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65 Things Every Man Should do in Life Before Dying

Life is full of surprises and opportunities. No one knows when your life is going to end unexpectedly. So, it is better to live life to the fullest. You might have heard “live life king-size.” Therefore, make most of your time. Do the things you love like there is no tomorrow and there are things every man should do once in their life. 

Live your life without any regrets. Make it memorable and full of legacies. And here is a list of things every man should do and experience before they die. 

65 things every man should do before dying

Set goals

Do you have any dreams you want to fulfill? Everyone has small goals in their life. How about that one purpose that you want to achieve no matter what? If you don’t have any, then have one. It can be anything, like climbing the summit of Everest or a world tour.


The USA? Canada? Russia? Where do you want to travel most? Choose one and go. If you want to go with your friends and family, just go. It is a dream of many, and you should traverse when you have time.

If you want to travel not to one but many countries, then do so.

Fall in love

Fall in love with someone or something. It doesn’t have to be a girl. It can be art, your passion, your hobbies, anything. It develops a sense of attachment and respect. 

Be independent

It’s time you need to be independent. It is not good to be dependent on your parents or anyone forever. Try to do something yourself or become successful. Achieve something on your own.


Have you ever volunteered for something? If not, then try doing it. It feels good when you do the right things. Why don’t you, for once, help someone and change their life? Why don’t you give back to society?

Learn to cook

You wake up in the morning every day and get downstairs, and you see the food is ready. Just for a change, why don’t you cook food, intead? 

If you don’t know how, then learn. Moreover, when you are alone, you won’t have anyone to prepare for you. You will be on your own. Learning to cook food is a thing that every man should do in their life. 

Go on a date

Going on a romantic date is an amazing feeling. So, book a place, bring a ring and flowers, decorate the location, whatever you do, plan a date. Make it a memorable and best day of your life. 

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Live in another country.

Embark on a life-changing experience by living in another country. Meet new people, learn their culture, and build connections. Without anyone’s help, survive abroad. A man should do it once. 


No relationship is greater than a family. It is priceless. So, a man should marry and have a family. Spend precious time with them, know what a father’s and child’s relationship is, and make your children happy

Learn to swim

You are near a river, and unfortunately, you fall. Luckily, a friend saves you before drowning. But that will not happen everyday. So, a man should learn how to swim.

Follow your passion

A man without any passion loses track of himself. He will be clueless and won’t achieve success in his life. So, you should have a dream in your life and follow it until you successfully accomplish it. 

Raise a kid

A man should raise a happy and healthy kid. He should teach them good habits, to be tough, and help them lead a successful life. Be their role model.

Go on a camping

Pack your bags and go camping. Explore nature and be one with it. It will be one of your best and thrilling experience in your life. 

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A man should always apologize to others if it is his fault. He should always respect others, their opinions, and feelings. You should never be arrogant. So, learn to appreciate others.


A man should learn to forgive as well. You can’t always be a kid. You need to grow up and must be mature. One who doesn’t excuse others is stuck forever in one place. You won’t be able to move on. 

Buy a suit

A man should always look gentleman no matter where he goes. So, he should invest and own a fine suit. You never know when you have to attend a marriage or a party. 

Tip someone

Make someone’s day by giving them a tip. If someone is working hard and serving you well, give them a bonus. Their cheerful faces will make you happy. 

Take a long vacation.

Take a break from your work for once and go on a vacation. Have fun like there is no tomorrow. This way, you will be more productive and reduce work-related stress. 

Mentor someone

If you are good at something, it is best to teach someone the same skill. It is better to leave your legacy with someone than let it waste. So, take someone under you and show them how they can to achieve more in their life. Change the way they think and do things. 

Solo trip

Are you scared to travel alone? A man should make a solo trip once in his life before dying. It will boost your confidence. As a result, you won’t hesitate to visit a new place. Moreover, you will know how to live in a different place and handle things on your own. It is time to take a big step and overcome your uneasiness.

Bungee jump

If you love challenges and thrills, then you should do bungee jumping at least once in your life. You will have the best and unique experience in your life. Nothing beats the feeling of free-falling for a few seconds and rebounding. 

