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100+ Must-Watch Movies for Real Men

There are unlimited numbers of movies for men available right now. But, not every movie is outstanding. Still, with their memorable plots, characters, development, acting skills, etc., some movies become evergreen. Such films remain in people’s memory forever.  

Such movies, either be they classic or modern, become beautiful gems of cinematic history. So, if you are looking for films worth watching, we have gathered a list of 100+ best movies for men. 

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100+ best movies for men

The Godfather (1972)

One of the finest movies of all time; people still remember “The Godfather” that follows the Italian-American mafia family’s story. Twists and turns in the film when Michael Corleone, the youngest son of Vito Corleone, becomes the successor, makes it a masterpiece. The acting skills, plots, and character development are truly one of a kind. 

Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club follows Tyler Durden and the Narrator, played by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, respectively. The story begins when the Narrator forms a fight club, and Tyler becomes a part of it. But the big twist makes the movie fantastic and worth watching.  


Gladiator is an epic historical drama film. The story follows Maximus Decimus Meridius, who is betrayed by Commodus. Maximus’s father is murdered, and he is thrown out of his rightful throne. Even worse, he is forced to become a slave. However, he becomes a gladiator and is on a journey to seek revenge, own his throne and the kingdom. 

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

Raiders of the Lost Ark follows the story of Harrison Ford, who plays Indiana Jones’s character. He is an archaeologist, who is on a journey to recover the Lost Ark. With its power, this relic makes an army invincible. Not only Indiana Jones, but an evil mind is trying to gain the relic as well. And Indiana Jones is on a mission to recover the relic and stop the enemy force and foil their plans.

Goodfellas (1990)

Goodfellas is a crime movie based on a true story. The film follows Henry and his two friends Jimmy and Tommy, which shows the life in a mafia family. The movie is about these three friends who later become renowned criminals from petty criminals in New York.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Based on the DC comic, The Dark Knight Rises is one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. The story follows Batman, who has to save Gotham city from a ruthless masked villain named Bane. Batman is on a mission to learn Bane’s master plan of destroying the city with a nuclear warhead and stop him for good. 

Iron Man

Based on the Marvel comics, Iron Man is a superhero movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Iron Man. The story begins when Tony Stark, a billionaire, escapes from terrorist captivity. Later, he builds high-tech titanium armor to protect the world as Iron Man. The movie revolves around life as an Iron Man as well as an ordinary(billionaire) man.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Considered one of the exceptional war movies of all time, Saving Private Ryan follows Captain John Miller’s story, who is on a mission to save Private Ryan. Private Ryan is stationed behind the enemy lines. Despite the dangers ahead, Captain John and his friends come with several plans to rescue their comrade.

Leon: The Professional (1994)

Leon: The Professional is an action drama movie directed by Luc Besson. The story follows Leon, who is a professional hitman. One day, he meets a 12-year old girl, Mathilda, and takes her with him. He begins training her as per her request to take revenge on those who murdered her four-year-old brother. From here, the movie becomes really interesting. 

Django Unchained (2012)

Django Unchained follows the story of Django, who is now a bounty hunter after he was freed from slavery. He is currently on a hunt with his mentor to rescue his wife Broomhilda from a brutal and heartless plantation owner. 

Black Hawk Down

Another excellent war movie, Black Hawk Down, follows Captain Mike Steele, who is on a mission to stop the civil war in Mogadishu, Somali. As a UN peacekeeping force, Captain Steele, with 100 members, plans to capture a Somali warlord’s top two lieutenants. However, the mission was foiled when… 

Watch the full movie to know what happened later.  

The Departed (2006)

The Departed is a crime thriller film that follows two officers’ story, one spy at the state police and the other an undercover agent. They both with the state police force are trying to take down the city’s top criminal group. But little do both the officers know; they have their own secrets. This movie shows the epic showdown between the two officers working hard to save their secrets from exposing.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Terminator 2: Judgement Day follows a terminator named Schwarzenegger, who is sent back to the past to save John Connor, who will be the savior of the human race in the future. However, a powerful and advanced terminator Patrick, is already on his way to kill John. Will Schwarzenegger be able to save him? Watch to find out.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Reservoir Dogs is a crime thriller movie that follows a group of six criminals. Unknown to each other’s identity, they are hired to steal diamonds. However, their heist takes a turn when the police ambush them. As a result, they realized that someone from them is a betrayer, a police officer. 

