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32 Best Sports Movies for Men to Watch

Here we are counting down the 32 best sports movies for men. Whether in television or the actual field, sports have always been special for men. Mind-blowing gameplay and thrill to the last minute make it something to crave for. Simply saying, it has become an emotion.

And talking about sports movies, some are inspirational and entertaining. Some will leave you stunned. And sometimes, they will make you jump out of your sofa. From boxing to football to basketball, we have listed the best and greatest sports movies that every man should watch once in their life. 

The movies listed here are outstanding and worth your time that will make you utter, “Once is not enough. Let’s watch it again.” You will want to see them again and again. 

So, let’s start the list of the best sports movies for men. 

32 best sports movies for men

When We Were Kings

When We Were Kings is a terrific and entertaining documentary till the end, which makes it one of the best sports movies for men. Taking place in 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire, the film is about the infamous boxing championship known as the “Rumble in the Jungle.” It mainly focuses on Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time. It shows the comeback of Muhammad in a boxing ring with champion George Foreman. 

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Tin Cup

Tin Cup is a comedy golf movie featuring a small-town Texas player Roy McAvoy. He used to be a prodigy but now runs a driving range in West Texas. But his life changes when he meets Molly, who is already in a relationship. To win the trust and heart of his love interest, he enters one of the biggest tournaments, the U.S. Open. To everyone’s surprise, he qualifies for the event. 

Will he be able to bag the championship and make Molly love him? Watch to find out.

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If you love formula one racing, then this one’s for you. The movie follows two racers, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The film is basically about the rivalry between skilled drivers, James and Niki, which is the key that motivates them to go beyond their limits. Packed with a great storyline, casts, and character development makes it a must-watch and one of the best sports movies for men to watch right away.

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In sports, physical strength and characteristics, like height, skills, etc., are everything. However, in the case of Rudy, who loves football, he is always hanging onto the edge of the cliff due to his height. The story focuses on him, who doesn’t get the chance to play football in college due to his small build. However, this doesn’t stop him from playing for Notre Dame. He is determined to overcome all the hurdles just to get his chance. 

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Who would forget the iconic character Rocky played by Sylvester Stallone? The movie is about Rocky, a small-time club fighter, who gets a golden chance to prove his worth on the biggest platform, the world heavyweight championship, which will give him $150,000. Seeking to gain the prize and the title, he undergoes intense training to emerge victoriously. 

Will he be able to claim the title of world champion? 

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Remember the Titans

It is based on the true story of Herman Bon, an African-American coach. He is a newly appointed mentor of a high school team. Upon joining the team, he finds out that there is no teamwork and friendship among the members. The group is formed of white and black, which is the leading problem he has to overcome. How will he tackle the obstacle and make players trust each other?

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Raging Bull

Raging Bull is an American biographical sports movie that follows the story of a young man named Jake LaMotta. He is a boxer who levels up his ranks to get a chance to play for the boxing title. However, his personal life is full of rage and jealousy, the biggest hurdle in his professional growth. 

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Invictus is based on the true story of Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa. The movie follows his mission to unite the country. To do this, he joins forces with the captain of the national rugby team to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup. He embarks on a journey to unify the people and encourage them to support the players. 

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The Fighter

The Fighter movie is about two brothers, Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund, who are on a mission to win the historic boxing title. However, their biggest enemy is themselves. Micky is a struggling boxer, whereas Dicky is recovering from cocaine addiction. To overcome their struggles and win the title, they join hands to help Micky triumph and get back on track. 

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Bull Durham

Bull Durham is about a baseball catcher, Crash Davis, who, upon the request, starts to coach Ebby Calvin ‘Nuke’ LaLoosh, a beginner. However, their life changes and the love for the sport rises and grows stronger when they meet Annie, a baseball-lover. 

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Miracle is a movie that follows Herb Brooks, who used to be an ice hockey player. But now, he leads the Olympic hockey team as a coach. He is on a mission to win the gold medal with the team. However, their biggest obstacle to winning the title is the invincible Russian line-up. 

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Blue Chips

Blue Chips follows the story of basketball coach Pete Bell, who breaks the rules to improve the spirit and performance of his team. But what led him to do this is the under performance and undergrowth of his squad. His worries worsen when new players want to join in. So, to tackle the problem, he does the unexpected. 

To find out what rules did he break, check out Blue Chips on Amazon.

Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday is about a veteran football coach, Anthony, who finds it hard with his team’s losses and internal conflicts between the players and coach. And to worsen the situation, he has to confront the team’s owner. How will he overcome this trial?

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The Natural

The Natural movie follows the story of a middle-aged player, Roy Hobbs, who joins a struggling baseball team. Playing with a bat made from a tree struck by lightning, he joins the group as a rookie. Initially, he had a hard time bonding with the team because he was too old to play. But the perception of the team changes when they see his play. Amazed by his hitting skills, he soon starts finding himself as a part of the roaster. He instantly becomes an iconic player for the team and turns the fortune of the squad for good. 

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The Wrestler

Like The Natural, The Wrestler is a struggling story of an aging wrestler, Robin Ramzinski. At first, he finds it hard to keep up with his life because he is past his prime. But he decides to continue his journey inside the ring.