Learn foreign language

A man should learn a foreign language. Have you ever wanted a show to be in your language very badly, but didn’t? It is just a waste of time.

Instead, why don’t you learn a foreign tongue and watch your favorite shows without any interruption?

Learn to drive

A man absolutely should learn to drive. Not every vehicle, but you should know how to operate even one. 

You never know when you need to drive in a time of emergencies. In such a situation, you can’t wait for someone to help you, right. So learn yourself.

Donate blood

A man should donate blood from time to time to help people. If you can save someone’s life, then there can’t be any better precious gifts than this. 

Therefore, donate your blood and save lives. 

Help people

You don’t always have to help your friends and family. Try aiding a stranger without expecting anything in return. Even if it is for a day, make others’ day better and easier. It is the best work that you can do in your life. 

Bring a pet home

If you love playing with animals, then bring a pet home. It is not always necessary to spend time with your friends. Play with your dogs or cats and understand their behavior. 

Moreover, you will have a companion to spend time with. It will reduce your loneliness and stress levels. 


On a rubber raft, riding through the rapid currents, can you imagine the adventurous and thrilling feeling you get to experience? A man should plan and go on rafting with friends and family. 

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Decorate your room

Nothing is more delightful than decorating your own room. Everyone dreams of having their own space and furnishing, painting, and beautifying it. Besides, you will get to stay in your own designed room.

Keep a journal

You move from one place to another daily, meet new people, and engage in different activities. Why don’t you write a journal and express your thoughts and feelings? Why don’t you write about your goals, dreams, daily life, etc.? If you haven’t the slightest idea about starting, then check out 10 Tips for How to Write a Journal.

Make a bucket list

You might have things you want to do and achieve in your life. You might be craving to do fun things once in your life. Then you can make a bucket list and fulfill it one by one. Life is about having fun. So, live it without any regrets. Fill it with precious memories. 


Get ready to experience the most extreme adventurous sports of your life. If you have yet to do skydiving, you should do it once before you die. Jumping from a plane, soaring in the sky for a few minutes, and moving freely however you like, you will never get such a chance ever again. 

Plan and host a party

If it is a birthday or reception or anything, a man should plan and host a party once. Make it the most entertaining one that everyone has yet to experience. Ensure people have the best moment of their life.

Give a best man’s speech.

A man should give a best man’s speech once in his life. 

Address the people correctly, say nice words. Give the finest speech of your life and make the wedding memorable. 

Try new cuisine

If you are a food lover, then you should try new cuisine from time to time. Explore different places and taste the local food. Eat healthy, be healthy.

Learn and improve skill

Let there never be a dead-end in your growth. A man should always learn and improve his skills. As a man, you should always move forward, keep growing, and never stop learning.

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Public speaking

A man should be able to speak in public in his life. It helps to build self-confidence.

A man should never fear it. Even if you have trouble doing it, try to overcome your public speaking anxiety. 

Reconnect with old friends

Reconnect with old friends and strengthen your relationships. Recollect the old memories, relive them, and have fun. 

Challenge someone

Challenge anyone, your friends and family. Have a friendly match and keep them interested. Not a serious one, but a light one to have fun. Make it more exciting by setting the penalty for losers.


Like rafting, kayaking is an extreme water sport to go for. If you don’t have a fear of water, then you should do it. 

Live alone

Even if it is for a day or a week, a man should live alone. As a man, you should be able to take care of yourself. He should cook, clean, wash, etc., on his own. He should learn if he doesn’t know how to do these chores. 

Conquer fear

Everyone has a fear of something. But, not doing anything to overcome it is the biggest mistake of your life. So, if you have one, then you should give your best to conquer it. 

Take a flight

It’s not a big thing. But not everyone has a chance to take a flight and travel places. Just ensure that you don’t have altitude sickness.


Imagine yourself riding through the waves of water on a small board. It isn’t easy at first, but once you keep practicing, you will be unstoppable. 