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Full Metal Jacket is a well-written and directed film that follows a group of young men’s stories in a training boot camp. Their only aim is to train hard to become Marines and soldiers in the Vietnam war. The movie shows the struggles of young men who are undergoing training.  

Rush (2013)

Rush is a sports movie that shows the rivalry between two Formula One racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Ride on an extreme racing movie that fuels two racers to become superior to each other, encouraging them to go beyond their limits. 

Snatch (2000)

Snatch is a crime comedy film that follows a group of men, including boxers, promoters, gangsters, and amateur robbers, who are on a mission to find the stolen diamond. And the story also follows another plot, where a boxing promoter is under the control of a gangster. Watch this movie to find out how these two stories are connected.

Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard is an action film starring John McClane, a New York City police detective named Willis. He is on his way to meet his estranged wife. Unfortunately, he is caught up in a terrorist attack. Now, his only goal is to stop their activity and escape safely. 

Gangs Of Wasseypur

Gangs of Wasseypur is a brilliant Indian film directed by Anurag Kashyap. The movie follows a gangster played by Manoj Bajpayee, who is on a journey to take revenge on his father’s murderer, Tigmanshu Dhulia. This fuels the clash between two mafia families for the control of the slums of Wasseypur. 

The Avengers (2012)

The Avengers is an amazing superhero movie based on Marvel’s comic. The story follows a group of superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, etc., gathered by Nick Fury to protect the Earth from Loki, brother of Thor. Now, they have to face Loki and his army to save humanity. 

Sin City (2005)

Sin City is a crime movie directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez based on a novel with the same name. The story follows a group of individuals who cross each other’s path on a journey to fight corruption and violence in Basin City, Washington.

Paan Singh Tomar (2010)

Paan Singh Tomar is an Indian biopic movie about an athlete who has won seven gold medals at Indian National Games in a row. This story is about Paan Singh Tomar, a soldier who had a bright future. However, soon his life is turned upside down when his mother is murdered, but no one takes any action against the crime. Being helpless, he becomes a dacoit to fight against the system. 

Platoon (1986)

Platoon is an American war film based on Stone’s experience from the war in Vietnam. A platoon serving in the Vietnam war is led by an inexperienced Lieutenant, sparking an argument about the war’s morality and conduct. This movie shows the horrors of war. 

Rocky (1976)

Rocky is a sports drama film starring Sylvester Stallone, who plays the role of Rocky. The movie revolves around the boxer Rocky, who fights in small gyms and works as a debt collector. However, he gets a chance to fight the heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Upon getting a chance to fight for the major title, he accepts, hoping to achieve name and fame for himself. 

The Expendables (2010)

The multi-starrer movie, The Expendables is a story about a group of mercenaries led by Sylvester Stallone. They are the team of elites who are tasked to overthrow a dictator in a South American country. But, soon, they face hardships because of betrayal. 

The Fast And The Furious (2001)

The Fast And The Furious is an action drama film that follows the life of Brian O’Conner, an undercover L.A. police officer. He is on a mission to find the identities of automobile hijackers. Instead, on his way to solve the case, he gets caught up in the world of illegal street racing.  

Troy (2004)

Troy is an epic historical war movie that follows the life of Paris, prince of Troy. While negotiating a peace treaty with the King of Sparta, he falls in love with the Queen. Hence, he brings her to his kingdom. Knowing this, the King of Sparta declares war on Troy. Thus, continues a devastating battle between the two domains. 

Speed (1994)

Speed is a movie about the race against time. The story follows officer Jack Traven, who is on a mission to save a bus from a bomb explosion. The film begins when a bomber plants a bomb on a bus. The bus will go boom with all the passengers in it when the speed goes below miles per hour. Now, the officer has to save every passenger before the bomb explodes. 