What awaits him inside the ring? Watch to find out.

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Hoosiers is another one of the best sports movies for men that should be on your list. The film is about a newly appointed basketball coach, Norman Dale, who has an irregular past. He has a long way to go, so he starts training his players to make them stronger as a team. Now, his only mission is to lead them to victory to rectify his past and mistakes. 

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Friday Night Lights

In a small town in Texas, people have very high hopes for their football team. For them, football is everything. However, their side is struggling to keep up with the game. Now, Gary Gaines, who is the coach, has to lead the team to victory. But, the path isn’t simple. They have to face many obstacles to achieve success. 

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White Men Can’t Jump

White Men Can’t Jump is about two men, Billy and Sidney. Billy is a conman who traps other people into believing that he can’t play basketball. This is how he makes a living. Soon, Sidney teams up with him after becoming one of his victims to take his chances. 

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The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks is about a weak and unlucky hockey team. One day, Gordon gets a chance to coach them, make them stronger, and lead them to victory. However, he has an unfortunate past, where he lost a crucial match. Now, he has a golden opportunity to redeem himself and lead his side as a mentor. 

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Warrior is an action sports movie about a mixed martial arts tournament. Naturally, it is a blessing for many fighters to earn huge prize money. However, the same cannot be said for Tommy’s family. He is a former marine who is entering the event. In the process, he asks his alcoholic father to train him. But, in the contest, he has to fight his own brother, with whom their relationship is unpleasant. 

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Field of Dreams

After hearing a mysterious voice, “If you build it, he will come.”, Ray, a farmer, decides to build a baseball field on his land. Soon he finds out that ghosts of great players start playing baseball. What unfolds for Ray in the coming days? He is surprised by seeing the field full of spirits. 

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The Way Back

The Way Back is about Jack Cunningham, who used to be a basketball star. But now, he is struggling with his job and alcoholism. However, soon, he gets a chance to coach a basketball team. In the past, he walked away from a game and broke the trust of his teammates. Now, the time has given him a second chance to redeem himself. 

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Without Limits

Without Limits is an American biographical movie based on the life of Steve Prefontaine, who used to be a legendary runner in his college days. He had every record from 10,000 meters to 20,000 meters in his name. This inspirational film about Steve is a must-watch.

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Southpaw movie is about the tragic and sad life of a professional boxer Billy. He is a promising fighter, but his life turns upside down when he loses his wife in a fight. He falls into depression. But, his life starts to change for good when he meets a former boxer who gives Billy hope. Then, Billy resolves himself to stand in the ring once again. 

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42 movie follows Jackie Robinson, a basketball player. One day, he is offered $600 per month and a signing bonus of $3500 to play for the team, Kansas City Monarchs. But, unaware of the racism, he accepts the offer and joins the side. Will he be able to tackle the problem and change history? Will he be able to lead his team to victory?

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Featuring Will Smith as Muhammad Ali is a movie with a great storyline and development. The film focuses on Ali’s victories over the time of his career, his conversion to Islam, suspension from boxing, his return, everything. 

Ali movie offers everything you need to know about Muhammad Ali from 1964 to 1974. It is one of the great sports movies for men to watch right away.

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The Armstrong Lie

The Armstrong Lie is a documentary movie based on the life of Lance Armstrong, a cyclist. This film features the return of Lance to cycling after a four-year retirement. Also, it shows his confession to doping and the downfall in his career. 

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It is based on a true story about a football player, Vince. He is a struggling 30-year-old man whose wife left him, saying he will never achieve success or find purpose in his life or be anything. But his life changes when he joins a football team named Philadelphia Eagles. 

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The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a biographical movie that follows a homeless African-American teenager, Michael. Soon his life changes for good when a Caucasian family adopts him. With their support, he overcomes his challenges to play in the National Football League (NFL) and become a great American football player. 

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Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is about an unsuccessful ice hockey player, Happy. After learning that his grandmother owes a mortgage of $270,000 and is about to lose the house, he resolves himself to help her. Seeing his skills in golf, a pro player convinces him to play in the golf tournament. He joins the professional golf tour to win the prize money and get his grandmother’s house back. 

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Chariots of Fire

Many awards in its name, Chariots of Fire is a sports film that every man should watch once. The film features two runners, Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell, who have their own motives and purpose in their lives. The former is running for faith while the latter is participating to leave prejudice behind. However, their goal is to win the gold medal in the 1924 Olympics. 

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Foxcatcher is an American biographical movie that follows two brothers, Mark and Dave. They are both the gold medal winners in the 1984 Olympics. But, soon, their life changes when a wealthy sponsor, John, invites them to his wrestling team called Foxcatcher. Mark accepts the offer, but Dave doesn’t. However, later Dave joins the side. What unfolds for the two brothers in the future? Watch the film to find out.

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In Conclusion

Phew. There you have it, the list of the 32 best sports movies for men to watch right now. If you haven’t watched any of them, start right away. You will love every moment of the movies mentioned above. 

If you have already watched them, then the second time isn’t bad either. 

Besides, it is incredible to see that such inspirational and outstanding movies exist. 

Which is your favorite sports movie? Let me know in the comment below. 

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