Scuba diving

If you love watching sea creatures, then scuba diving is for you. Diving deep into the sea, you will get to see a whole new world full of unique and never-seen plants and animals. 

Start and own a business.

A man should start and own a business of his own. You don’t have to have a big building, huge capital, and 100 employees. You can begin from your own house. 

Nowadays, people start their own business just using a pc and an internet connection.

Sail the seas

You don’t have to own a ship or be a sailor to sail the seas. Without being one, you can do it as well. Save enough and go on a voyage. Travel and have the best experience of your life.

Build your dream home

Everyone dreams of building a house full of their own creativity and designs. What could be better and memorable than living in a home that you planned on your own? 

Fix your own vehicle

What if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, or you are forced to live in the wilderness? In such a situation, your skill will only help you get out of trouble.

Explore haunted places

If you love watching horror movies and ghost stories, then you should explore haunted places. You will get the thrill you have been waiting for. And if you have yet to experience visiting urban and abandoned areas, then you should do it once. 

Horse riding

Want to get the feeling of being a cowboy? If yes, then go horse riding once. Riding on the back of the majestic animal horse is a great feeling. 

Thank your parents

Parents are the greatest treasure in your life. They give their best and hide their pain just so that their children can grow properly and be successful. So, you should be grateful for their hard work and always thank your parents. 

Own a dream bike

Who doesn’t dream of having their own bike? Having their own ride is one thing that every youth wants in their life. So, a man should own a motorcycle. 

Own a sports car

It is an expensive one, but a man should own a sports car. If you can afford one, then you are welcome to buy one. It is an amazing experience to ride on your dream vehicle in the middle of the city and see people’s reactions. 


If you want to see the beauty of mother nature, then there is nothing better than hiking. Nothing will thrill you other than walking in the mountains and forests with magnificent animals, plants, rivers, and waterfalls complimenting it. 

If you are planning to go a hike, then check out What to Bring When Hiking?

Grow beard

As a man, you should grow your beard once in your life. It shows your manliness and attractiveness. Growing is one thing, but taking care of it another.

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Learn survival skills

What if your car stops in the middle of nowhere, or you are forced to live in the wilderness? In such a situation, your survival skills will only help you survive. If you don’t know how, then you should learn when you have time. 

Meet your favorite artists

Everyone has a favorite artist and follows their every social activity. And if you have one, then you should meet them once in your life. Get to know them closely and treasure their autograph and photos. 

Fly a helicopter

It can be extreme, and not everyone gets the chance of flying a helicopter. And if you are the lucky one, then do so. It can be challenging and expensive, though. 


Get the thrill of gliding on skis in the middle of white-snowy mountains. Sliding sometimes straight and sometimes right and left, you won’t get such an experience anywhere else. Not to mention the magnificent views of peaks and horizon you get to see.

Visit a national park.

A man should visit a national park and see the beautiful animals and plants. You should observe the natural habitat of wild fauna and how they live in such an environment. 

Smoke cigar

Even if it is for once, a man should smoke a cigar. It is not your regular cigarettes, and the taste is something you don’t get to experience in your normal sticks. Try it only if you love smoking.

Climb a mountain

Have you ever imagined climbing a mountain? You might have one in your mind. If you have, then you should do it in real life. If Everest is your choice, then nothing is better other than the tallest one in the world.

Play golf

A man should play golf, the gentleman’s game. It is easy to learn, and the rules are simple. It can be expensive, though. Still, if you want to try, check out How to Play Golf? 

Visit a museum

A man should know about his ancestor’s legacies, ancient artifacts, antique instruments, etc. So, you should visit a museum once in your life. It is exciting to see the historical arts, crafts, and objects. 

Master a signature dish

If you love cooking, then you should have your own unique dish. You should have a signature recipe that only you can prepare.

It is a great feeling to have a signature dish named after you. 

In Conclusion

Life is full of surprises so live it to the fullest. You only get one chance, so the only way to enjoy and get through tough times is to live your life happily without any regrets. 

Embark on a journey without any regrets by accomplishing every goal you have. Do things that every man should do once in life before dying. Make your existence memorable and full of achievements. 

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