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a great movie from the successful franchise Mission Impossible. Starring Tom Cruise, who plays the role of Ethan Hunt, is on a journey to find the real culprits of bombing the Kremlin. However, Ethan’s organization is falsely accused of the bombing. Now, he and his team have to find the real mastermind behind it. 

Life Of Pi (2012)

Life of Pi is an Oscar winning movie that follows a young boy named Pi, who is stranded and helpless in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat. But little does he know; he is not alone. A Bengal tiger is on the boat as well. Now, he has to survive along with the tiger. Is it possible? Watch to find out.

Lethal Weapon (1987)

Lethal Weapon is an American action movie that revolves around two police officers. However, Martin Riggs is not your typical cop. After the death of his wife, he becomes reckless and suicidal. Now, he has to partner with Roger Murtaugh to solve a case. Soon, they face dangerous situations, helping to form a bond between them. 

300 (2006)

300 is another historical war movie that revolves around King Leonidas’s life and his 300 spartan warriors. They battle against the massive army of Xerxes, accounting for more than 300,000. Will King Leonidas and his warriors survive this war? Watch to find out. 

Predator (1987)

Predator is a movie about a group of elite soldiers led by Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are on a mission to save hostages in a Central American rainforest. However, they soon meet an alien that is hunting and killing them. Now, they are on a hunt to kill the predator. 

Skyfall (2012)

Skyfall is another great addition to the successful franchise of James Bond. The movie follows 007, also known as Bond, who is on the job to save M. The story begins when an ex-agent steals a hard drive that includes top-secret information. James Bonds has to retrieve the hard drive as well as save M. 

The Great Escape

As its name suggests, the Great Escape is a movie about prisoners trying to escape from prison. The story revolves around the group of imprisoned allied soldiers during World War II. Known for escaping the prison, they are now put in a separate escape-proofed camp. 

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry is an American action film divided into five different parts. And this movie is about a ruthless Homicide Division Inspector, “Dirty” Harry Callahan. He doesn’t listen to anyone, and ignoring the orders, he embarks on a mission to capture a sniper who is wreaking havoc in San Francisco. 

Last of the Mohicans

Last of the Mohicans is a movie based on a novel with the same name. The story is about Hawkeye and his team, who are on a journey to protect Cora, a British officer’s daughter, during the war between France and Britain. 

Lone Survivor

Based on a true story, Lone Survivor depicts the story of Marcus Luttrell, who is the only survivor of his group. The story begins when Marcus and three Navy SEALs are sent to locate and kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. On the mission, three soldiers are killed in action except for Marcus. 


Fury is an American war movie directed by David Ayer, starring Brad Pitt as the main character. The story revolves around a tank crew on a mission to attack the Nazi army despite the challenges. They are outnumbered, they still decide to attack the enemy base. Watch the epic battle between the Nazi army and a five-person crew, including a tank led by Sergeant Don “Wardaddy” Collier. 


Braveheart is an epic movie about William Wallace. The story begins when his wife is killed a day after their marriage. In the hope of taking revenge and overthrowing the English rule, William with his clan embarks on a journey to kill King Edward I of England. 

The Impossible

The Impossible is based on a true story of a family on a vacation on an island of Thailand. Unfortunately, on their vacation, they face a life-threatening tsunami. This movie shows the journey of Maria, Henry, and their three kids who get separated during the tsunami, reunite with each other, and survive.  

Star Wars (The Original Trilogy)

Get on board with the epic action space movie Star Wars. One of the greatest films ever made, Star Wars, follows Luke Skywalker, whose main goal is to become a Jedi. But, the path isn’t so easy. Not only he has to overcome several obstacles, but now he has to save Princess Leia and the galaxy from the Galactic Empire. 

Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause is a movie about a young boy who just moved into a town. Soon, he faces many difficulties in the city and becomes friends with disturbed classmates. Due to incidents in their life, they are taken to juvenile division. There, they all share their problems in their life and at home. This film shows the conflicts between generations and parental style.


