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100+ best Christmas Gifts For Men (2020)

Christmas is right around the corner. It’s a time when people enjoy, gather with friends and family, and have the best day of the year. Plus, gifts are perfect for such occasions that double their happiness and light up their faces. But are you confused about what to gift your male counterparts for Christmas? 

Choosing the right gifts can be challenging. It can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. But don’t worry. To make it easy for you, we have prepared a list of the best Christmas gifts for men. The unique gifts you are looking for might be on the list. So, let’s get started.

Best Christmas Gifts For Men

Netflix Subscription

Is your man a big fan of movies and series? Netflix subscription is the best Christmas gift to surprise him. It offers unlimited films and series. Gift him with a Netflix subscription and watch your favorite series together this holiday season.


Surprise your man with cool sunglasses. Sunglass is perfect for men who love traveling. And, not to mention the classy look it gives to your man completing the attire. But beware of other women that might fall for him. 


Gone are days when women used to cook. Men are now more into cooking as it has become one of the best hobbies for men and profession. Giving an oven as a gift is great for a man who loves to spend more time in the kitchen, though expensive. What could be more awesome than having finger-licking foods on Christmas?

Game Console

A gaming console like Xbox, PS series, Nintendo Switch, etc., is a fantastic gift for having a great time. Spending quality time, playing games with friends and family, and challenging one another can be a lifetime memory.

Scent and perfume

Whether you are going for a party or a gathering or just casually hanging and chilling out with friends, a pleasant fragrance makes the surrounding very soothing. Giving a branded and premium scent or perfume is one of the best Christmas gifts for men.


Christmas is great for going out and traveling around the places. And it is evident that you will have a great time and will have tons of good memories. So, giving a camera as a gift to capture beautiful memories is excellent.


Watch is a precious gift that reminds him of you whenever he sees his watch. Gifts symbolize the memories of the loved ones that never fade away. And there might not be another gift as precious as a watch that is closely attached to him. 


Just like a watch, gloves are a gift that reminds him of you whenever he wears them. Since Christmas falls in winter, gloves are great gifts for keeping hands warm. 


Not everyone loves to keep a beard and mustache. Some men love to keep themselves beard free and love only to trim. So, surprise your man with a shaver and have a neat looking guy beside you every time.


Make your man perfect and stylish by giving him an overcoat. Overcoat nowadays comes with incredible designs that are perfect for a man to wear on different occasions. Why not give him an overcoat and a classy look.


Surprise your man with a backpack who always loves to travel. Find a sleek design mixed with functionality, waterproof, dustproof, and with a lot of space to store items he wants.


Now free yourself from hearing things like, “Where are my debit cards? Where did you place it?” How? Give your man a cardholder this Christmas, so your  man doesn’t misplace another card ever.  


Gift your man a premium and branded wallet this festive season. Men like wallets, which are useful in day to day life. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it will always remain with him. The wallet comes in different sizes, colors, designs, and materials. So, please select the best one that suits him perfectly.

Favorite wine

People love to gather with friends and family at Christmas, exchange gifts and have quality time. What could be better than having great wine and chilling with loved ones at Christmas? Surprise your man with his favorite wine and make it the best Christmas ever. 


Give your man a cool pair of sneakers to move around. Sneakers are one of the stylish and comfortable shoes in the market. Choosing the best sneakers can be challenging, though. So, please select the one that suits his preference..


Buy a brand new smartphone for your man this Christmas. Who doesn’t love getting a smartphone as a gift? A smartphone is now more than a necessity- it has become a luxury. So, go for a smartphone if it is within your budget.


Why buy a separate tool for fixing things? A multitool is packed with every tool necessary to repair damaged items. So, give your man a multitool for fixing things in and around the house, garage, etc.

Premium water bottle

A premium water bottle is perfect for a man who loves to do physical exercise to keep himself fit. If the men in your house are active all day, give them a premium water bottle to keep them hydrated every time they are indulged in physical activity. 


If your man loves tinkering with vehicles in the house, then why not give him a toolbox as a present? He will love it if he loves repairing and experimenting with cars. A toolbox is the greatest asset for such people.  


Gone are the days when people used to wear a watch just for a necessity. Watch now is not just a typical watch; it is more than that. Why not give a smartwatch to your smart man?

Whisky glass

Nothing beats the pleasure of drinking whisky in your favorite whisky glass. Some people love to collect whisky glasses and drink from their favorite glasses. Instead of giving a ready-made glass, you can give him a custom-made whisky glass as well.

