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50 Best Date Ideas for Men to Create Lasting Impression

Are you going on a date and looking for the best date ideas?

Planning a date is always challenging. It takes most of your time to find a perfect place and activities to do to make it successful. Whether it is your first or third, it should be superb and priceless. Most importantly, you need to create a lasting impression to make your girl fall for you and build a strong connection. Besides, what matters most is spending quality time together. 

Your date should be fun. You should ensure everything goes smoothly. Every couple expects it to go well. 

If you don’t have any hint about what to do on your date, then relax and wipe your sweat. We have listed the 50 best date ideas for men that will make your girl remember it forever.

50 best date ideas for men 

Plan a surprise

Nothing impresses a girl more than a surprise. It makes them curious and melts their heart. But, whatever you plan, make it memorable. It can be anything like cooking for her, gifting her favorite chocolates, planning a trip, etc. She will definitely love it. 

Watch movies

Watching movies is an evergreen date idea no matter in which era you live in. Take your girl to a movie theatre. Or, you can also watch her favorite film together at home and spend quality time together. No one will disturb you here. You will have a private space. Nothing is better than being with her the entire time. A girl likes it when the man she loves is with her. 

Go for a walk

Don’t think going for a walk isn’t so promising as a date idea. It is a great time to know about your girl and get close to her. Chatting the entire time is a perfect way to impress her and build a strong connection. You can select a place with a beautiful view. For example, a spot where you can view a magnificent sunset.

Go to a restaurant

Take your girl to a favorite restaurant and have dinner. You can also take her to a fancy or new place to have a meal. Let her eat foods that she loves the most. It will make her happy. Remember to find one that is within your budget yet perfect for hanging out. 

Have a candle light dinner

Everyone dreams of having a candle light dinner once in their life with their partner. The plan itself sounds romantic. And everything will look pleasant. So, you can surprise your girl with one. You can do it at home or somewhere outside. You can also decorate the place with her favorite flowers. 

Go shopping

Take your girl shopping and let her buy whatever she wants. Ensure that you have enough bank balance and don’t get nil. It should be within your budget. Otherwise, you might end up broke.

Cook together

You don’t need to go out to eat. You can cook food together at home and make whatever you want. Besides, you can challenge one another. You can make some rules for the loser. Sounds exciting, right. Plus, it will be memorable. 

Go for a long ride

You can take your girl for a long ride on your bike or any vehicle you have. Select a place and go somewhere you can be alone together. It is nice to leave the city’s busy life once in a while and give some time to yourself. 

Hit an arcade

If your girl loves playing games, then you can hit an arcade. Play her favorite games together. Challenge each other. It feels good to lose to her and see her smile. Luckily, you might win the jackpot as well. It will make your date special. 

Go to a live music

Nothing beats the feeling of going to live music and relaxing. Ensure you know her music taste. If not, ask her and take her to one. She will love it. Show how much you care about her. 

Go to a club

If she loves going to clubs, then dress up and take her to a club. The setting there will make her happy. Her mood will become lively and jolly, and that’s for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Just plan and invite her.


It is not always necessary to have some fancy and sophisticated date ideas. Sometimes, simple is enough to build a strong relationship. Go cycling together. Chatting and exercising at the same time is a great way to spend quality time together. 


It is nice to hit karaoke sometimes. Show your singing skills to your girl. We bet she will be impressed if you have any talent. Just joking. Still, it feels good to make fun of each other no matter how bad you sing. Ensure you don’t mock her too much and spoil your date. 

Take her to a park

Take her to a nearby park and get to know each other more deeply. If you can take her to an amusement park, then it is even better. Enjoy some rides, snap photos together, and eat some new and fancy food together. Try your best to make it the best day of her life. 


Pick a lovely place and plan a picnic, just you two. Chat while having food and get to know each other. Enjoy the moment. It is a great way to appreciate each other’s company. Even thinking about it makes you happy, and the idea feels romantic too. 