The story of Unforgiven begins with two cowboys disfiguring Delilah Fitzgerald. They are on the run and have a reward of $1000 for whoever kills them. Now, the retired gunslinger Willian Munny, with his old friend’s help, takes one last job to go on a journey to destroy the cowboys and get the reward. 

The Untouchables

The Untouchables is about an agent Eliot Ness, who is tasked with the challenging mission of capturing Al Capone. Al Capone is a liquor mafia who is running his business illegally. Eliot Ness now has to expose him and his illicit work.


Bullitt revolves around Steve McQueen, a police officer in San Francisco, who has to protect a witness to track the underworld mafia. Unfortunately, the witness is killed under his protection. Now, he is on a hunt to track down the culprit and bring justice. 

Enter the Dragon

Considered as one of the finest martial artists to ever lived, Bruce Lee stars in Enter the Dragon. The story begins with the murder of Bruce Lee’s sister. Now, he is after the gang responsible for the crime. In the process, he enters a kung fu tournament to track down the crew.


Vertigo is about detective Scottie, who has an extreme fear of heights. As a result of his weakness, he cannot stop a friend’s wife from committing suicide. Luckily, he soon meets the girl resembling the dead woman. Is she the same woman or not? Watch to find out. 


Spartacus is a historical drama film that revolves around Thracian Spartacus, who is a slave. He wants freedom from slavery that leads him to rebel against the atrocities. That came sooner than he thought when he was sold to Batiatus. Watch the movie to learn how Spartacus’s life changed after meeting Batiatus, a gladiator trainer.

The Bourne Identity (Trilogy)

Based on a novel, The Bourne Identity is an action film starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. After he was found injured with bullets in his body and taken care of, he suffers from identity problems. Unknown about his past or who he is, Jason embarks on a journey to learn about his true identity. 

Elite Squad The Enemy Within

Elite Squad The Enemy Within is an action movie that revolves around Captain Nascimento. He is assigned a challenging mission that he must finish before the Pope arrives in Rio De Janeiro. Will he be able to finish this tough job?

The Karate Kid

The first successful film in the franchise, Karate Kid, revolves around a young boy Daniel, who moves with his mother to Southern California. Unfortunately, he becomes an easy target for the bullies, who are trained martial artists from Cobra Kai dojo. Luckily, Daniel meets Mr. Miyagi, who teaches him karate to defend himself. 

Schindler’s List

Based on real events, Schindler’s List is about a German businessman, Oskar Schindler. The story is held during the Second World War, where Schindler tries to save thousands of Jewish employees under his wing from the oppression and execution of Jews. 


Patton is an American war film that is based on U.S. General George S. Patton. Patton, one of the greatest military movies, is about General George during the Second World War. How he led the U.S. army to invade Northern France and Sicily during the war is depicted in this movie. 

Lord of the Rings (Trilogy)

The Lord of the Rings is a novel-based movie that follows a group of heroes and hobbit Frodo Baggins. They are on a journey to protect their world from evil power. Their only goal is to destroy the One Ring to defeat the Dark Lord Sauron forever. Will they be able to beat the evil lord and save their planet?

Gangs of New York

Gangs of New York is about Amsterdam, who is on a mission to kill his father’s killer Bill ‘The Butcher’. Battling over the territory and the revenge, Amsterdam gets caught up in the civil war in the process. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role, this movie is a must-watch. 

Dr. No

Another great movie in the franchise of James Bond, 007 is sent on a mission to investigate the murders of two officers. During his journey to Jamaica, he battles against a mad scientist Dr. No, who plans to destroy the US space program. 


Boyhood is about a boy Mason Evans Jr., who is changing during his childhood and adolescence period. As he grows up with divorced parents, the story depicts Mason’s life who ages from six to eighteen years old. 

