etc., to control their rage. Actually, such methods are the right way rather than exploding and regretting later. 

It is always necessary to think about the consequences before reacting to the situation in the heat of the moment. So, express your anger in a positive way. 

Learn to forgive

Forgiveness can be one of the best ways to control your anger. Some people get angry when they see someone with whom they had a bad past. They still hold a grudge. Sometimes, people forget what they were fighting for. Still, they don’t like to see even a tiny pixel of them. 

Forgiveness helps you to be calm and understand the situation better. It will help you strengthen mentally. Otherwise, you are only going to harm yourself physically and psychologically forever. When you learn to forgive, you will be able to deal with people positively.

Change your environment

Sometimes the environment also makes you angry. Workload, disturbance, distractions, etc., are enough to make you angry. So, what can you do in such a situation? You can try taking a walk or take fresh air or work in your garden. 

More responsibilities on your shoulder can also make you feel stressed and irritated. So, sometimes saying no is the best option. Also, you can delegate someone to do your part. Assess the situation and change the environment if necessary to control your anger. 

Talk to someone

If something is troubling you, then sharing your problems with your friends and family will help you lift the burden. Talk to someone you trust and are close to you. They will help you sort out your issues and feelings.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to tackle problems yourself. In such a situation, lean on your friends and family. They will help you relax and give valuable suggestions to help you get out of the challenging situation.  

Take a break

Sometimes heavy workload and responsibilities make you stressed. And when pressures build-up, it will trigger you and make you angry. So, to get out of such a situation, take a break and give yourself some time to relax. Go on a vacation, camping, swimming, etc., with friends and family to be free from the busy schedule.

Just for a change, play sports, get some fresh air, or spend time with your family for some freshness. Take a timeout and have a “me” time. Having a quiet time will help you relax. Schedule breaks in your working time. 

Get quality sleep

It might sound weird. But, not getting quality sleep can make you angry and react to a situation negatively. When you don’t get an adequate nap, your body won’t keep up with your brain. You won’t be able to do things you want even if you try. As time passes, stress converts into irritation and frustrations. 

According to research, loss of sleep amplifies anger and negative feelings. It will make you incapable of doing your activities. Your body won’t have any time to repair itself and replenish energy. So, make a habit of sleeping and rising early, and getting quality sleep.

Do exercise

One of the best ways to tackle your anger is to exercise regularly. It will act as a distraction in managing your negative emotions. When you are angry, your body starts tensing. But, it will help you relax and keep you calm and cool when you engage in physical activities.

Moreover, exercising regularly helps hormones in your body to reduce stress levels. And when that happens, your anger level will decrease. You will be happier and negative feelings will slowly fade away. 

Practice yoga and meditation

Do yoga and meditation to restrain negative feelings and thoughts coming into your mind. When your brain is clear, you will remain calm and composed no matter the situation. You will be able to evaluate the situation carefully and act accordingly. You won’t get exaggerated by other’s actions. 

There are various techniques that you can try to control your anger, like the 4-7-8 method, pranayama, etc. Practice these processes daily and see the results yourself. 

Listen to music

According to research, listening to music helps to purge anger and is a healthy way to manage and process anger. For some people, this study holds true. It helps to reduce your negative emotions and regulate your mental state. 

When you are tired after long working hours, try listening to music. It will help you relax and decrease your stress level. It is one of the best therapies to control your emotions and chill out. 

Stop negative self-talk

When people get frustrated, they start straining themselves. They begin negative self-talk and doubt their own skills and abilities. In the process, they redirect their anger to someone else, affecting their relationships. They take every situation negatively, which further makes them angrier. They start nagging others frequently in the middle out of nowhere. 

The negative self-talk directly impacts your mind, making it difficult to reason. And it further becomes challenging to control your anger. So, be optimistic and take every situation as an opportunity. 

Seek experts help

If you think you can’t control your anger, then it is best to seek expert help. No one is going to understand you better than a doctor in such a situation. Before it completely affects your life as well as others, see a doctor and share your problems. They will help you manage your emotions and find the leading cause behind your outrage. 

In Conclusion

Anger is normal in everyone’s life. At the same time, it is one of your biggest enemies. Within a moment, it will destroy your relationships. It will turn your life upside down. So, control your anger while you can. Don’t let it decide your fate. 

The methods mentioned above are some of the healthy ways to control anger. With the help of these tips, manage your emotions and be the driver of your life. 

Image Credits: Craig Adderley from Pexels

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