One of the best ways to impress your date is to show your cool dance moves. You can also dance together. If you do something together, it will help you build a strong connection. Besides, you can take a dance class together and learn some fantastic dancing styles. 

You can try a romantic ballroom dance like tango.

Go on a beach

Beach is a great way to spend quality time together. Getting tan and enjoying the cool breeze is the best way to enjoy summer. Have you ever built sand castles or written your name on sand? If not, you can try them. It will make your date more exciting and fun. 

Visit a museum

Most people might think visiting a museum sounds weird. But it is perfect for a date if she loves antique pieces and wants to know the past achievements of our ancestors and see their bravery. Plan and surprise her with your idea.

Go to a concert

Look if there is any concert going on around, take your girl there. Sing and have fun together. If it is her favorite artists, then that’s even amazing. It will make her happy, and your date will be memorable. 

Outdoor movie

Drop the plan of watching the movie at your home and go for an outdoor picture just for a change. The drive-in is the best way to spend time in your own car and watch a film. If you have yet to go there, then just go. You will have the best and unique experience.

Theme park

Why don’t you surprise your girl with tickets to a theme park? They feature various attraction sites that will make her utter only ahh. She will be shocked with happiness. Make her day special and priceless. 

Surprise her with a live match ticket

If she is a sports freak, then nothing will make her happier than tickets to a live match. And if it’s her favorite team, then you don’t need to ask for more. She will be pleased and thank you for making her day memorable.

Visit a zoo

If she likes playing with cats and dogs, then she will love going to a zoo. You will be able to chat more and have something to talk about. You will get to know each other more. Just ensure that she is interested in going there. 


Bowling is a great way to challenge each other and have fun on your date. Just go there and show your skills. Don’t leave a chance to impress your girl. Remember that she might just be the one you don’t want to compete against.

Play video games

Video games might just be the date idea that you need to spend time with her and converse more. Select the favorite ones and let the fun begin. Chill and play the whole day. A minor quarrel over a game is sometimes good too.

Ride on a bike

Riding on a bike is a classic date idea that never gets old. You might have seen in movies where the hero takes his girl on a long ride. And she enjoys it too and waves her shawl. So, why don’t you do the same and experience it together?

Bungee jump

It’s time for some thrilling and adventurous experience. If your girl loves extreme and adrenaline activities, then go for a bungee jump. The moment you spend together will last long. And the idea is unique on its own. It can be expensive, though.

Horse riding

Everyone has experienced the bike ride, but few only go for horse riding. The moment will be unforgettable. Ensure that she loves it, is safe, and doesn’t fall. Otherwise, it can be the last date you ever go on. Nonetheless, it will be thrilling. 


You can go skating on your date if there is a center near you. It will be an ice-breaking experience. And if she doesn’t know how to skate, then you can help her learn. Holding hands, preventing each other from falling, and making eye contact- you will have a fun time together. 


Why don’t you hold a BBQ party with your girl? Let her taste the most delicious foods ever. Moreover, she will watch you the whole time with a smile while you prepare everything. Not to mention the praise from her about your skills. It is a great way to spend some time together.


Chat as you walk. Go on a hike if there is any nearby. You will get to know each other. Moreover, it will be fun and fabulous for your health. Pick a great hiking trail with beautiful sceneries and enjoy each other’s company.


Just a change in environment can be significant for a date. Enjoy the beauty of nature by camping. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the wonders of nature. So, spend time together and have a valuable conversation. You can also camp in a garden at your home. 


We all love staring at stars. So setting aside some fancy plans, simply stargazing is one of the best date ideas. Lying under the sky full of stars is a great way to spend precious time together. It will be unique and exciting. 

Shoot videos together

Shooting videos together and talking about how you met is the best way to spend your date day. You can try something new and record your special moments. It will be a great way to remember your precious time together with the one you love. 

You can also play games to challenge each other and record them. Pretty good idea to make your date memorable.