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire is an Oscar-winning movie that shows how a boy living in the slums of Mumbai participates in the popular show “Kaun Banega Crorepati?” and answers all the questions correctly and wins. However, a big twist makes this movie enjoyable. In the process, he is accused of cheating and tells the story about his past life. Also, he informs how he can answer all the questions during the police investigation. 

American Beauty

American Beauty is a movie about the life of Lester. He has everything; he has a good job, a good family. But slowly, this perfect life seems dull and falls into depression. However, his life took a serious turn when he saw his daughter’s friend, Angela. He is now obsessed with her. Is it right for him or not? Watch to find out.

Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street is about Jordan Belfort’s life, who was imprisoned for stock market manipulation and released later. It depicts how his career as a stockbroker took a turn and rise to the top of the stock market through corruption. 

21 Grams

21 Grams is a movie about three people whose lives completely change after an accident. The story depicts the consequences that impact the life of a professor, an ex-con, and a mother. Will they overcome the aftermath of the accident and return to their everyday life?

The Matrix

The Matrix is an American movie in which humans are trapped in simulated reality called the Matrix, which they are unknown about. However, Neo starts suspecting that something is odd. In the process, he meets a stranger leading him into an underworld. From there continues the battle between him and the so-called secret agents who are behind the Matrix.

Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man is an American sports drama film that depicts the life of an ex-boxer James J. Braddock.  From his former manager, he gets an offer to fight a young contender that could forever change his family’s life. He accepts the offer and goes into the ring again. 

The Outsiders

Based on a novel, The Outsiders is about the rivalry between two gangs in rural Oklahoma. Unfortunately, during the fight between two crews, a member is killed. Now, the gangs are on the run and hiding. However, their life changes when they accept reality. In the process, some members search for redemption while some meet their end. 


Rudy is a sports drama movie about a boy who dreams of playing football at Notre Dame. However, the journey he seeks is challenging and full of obstacles. His grades and financial conditions aren’t great. Despite the hurdles, he resolves himself to achieve his dream. 

Mississippi Burning

Mississippi Burning is an excellent movie about two FBI agents. They are tasked with a mission to solve the mystery behind three civil rights workers’ disappearance in Mississippi. The locals aren’t too helpful, and now they have to investigate their own to find the kidnapping culprits. 

Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans, a sports drama film, follows a high school football team based on true events. Herman Boone is the new coach for the team. But, the team is in disarray because of racial mentality. Will Herman overcome it, who is an African-American himself, and bring his team together?

Gran Torino

Gran Torino is about a retired Korean War vet, Walt Kowalski. The story begins when a young neighbor of Walt’s tries to steal his Gran Torino a car. As he continues to talk with the young man, Walt finds out that he was forced to steal his car. They form a bond in the process, and Walt gets involved in a fight with a local gang to protect the young man from them.  

The Revenant

The Revenant revolves around the life of Hugh Glass, a legendary frontiersman.However, he is gravely injured in a fight with a bear, and his crew members leave him behind. Still, Hugh survives the attack with his skills and resolves himself to take revenge on those who left him helpless and betrayed him. 

Top Gun

Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun, this movie is about his life as a pilot. To hone his skills, he is sent to The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School. However, his reckless attitude makes him bad among other pilots and they distance themselves from him. This is the story about a guy who is trying to be the best of the best.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones is on a new journey to find his missing father, who was lost when searching for the Holy Grail. However, Nazis are also searching for the ancient relic to obtain its power. Now, Indiana Jones has to rescue his father and get Holy Grail before the Nazis do. 

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire is about sports agent Jerry, who desperately tries hard to get back to his feet. After losing his job, Jerry establishes his own sports management business. However, the only client he has is Rod Tidwell, a football player. The movie shows the struggles of Jerry and his partner Dorothy in making their business successful.  

Romeo and Juliet

Based on Shakespear’s novel, Romeo and Juliet is a beautiful love story film. Seeing each other, Romeo and Juliet instantly fall in love with each other. However, there is an ongoing rivalry between their families. Will this affect their relationships, or is there a happy ending? Watch to find out. 