Premium tie

Give your man a premium look by giving him a premium tie as a Christmas present. The tie provides a professional look to a man, and most people love it when someone wears a tie. So, make him stand out from the rest with a premium tie.


Women are not the only ones who love and care about their skin. Men are also sensitive about their skin. They love to have fair and smooth skin as well. So, surprise him with skincare to keep his skin in good condition. 


Music keeps us relaxed, improves our mood, and reduces our stress and anxiety. Music is an integral part of our life. If your man loves listening to music and watching movies, you can give him good quality headphones. 


Everyone might have faced a problem with tangling earphones at least once in their life. Untangling a wired earphone is time-consuming and too frustrating. Sometimes, we feel like throwing it. 

But now it has changed. Earbuds have taken over wired earphones, which is good news for us who are frustrated with tangling earphones and have excellent sound quality. So, if your man struggles with tangled earphones, present him earbuds.

Wool scarf

Giving a wool scarf is a good sign of cherishing the relationships and showing affection to the loved ones. So, a wool scarf can be the perfect gift for him that will also keep him warm during winter.

Coffee machine

Many people start their day with a warm cup of coffee. They can’t function their day to day activities without a good coffee. If any man in your family loves coffee, then you can give them a coffee machine. They can make their own coffee even without your help.

Bluetooth speaker

It has become easier to watch movies and listen to music with a Bluetooth speaker. Just connect your mobile phones or laptops with a speaker, and watch your favorite movies, listen to music, party with friends, etc. Bluetooth speakers this Christmas is a good option for music lovers as they are portable. 

Electric Scooter

An electric scooter is much cheaper than a fuel-based scooter and bikes in the long-run. Just hop on the scooter and go for a ride, finish errands, etc. Why don’t you give him an electric scooter to have fun with?


A hoverboard is a great gift for a man. It feels like you are flying and is entirely safe to ride. However, you need good practice to balance yourself on a hoverboard. It comes with amazing features, so feel the air and have fun with your friends. 

Laptop bag

For guys who love working on a laptop and carry it from home to the workplace and vice versa, a laptop bag is a perfect gift. They are light-weight, comfortable to carry, and keep the laptop safe and secure. 


Most of the men love playing football either alone or with friends. No matter how or with whom you play, football is a fun game to indulge in. Ronaldo, Messi, etc., inspire many people. So, if your guy loves playing football; you can give him a football.


Just like football, basketball is a great sport. Dribbling, attacking, tackling, scoring- nothing beats this excitement. Basketball is an explosive package on its own. 

Repair kit

A repair kit is a set of tools used to repair items. They are mostly used to repair tires and vehicles. Spare your guy from calling a mechanic every time a tire burst by giving him a repair kit. 


For a guy who loves shoes, a nice pair of boots is a perfect Christmas present. Boots are very comfortable and keep you warm from freezing temperatures. They are safer than most of the shoes available in the market.

Baseball bat

If your guy loves sneaking around and playing baseball whenever he has free time, then giving him a baseball bat is great. 

Survival kit

Many people love Bear Grylls and his survival techniques and go on an adventure by watching him. If your man loves to explore the wild, then give him a survival kit. This kit helps to survive in extreme conditions.

Grill set

The grill set comes with a grill stand and tools necessary for making top-class foods. Giving a grill set for a guy who loves grilling steak is the best present on Christmas.

Cigar set

Does he love to smoke? Give him a cigar set. Let him have a taste of cigars rather than smoking normal ones. Let him be the cool guy like in the movies.

Cool keychains

You can give your guy a cool hand-made keychain filled with your love. He will always remember you whenever he sees your keychain. If it is impossible to make it yourself, give him a ready-made keychain with a fantastic design.

Classy pen

If your guy loves writing in his free time or is a writer, then giving him a classy pen is more than a present for him. You can also personalize the pen yourself with good design and some writings.


There are all sorts of knives available in the market. So, you can give your guy knives if he is into cooking, gardening, cutting, etc.

Custom phone cases

Phone cases protect a phone from falls, scratches, etc. So, a phone case can be the perfect gift. And, if it is a custom phone case, then he will love it. He will always remember you whenever he uses his phone.

Portable speakers

If your guy loves movies and music, then give him a portable speaker. He can take the portable speakers with him when he is traveling. 


A hat makes a guy look cool and protects from heat and cold. So, giving him a cool hat is a great present this Christmas. Also, it is convenient when traveling.

Personalized lighter

Most guys love carrying a lighter on them. He shouldn’t be a smoker to have a lighter. You can give him a cool personalized lighter.

Camping cooler

A camping cooler is excellent for storing foods and drinks when camping. If your guy loves camping, why don’t you give him a camping cooler?