Play mini-golf

You don’t have to go to a golf center to play it. It can be pretty expensive, though. You can also play mini-golf at your home. You can set up holes in your garden. It is a great way to have fun and chat together. 

Try a new cuisine

Trying a new cuisine is a pretty good idea to spend time together. Either you can make an effort to make it at your home or go out to have some. It doesn’t matter what you do and where you go; you will have a blast. It will be one of the best days of your life. 

Go boating

You don’t have to be on land to have fun together on your date. Just you two alone in the middle of the water. Playing and throwing water is exciting. Ensure that you don’t shake the boat too much if you don’t want to fall. 

Hot air balloon ride

Have you ever experienced riding on a hot air balloon? If not, how about it on your date? The idea is pretty wild and thrilling. Going up in the sky and observing the magnificent view sounds pretty romantic. It will be a great plan if both of you don’t have a fear of height.  

Visit an aquarium

Spend some time together watching fish swimming here and there. Visit a nearby aquarium and have a long chat. You will have topics to talk about. Moreover, you will have plenty of good moments to know about each other. Plus, it will refresh you and make you happy seeing beautiful sea creatures. 

Ride a Ferris wheel

Probably the best date ideas you will ever get. Take her to a park and ride a Ferris wheel. You two will be alone in the air and have a romantic time together. If it’s night, then better. Viewing the city lights gives a pleasant feeling. She will definitely love it.

Visit a new place

How about traveling to a new place on your date? Take her to a great location and spend time together. Holding hands and viewing the scenery will make your day special and unforgettable. 

You can also explore some spooky places if she loves urban and abandoned locations. Sounds terrifying, yet fun and exciting. 

Travel together

Plan and travel together to her favorite place or a new location for a change. It will help you enjoy your precious time. Moreover, it will help you build your relationship and make it strong. 

Create a bucket list

Everyone has tons of things to do, and they dream about it every day. You might have a list of activities to do together. So, create a bucket list and fulfill them one by one. Whatever comes to your mind, for now, just write it down. Enjoy your precious time and create memorable moments together. 

Kart racing

You might have challenged each other while cooking, playing games, and even cycling. What about kart racing? It sounds crazy, but it will be fun and exciting. 

It will be the best racing experience of your life. However, don’t take it seriously. Just have some fun and create a good memory together.

Try styling hair

You don’t have to go out on your date. Instead, do something unusual. Try styling each other’s hair and see who does the best. It will be a great time pass and fun to see how you both look in different hairstyles. 

If you have never done it, then it will be even more amazing to see how she reacts.

Try VR

Do something unique and unexpected on your date. You can hit a VR arcade and create some good, exotic, and thrilling memories. It will be a pretty new and exciting experience for both of you. Not many think of it. But it is a great way to spend time together. So, research if there is any VR cafe near you.

Have a chocolate party

Every girl loves chocolate. So, it is best to have a chocolate party on your date. Hit different places and buy as many candies as you can. If it’s her favorites, then even better. Surprise her and make her happy. She will remember this day forever.

View sunset/sunrise

It is a great idea to view sunrise and sunset together. It sounds too romantic. Pick the best place to see them. The beautiful view you see will make you both happy. It is a simple date idea, but perfect to spend some quality time together.

Play sports

You can play sports if she loves it. You will have a long chat together and time to enjoy each other’s company. Instead of going to a movie theatre or traveling, it is a great way to build a strong bond. Not to mention the excitement and thrill you get during and after playing. 

Show your creativity

No matter what and how you do it, it is best to have fun and make your girl feel special on a date. So, how about showing your creativity to each other? You can do each other’s makeup or paint together or do some face art. Make it funny to make it memorable. You can record your precious moments to turn them into lifetime memories. 

In Conclusion

These are the best date ideas to make your girl happy. However, these are not the only choices you have. There are limitless options. If you have something better in mind, then it is even fantastic. Still, if you have confusion and are unable to plan, the above list will help you make your date grand and memorable. 

Pick one that you think is great for your date. No matter what you choose, ensure to create a lasting impression on your girl.

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