kings cup drinking game

How to Play the Kings Cup Drinking Game?

Do you love hanging out with friends, going to parties, and drinking? If yes, double the fun. There is a great way to make your gatherings even more lively and funny with the Kings Cup drinking game. Many people might know it as the Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, or Donut. It has different names in different countries. But you will definitely love this game, and that’s for sure.

The Kings Cup drinking game is easy to play, and the rules are simple. However, each card has a power of its own, making it more interesting to play with friends and family. 

Are you ready to play?

Let’s start the guide to play the Kings Cup drinking game.

What do you need to play the Kings Cup drinking game?

The primary things that you require are:

  • A deck of cards
  • Players: You need at least two players to play it. You can invite more friends if you like. The more, the merrier.
  • Table: You need a table to play it. You can also play it on the floor or any even surface.
  • Glasses filled with drinks.
    • Each player must have their own glasses. It doesn’t have to be beverages. You can prefer any drink such as soft drinks and juice.
    • You also need another big glass to put in the middle of the table, the King’s Cup. It must be empty.


First, all the players should sit around a table. Each player should have their own glasses with drinks. Now, the King’s Cup is placed in the middle of the table. 

Remove all the jokers, shuffle the cards, and place them around the King’s Cup. Every card should be faced down. Ensure no one can see them, not even the one who shuffled and spread them. The game should be fair for everyone. 

Once everything is placed correctly, decide who will go first. Also, choose whether to go anti-clockwise or clockwise to take a turn playing. 

Each card the players pick up has specific rules and instructions that everyone must follow. After each turn, do not mix the flipped card with unflipped ones. Put them somewhere safe and separate to avoid confusion and cheating. 

Note: Once chugged, each player should refill their glass. You need to keep filling your cup until you finish the game or stop it. 

How to play the Kings Cup drinking game?

The first player chooses and flips a card from the table. Depending on the rules, he/she has to follow the instruction that comes with the picked card. 

The instructions and rules for each card are as follows:

  • Ace: It is known as Waterfall. When you pick it, you have to start drinking, then the player next to you also starts, then the next player to him/her also begins, this goes till the last player.

    Everyone must continue it until you, who picked an Ace, stop drinking. Once you finish, the next player also halts, then the next player next to him/her also does the same, which continues until the last player. No one can pause until the former player does the same.

  • Two: It means You. When a player picks Two, he/she can point to anyone and tell him/her to drink. Pretty cool, right. However, remember that karma comes back.

  • Three: It means Me. Whoever picks a Three, he/she has to drink as a penalty.

  • Four: It means Floor. When a player picks a Four, everyone has to touch the flooring as quickly as possible. Whoever fails to do so or comes last has to drink as a penalty.

    In some parts of the world, Four means Give 2, Take 2. When a player picks it, he/she tells two players to drink and chug two glasses of drinks himself/herself. Instead of two people, he/she can say to a player to take 2 cups of alcohol.

  • Five: It means Boys or Guys. When a player picks a Five, every male player has to drink.

    It doesn’t matter who. Even if the player who flipped it is a guy has to drink as well.

  • Six: It means Girls or Chicks. When a player picks a Six, every female player has to drink. Like Five, the same rule applies to it.

  • Seven: It means Heaven. When a player picks a Seven, everyone has to raise their hand or point towards the sky as quickly as possible. The last player to do so has to drink as a penalty.

  • Eight: It means Mate. When a player picks an Eight, he/she can choose anyone to be his/her partner. Whenever you drink, he/she also has to do so and vice versa.

    However, don’t worry. This rule breaks when someone flips an Eight again. Then, the next pair has to follow the exact instruction until someone draws the same card once more.

  • Nine: It means Rhyme. When a player picks a Nine, he/she has to say a word. Then the next person must rhyme it. It continues until someone takes too much time or fails to speak. The loser has to drink as a penalty.

    Once a player fails to rhyme the word, he/she drinks. The players after him/her shouldn’t wait for their turn. The game halts there for now, and another player takes a turn to flip the card again.

    When everyone rhymes correctly and finishes their turn, no one has to drink as a penalty. Another player flips the card again.

  • Ten: It means Category. When a player picks a Ten, he/she has to choose a category and say a name related to it.

    For example, if you pick color as a category, you utter red, then the player next to you says orange. Like this, it continues.

    Anyone who fails to say or speak something not related to the category has to take a drink as a penalty.

  • Jack: It means Never Have I Ever. When a player flips Jack, then he/she has to say something that they have not done before.

    First, everyone points out their three fingers. When a player chooses Jack, he/she says, “Never have I ever ….” Other members who have done it put down their one finger. Then, the next person starts with the exact phrase, and it continues. Whoever puts down all their fingers first has to drink as a penalty.

  • Queen: It means Questions. When a player flips Queen, he/she asks a person a question. Then, he/she has to respond with another query.

    If a player fails to ask a question or give answers has to take a penalty drink.

  • King: It means King’s Cup. When a player flips King, he/she pours his/her drink in the middle glass.

    Since there are only four King cards, the last person to pick it has to drink everything from the King’s Cup. 

    Besides, in some countries, it is known as Ruler. Whoever picks the King card, he/she makes a rule. The person who breaks it drinks as a penalty. But, this only continues until another player picks it again. Then, he/she makes a new law. 

This is how you play the Kings Cup drinking game.

The game continues until you flip all the cards on the table or everyone decides to stop it.

Isn’t it an interesting game to play?

Some important points to remember in case you forget:

  • Discard the flipped card. Do not put it back again on the table.
  • Refill the glass if a player finishes his/her drinks.

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In Conclusion

The Kings Cup drinking game makes your gatherings and parties even more entertaining. It is perfect for such occasions. Still, remember that these are the standard rules. You don’t have to follow them entirely. You can make your own rule if you can. Create some variations and make it more exciting. 

Besides, remember one thing- avoid overconsumption of alcohol. As we always say, drink responsibly. It is a game, so take it as a game and have fun. 

Image Credits: Taylor Friehl from Unsplash

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