how to have a better conversation

How to Have a Better Conversation?

Every day you converse with many people. So, most of you might already know how to have a better conversation. But, it isn’t easy for everyone. Even when you talk with various individuals in a day, still, there can be moments when it feels really awkward, and the dialogue doesn’t go well. Most importantly, when you don’t have anything to say.   

Whether you are talking to your family or friends, or clients, it is always crucial to have a better conversation. But, there is always the risk of tripping in the middle and not interpreting and presenting the message correctly. So, how do you have a better conversation? 

15 ways to have a better conversation

Greet and introduce properly

It’s a no-brainer that greeting is a conversation starter. You just need to say “Hello” to talk with someone. Pretty simple, right. It is a crucial etiquette that you shouldn’t forget, ever. However, the most important factor is how you follow through then. You need to introduce yourself, which is equally important to build trust and make others comfortable around you. 

Have you ever started a dialogue without greeting? Probably not!. It is a way to respect someone and make an impression. So, never forget to greet and introduce yourself. It helps you to start and have a better conversation and keep it going. 

Address people politely

Like greeting, addressing people is the right way to have a better conversation. It doesn’t matter how you talk with friends. No one really cares about it because it is normal in a friendship. But not with a stranger or clients. You don’t want to offend them in your first meeting. Everything relies on how you speak. 

Moreover, you don’t want to waste your precious and golden moment to impress someone. So, address people correctly. Saying Sir, Mam, Mr, Miss, etc., is all it takes. Keep it that way unless they request you to call them by their names.  

Listen actively

It is always crucial to listen carefully and thoroughly when someone is talking to you. This way, you will understand what they are trying to say. You will get the message. Moreover, others will be more interested in keeping the conversation going when someone pays attention. 

However, remember to respond as well. No one likes to speak to someone who sits still and doesn’t reply. Will you be willing to talk with such people? 

Also, remember, don’t converse with people just for the sake of answering. Understand what others are saying as well. This way, you will have a better conversation. 

Avoid repeating yourself

When someone repeats the same thing again and again, it annoys us. It feels like he/she is saying that we are forgetful. We sometimes forget, and it is natural. But, it makes the conversation boring and dull. So, refrain from conveying the exact phrase again and again. 

Always be aware of what you are saying and avoid repeating the same thing. Otherwise, people will think and be like, “Why are you bringing the same topic again? When will it be over?”

Be straightforward and brief.

Always be straightforward and brief to have a better conversation. If you take time to finish what you are saying, others will find it challenging to understand your message. Moreover, no one likes to remain stuck for hours and hours listening to others. We all want it to be short enough to understand what others are trying to convey.

Be clear on what you are attempting to say and let others speak to keep the conversation going. 

Ask questions

If you don’t understand anything, then ask questions to get the message clearly. People like those who are honest and seek answers to know their stuff. Moreover, it makes the conversation more engaging and exciting. 

Remember, always ask relevant and relatable questions. Don’t make it too personal, making it difficult for others to continue the conversation. Others must be comfortable to answer, then only they will describe how they are feeling. You will get the proper response this way. 

Never ignore people

Pay attention when someone is talking to you. Never ignore them. If you are one of those who hang out on their mobiles during a conversation, then refrain yourself from doing it. Otherwise, you will only make people angry and annoyed. 

If you are starting a conversation, then it isn’t right to ignore people. Always be present and have an excellent time talking with people. 

Use body language

How you talk, your gesture, eye contact, body posture, facial expressions, everything matters for a better conversation. Don’t only move your lips, but also show your interest with your body language. 

When you make eye contact and use body language, it shows that you are paying attention and listening carefully. People will be interested in talking to you this way. Also, be more expressive. If people think you are feeling uneasy during the conversation, then they will try to avoid you. So, express your thoughts freely, ensuring that it doesn’t hurt other people. 

Also, the body language shows your confidence and how powerful a speaker you are. It will make it easier for other people to perceive you and get the message. 

Be confident and calm.

The most crucial factor to have a better conversation is to be confident and calm. Nervousness leads people to make mistakes and forget what they planned to say. 

It is natural to be nervous when conversing with someone for the first time. But, if you strain yourself too much, you are going to ruin everything. You won’t be able to speak. Even if you get past the initial barrier, you are sure to fumble or stutter. Then no one will understand what you are saying. Your message will be lost. 

Even if you feel nervous, don’t be afraid. Be confident. They are people just like you. Once you start talking, you will go with the flow automatically. 

Give compliment

Give compliments if you think he/she is doing good and deserve it. However, don’t go on praising them every time they say something. Don’t make them feel that you are doing it just to create a favorable situation for you. It will be awkward. 

Go with the flow. The compliment you make should be natural and genuine. 

Avoid overtalking

Some people have a habit of talking continuously. They don’t observe the person sitting next to him/her and care how he/she is feeling. They keep on going. The conversation means both sides should have an equal opportunity to speak. Only then it will be meaningful.

Give space and time to let others speak. Refrain yourself from talking too much. You don’t want others to be bored. So, avoid overtalking to have a better conversation.

Never interrupt 

Do you have a habit of interrupting someone in the middle of a conversation? If yes, then never do that. It isn’t nice and disrupts the flow of conversation. Moreover, it will make it harder for the speaker to continue. Sometimes, they forget what they are going to say. As a result, you both will lose precious time of yours.

Furthermore, it makes the speaker annoyed sometimes. It also means that you aren’t interested and don’t care about what they say. So, to have a better conversation, you should listen to what others say carefully and thoroughly. 

Focus on etiquettes

Etiquettes are the foundations of having a better conversation. It means you are respecting people and their feelings. Don’t just stand up and go out when you need to take or make a call. Many do that. It means that you don’t care about people and what they think about you. 

If saying “excuse me” can make every misunderstanding fade away, then why not say it. Is it hard to tell such a simple phrase?  

Ask opinion

Don’t just go on giving your own opinions in everything all the time. Ask the viewpoints of others when you are conversing with someone. It will make your meeting enjoyable, and you will have a better conversation. If they need your help, then offer your assistance. What matters most is to respect people because everyone has their own perspectives. 

Moreover, the conversation shouldn’t be only about you. So, ask people what they think. 

Don’t jump to conclusions quickly.

Probably one of the common mistakes people make during a conversation. They jump to conclusions quickly sometimes. What if he/she isn’t thinking the same as you? What if they have something else in their mind?

Some people only think about the results even before meeting someone. It is good to imagine the outcome. But not so much that you are lost in your own world when conversing. You need to listen to others carefully and make your meeting enjoyable and exciting. 

To have a better conversation, you need to know what other people are trying to say before jumping to conclusions.

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In Conclusion

These are the ways to have a better conversation with someone you know or have just met. The tips mentioned above will make your meeting exciting and keep it going. 

Use these techniques to become a better communicator and make your conversation fun, memorable, and fruitful.

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