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is an action movie of survival. The story begins with Max Rockatansky trying his hardest to flee from ruthless leader Immortan Joe and his men. In the process, he teams up with Imperator Furiosa to escape from the wasteland in an armored truck. 


Parasite is a movie that perfectly depicts the social inequality and wealth disparity in the world. The story follows a poor family who plans to work in the same household for the wealthy Park family. They enter as employees in the house as a separate individual, like strangers. 

Get Out

Get Out is a horror movie that follows Chris, an African-American man. He is in love with a white girl named Rose Armitage. One day, they both decide to visit her parents. Everything seems ordinary at first. Soon he finds that the family’s behavior is abnormal. Upon learning the secrets of his girlfriend and her family, he tries to flee from there. Can he escape successfully? 


Glory is a story about a regiment with all the black people. And the group is led by Robert Shaw, a white officer. Despite the opposition from the fellow officers, Robert leads them. The movie shows the glorious actions of this regiment at the Second Battle of Fort Wagner. It is based on the actual story of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly are about three bounty hunters and gunslingers looking for a buried treasure with lots of gold. However, two men, Blondie and Tuco, allies to find the treasure and share it half-half. They now embark on a quest together to find the riches before Angel Eyes does. 

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a horror movie that follows a 12-year old girl named Regan. A demon possesses her, and her mother is trying desperately to get rid of the evil power. In the process, she pleads for help from a local priest and asks for help from the church. Upon request, two Roman Catholic priests are sent to rescue Regan through the process of exorcism. 

First Blood

First Blood revolves around John Rambo, a former US soldier. After the war, he plans to visit his old friends, unknown to him that he is already dead. After stumbling upon the small town of Hope, Washington, he meets a local sheriff. He considers Rambo a nuisance to his city, and he drops him outside of the city. However, the local sheriff arrests him when he tries to return to the town. Now, what will happen to Rambo? Watch to find out. 

Black Panther

Based on Marvel’s comic, Blank Panther is set in the fictional country of Wakanda. After his father’s death, T’Challa takes the throne and inherits Black Panther’s power after being exposed to a herb. However, he has to face many difficulties after being the King. First, he has to face a foe from his homeland. Unfortunately, he is defeated and thrown out of the throne. Now, how will he save his kingdom?

All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front, a war movie, follows a young soldier who is terribly disappointed after seeing the horror of the First World War. The story depicts the state of mind of several soldiers who are on a mission to attack the Nazi army and take their base in Italy. 

There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood is an American movie that follows Daniel Plainview, whose only aim is to become the most powerful oil tycoon. He is a merciless person who would resort to any means to achieve his dream. He doesn’t think twice before doing anything. In the process, he even uses his adopted son. 


Memento is a movie about Leonard, who is looking for the person behind his wife’s murder. However, he has amnesia that makes him forget everything that has happened fifteen minutes ago. To overcome his weakness, he has notes, photos, and tattoos on his body, the only clues to track down the murderer. 

Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves is a movie that follows Antonio Ricci, who finally lands a job after going through many hardships. The bicycle he has is the only necessity to do his work. Unfortunately, a thief steals his cycle, and unless he finds it, he will be unemployed again. With the help of his son Bruno, he is on a mission to find the thief and his missing bicycle. 


Who doesn’t know about this epic and memorable love story movie between Jack and Rose? The story follows Jack and Rose, where they have a fateful encounter with each other on the Titanic, the largest ship ever made. From there continues their unforgettable love story. But, the grand voyage ends in a tragedy. 

12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave is an outstanding movie with amazing plots and acting skills. The story follows Solomon Northup, who is an African-American. One day, two men pretend to give Solomon a good job in Washington DC. Instead, he is kidnapped and sold into slavery. This film shows the life of Solomon as a slave for 12 years. 

The Shining

The Shining is a horror mystery film that begins with a family moving into an isolated hotel. However, they face the worst nightmare of their life. Little did they know that the hotel has a horrific past where the previous winter caretaker killed his family, including himself. Now, slowly, Jack, the father, also starts losing his sanity. He begins hallucinating and tries to harm his family. 