A flashlight is useful for providing light in the darkness but can also be used as a weapon if you ever run into a fight when walking in the night— just Joking. 

BBQ set

BBQ is best when we are with friends and family and having a blast on holidays and weekends. The BBQ set is a fantastic gift to consider.

Beard care kit

The beard care kit is perfect for a guy who loves growing a beard and mustache. You can give your guy a beard care kit to provide him with a more macho look. 

Custom mug

You can give your guy a custom mug as a Christmas gift. You can make your own mug with a unique design and special note filled with your love. 


Most of the guys love playing guitar. It brings out the creativity and skill hidden within a person. You can give him a guitar, let him play it for you, and enjoy Christmas. 

Personalized necklace

A necklace shows the love and affection you have for someone—most people design a necklace on their own with different shapes. It shows the commitment you have in your relationship.

Charging stand

Buy a charging stand for your guy to charge a smartphone, smartwatch, etc., simultaneously at a faster speed. He doesn’t have to wait for hours to have a 100 percent battery charge.


Having a cup of coffee and toast is a great way to start a day- most people love it. So, you can give your guy a toaster as a Christmas gift to start his day with a great breakfast. 

Sandwich maker

Just like toast, a sandwich is a go-to breakfast in the morning. It is easy, and most people love it. So, you can give your guy a sandwich maker.

Bottle opener

Now, your guy doesn’t need his teeth or doesn’t need to stick between objects to open a bottle. You can give him a bottle opener so that you get a handsome guy full of teeth- just kidding. But, be sure to check him out when opening a bottle.

Table lamp

You can give your guy a beautiful and unique table lamp. Personalize the table lamp with beautiful designs and notes with vibrant colors and lights.


Bracelet is a symbol of love and friendship that comes with beautiful designs and colors. Moreover, you can also personalize it yourself. Show your love and affection by giving him a bracelet as a Christmas gift.

Golf set

If your guy loves playing golf and never stops talking about it, then you can give him a golf set as a present. This way, you won’t be hearing about golf for a while. Instead, he will only talk about you. 


If you love it when your guy makes some cool moves with his cap, then you can give him a cap so that he can learn more tricks to surprise you. 


You can give your guy a T-shirt as a present. Whenever he wears it, he will remember you. Even a great idea- give him a matching T-shirt so whenever you are with him, you both can wear T-shirts with the same design.


Just like the T-shirt, you can give him a branded shirt to make him more stylish and cool. Give him a shirt that suits his personality. 


The gift doesn’t always have to be clothes and accessories. You can surprise him with a brand new laptop. 


When we hear Apple products, we are like, “I need it, but it is expensive. So, leave it.” *haha* If you have a budget, you can surprise your guy with an Ipad. 


Every woman wishes her man to be fit and have muscles. So, if you want your man to have muscles and motivate him to workout, then you can give him a pair of dumbbells.


A treadmill is another perfect gift for a guy who loves running and jogging to keep himself fit. Furthermore, you don’t need to go to the gym. 


A drone is a fantastic present for a guy who loves taking pictures, shoots movies, etc. It gives you high-quality aerial images and videos. 


A picture frame works as a reminder of the excellent and beautiful memories you had in the past. You can personalize a picture frame and give it to him.

Scribd Subscription

If your guy loves reading books, journals, novels, etc., then surprise him with a Scribd subscription. It offers more than 1 million ebooks, audiobooks, etc., which is perfect for a reader.

VR headset

Interact, immerse, and enjoy the beauty of the virtual world with the help of a VR headset. Everybody loves virtual reality and wants to experience the virtual world. So, you can give your man a VR headset.

Sleeping bags

For a guy who loves to travel and camp, a sleeping bag is a perfect Christmas gift. It keeps you warm and protects you from freezing temperatures.

Premium belt

Give your man a premium belt that matches his personality and style. It will be an unforgettable present for him.

Custom glass

If your guy loves drinking, then you can give him a custom glass especially made for him. Show your creativity with a unique design and caption and give it to your guy.


Give your man a comfortable and stylish jacket as a present this Christmas. Having one or two jackets is a must- mostly for the winter season.


A telescope is a perfect gift for someone who loves to stare at stars and patterns in the night. Let him explore the beauty of the solar system closely by giving him a telescope. 

Pizza oven

For a pizza lover, a pizza oven is a great present. You don’t need to order a pizza from a pricey restaurant. Make a tasty pizza in your kitchen yourself.


Giving chocolate as a gift symbolizes love and friendship, which was started a long time ago and is still going on. So, you can also give your guy a basket full of chocolates this Christmas.