A Quiet Place

“Shhh. They will hear you.” A Quiet Place is a movie where even a little bit of sound will kill you. One day, suddenly, the Earth is invaded by aliens that get attracted to sound. This film is about a family who is living quietly to avoid encountering such creatures. The father and the mother are trying their hardest to keep their family safe and find ways to fight back. 

The Big Short

The Big Short is a movie about the US economy’s collapse in 2007 and 2008. The story follows Michael Burry, who invests 1 billion dollars against the housing market upon learning the economy’s instability and destruction. However, his actions attract many evil-minded people. They plan to take advantage of an unstable economy. How will Burry tackle this problem? Watch to find out.

Lord of War

Lord of War is about Yuri Orlov, who is an illegal weapon dealer. He continuously smuggles arms in and out of the country. The story begins where Yuri leaves his family business and decides to be an arms dealer. In the process, he brings his younger brother into the same company. However, in one of his business journeys to Africa, he faces difficulty. To escape imprisonment, he starts distributing his illegal shipments to locals. 

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can follows a master of deception, Frank Abagnale. With his trickery skills, he has made fortunes. He even robbed a bank at the age of 17. However, to stop him and bring justice, FBI Agent Carl Hanratty starts chasing him. This movie is about the chase between Frank and Agent Carl. 

12 Angry Men

12 Angry men follows 12 juries, who are in the middle of voting to decide the fate of a murder trial. The story begins when an 18-year old boy is accused of killing his father. Now, the 12-man jury has to decide whether the boy is the murderer or not. With many questions left answered, one juror is on a mission to find the answers and convince the other jurors about the case. 

Bad Boys

Bad Boys is an action comedy film that follows two detectives, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey. They are on a mission to solve a complicated drug case. They have only 72 hours to find drugs worth 100 million dollars stolen from the police vault. 

Seven Samurai (1954)

Seven Samurai is an action movie that follows seven samurais who have to protect a village from bandits. The story begins where a group of bandits constantly threatens people when harvesting their crops and stealing their foods. So, the farmers decide to fight back and hire seven ronins to oppose the outlaws and protect them. 

Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

Once Upon a Time in America is an action crime movie that follows two friends’ lives, David “Noodles” Aaronson and Maximilian “Max” Bercovicz. They lead a gang and slowly rise to the top of the crime world. However, after a long time, Noodles returns to New York to correct his mistakes that he made in the past as a gangster.

The Searchers (1956)

The Searchers is an American movie that revolves around the life of Civil War veteran Ethan Edwards. The story begins when Ethan’s family is murdered, except his niece, by a tribe one day. They took her with them. And now, Ethan embarks on a journey to track down the kidnappers to take revenge and rescue his niece.

Chinatown (1974)

Chinatown is a mystery drama movie that follows detective Jake. Upon suspecting her husband is cheating on her, Mrs. Mulwray hires Detective Jake to spy on her husband. However, the job itself becomes horrifying for him. In the process, Mr. Mulwray dies, and Jake gets caught up in the conspiracies of murder and lies. 

Casino Royale (2006)

Another success in the franchise of James Bond, Casino Royale, is an action-packed movie. The story follows 007, who is on a mission to track down and capture Le Chiffre, a mob banker. He involves himself in a game of poker. However, 007 is betrayed by his partner Vesper on his mission. 

Casablanca (1942)

Set during the Second World War, Casablanca follows Rick, a nightclub owner in Casablanca. One day, his ex-lover Ilsa with her husband, asks for his help. They want him to help them escape from the country. However, in the process, their feelings for each other’s resurface. Now, how will they tackle the situation, and will Rick help them escape safely? Watch to find out.

In Conclusion

If you haven’t watched the movies listed above, it’s high time you start watching them. These are the best movies for men that should be watched at least once in your lifetime. Plots, acting skills, visuals, character development, etc., are top-notch. You won’t regret watching them. 

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Watch these movies and series and add a little bit of entertainment to your life. Enjoy watching.

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