Surprise your guy with a vibrant and cool hoodie this Christmas. Get a couple hoodies and wear it when you are together.

Oven glove

If your guy spends more time baking cookies, pastries, etc., then surprise him with an oven glove. It will protect him from burning his hand. 

Neck massager

A neck massager reduces stiffness, relieves stress, and helps in relaxing. Give your man a neck massager to ease his tension and neck pain. 


Most people dream of keeping an aquarium and observe different fishes inside it. So, if your guy loves keeping fish, then you can give him an aquarium. 


Rather than going to a cybercafe to print documents, having a printer is more convenient. It saves you time and money. So, a printer can also be a good choice for some men. 

Ticket to racing

Most of the guys love racing either be it bike racing or car racing. They dream of watching it live. So, surprise your guy with a one-day ticket to racing and make his dream come true.

Custom Rubik’s cube

Some guy loves challenges and puzzles in life. And, Rubiks’ cube can be the perfect gift for your man if he feels the same about challenges. You can give him a custom Rubik’s cube, which is a fantastic idea. 

Cool firestarter

You might have seen Bear Grylls and other survival instructors on a TV using a unique tool to start a fire. You can give your guy a cool firestarter as a Christmas gift.

Folding pocket knife

A pocket knife is a very versatile tool that is useful in day to day activities. You might need it at any time. So, give him a foldable pocket knife.

Power Banks

It is frustrating when you watch your favorite shows on mobiles, and you get a warning, “Battery Low.” You need to wait for hours for mobiles to charge and continue again. So, give him a power bank and let him watch his favorite shows without any interruption.

Bar kit

If your guy loves to show his special moves when making a cocktail for you, then a bar kit is a perfect Christmas gift for him. It has every tool necessary that a bartender needs. 

Guitar punch pack

Not everyone can play guitar with their finger. Some people need a guitar pick to play the guitar. The guitar punch pack helps to make a guitar pick easily and quickly. 

Garden knife

Garden knife is perfect for a guy who loves gardening. And the Hori Hori knife is the most popular garden knife. So, you can give him one.

Beer making kit

If your guy loves chilling and hanging out with friends on holidays, then you can surprise him with a beer making kit. It is quite handy since it includes all the equipment necessary for brewing beer on your own.


Ease your pain and improve blood circulation with the help of a footrest. Lay back on a sofa, rest your feet on a footrest, and watch Netflix all day. It reduces pain in the legs, thighs, and knees. 


If your guy loves taking sunbath and chill outside the house, then giving a hammock is a perfect Christmas gift. It reduces back pain and promotes sound sleep. 

Drill kit

The drill kit is quite handy for drilling holes, which is rather difficult only with a hammer. It requires strength and techniques to drill holes. But with a drilling kit, you don’t need force. So, give your guy a drilling kit for placing your favorites frames and photos on the walls.

Concert ticket

Your guy must have a favorite artist that he follows and idolizes. So, you can surprise your guy with a concert ticket to his favorite artists. Give him the best experience he has had so far.

Live game ticket

Just like the concert ticket, you can give your guy access to watch a live game. Standing among the crowds and cheering for your favorite team or a player is the best feeling. 

Premium Suitcase

A premium suitcase is perfect for a guy who has to travel outside the city for his work or is a tour guide. It comes with a safety lock to protect your belongings and gives a premium look to the owner.


The apron protects your clothes when you’re cooking and washing dishes. So, if your guy is a chef, then giving him the apron is one of the best gifts ever. 

Custom axe

Give your guy a unique axe for cutting woods. Personalize it with a special caption and design and surprise him.

Tie case

A tie grabs the attention of people and gives you a more professional personality. But, it can be embarrassing if a tie is wrinkled. So, a tie case is a suitable gift as it protects a tie from wrinkles. 


Gather beautiful photos, make a photo album, and give it to your man. A photo album is great for remembering the beautiful memories you had together. It shows your happiest moments, your bitter moments, etc.

Tie clip

Give your man a complete and stylish look by giving him a tie clip. A tie clip helps to align the tie perfectly with your suit and a shirt.

Gifts card

Giving a gift card is a traditional way of wishing someone well and praying for a promising future ahead. It is still one of the best gifts to give to someone.  

Cocktail machine

If your guy loves cocktails and goes to a club every weekend, then surprise him with a cocktail machine. Let him experiment with his own unique cocktail recipes.

Hope this list of “Christmas gifts for men” helped you find the best Christmas present  for your man. This list isn’t just limited to your husband or a boyfriend. This list can be for your father, brothers, and other family members as well. 

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