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101 Hobbies For Men: Ultimate Handpicked List for Men of All Ages

Are you tired of waiting and doing nothing when you have free time? Why not make your boring life exciting and adventurous with some hobbies? Make some time to engage in something that you are dying to do, regardless of your busy life schedules. There are countless hobbies for men like you to make life lively. Just pick one and utilize your free time.

If you’re confused about what to start with, here’s a list below showing the best hobbies for men. We have some fun, adventurous and even hobbies for lazy days when you don’t feel like doing anything. Any man of any age can try these hobbies.

*Disclaimer* Some of these hobbies require strength, so choose wisely.

Fun hobbies for men


If you love capturing life in photos, photography is the best hobby for you. Get out and about so you can snap photos of nature, birds, animals, rivers or even the simplest things at your home. Worried that your photography skills aren’t that great? You can always learn. After all, practice makes a man perfect. You can start by taking pictures for fun through your smartphone and move on to a DSLR camera as time passes by.


Traveling once in a while can be refreshing. You can visit a nearby place or go on a long trip. Just pack your things, gather some friends, or go on a solo trip. Either way, you will enjoy it.  Learn about the different cultures and people around the world.

Martial arts

If you are looking for something that will strengthen your body, martial arts is for you. You can learn martial arts for fun or self-defense, or you can even choose to be a professional martial artist. Join a training center or self-learn. There are enough videos online to get you started.


Dancing is the best way to build bonds and distress. You can show off your cool dance moves if you have some. If not, who cares. Dance like nobody’s watching. Some men are passionate about dancing and practice to be a great dancer. 


If you love singing, then you can pursue it as a hobby. Don’t worry about singing the wrong lyrics, we all do it all the time.  If you are serious, you can be a professional singer- don’t just be a bedroom or bathroom singer.


People love seeing the art of others. They admire and inspire to be like them. If you are one of those people, why don’t you try painting too? Just take a brush and paper and show your creativity. 

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is great for those who love extreme sports and challenges in their life. And the best part- indoor rock climbing centers are opened for rock climbing enthusiasts. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and challenge one another. 


Camping is an excellent gateway from the hustle and bustle of life and to enjoy the beauty of nature. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the sky full of stars, which is impossible to have such a view in a city. Plan for a camping trip with your friends, pack your things, and live in nature for a day or a week.

Hiking and Trekking

Pack your bags and go for a hike or a trek. Walking through valleys, mountains, hills, forests, etc., on foot is breathtaking. Strengthen your legs and core and say goodbye to your blood pressure and heart issues. 


Coaching could be just right for you. If you are good at dancing, singing, sports, etc., you can be a coach. Spread the knowledge, skills, and techniques you have and help other people to make their future bright.


Probably you have played action games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Battlefield, etc., or might have seen action movies and enjoyed the shooting scenes. They are the most epic and jaw-dropping moments. You can try paintball with your friends if you love to experience the same action from shooting games or movies.


Seeing people balancing themselves on a board and riding through the sea waves, we wish we could do it once in our life. Nothing beats the feeling of traveling inside the waves of water. If you are excited just by seeing or hearing about it, why don’t you try surfing?

Pool and Snooker

Pool and snooker are some of the popular indoor games. You can hang out with your friends in a snooker club. Just get out of your home, call your friends, show your tricks, and surprise your friends. 


If you love tackling human-made and natural obstacles in the real world, then try parkouring. It is best for improving bone strength and building core strength. So, train your body by passing the obstacles in your surroundings.


Swimming is a great way to feel the water and keep yourself fit. Jumping, backflipping in water, hanging out with friends and family, having a cool pool party-  there isn’t any better way to enjoy summer than this.


Why don’t you try boxing, instead? You can simply hang a punching bag on your home or garden or join a boxing center and start punching it wearing gloves. It helps to improve your hand-eye coordination, body balance, etc. Not to mention the ease of frustration. 

Learn and play instruments

Learning to play a new instrument boosts your mind while keeping you engaged. Try learning a new instrument and enjoy the music. Just take a guitar, which is the favorite of many people, and learn the chords while sitting on a balcony.


Playing like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, etc., is a dream of many people. If you love watching football, you might enjoy playing it too. Give it a shot. Who knows, you may be the upcoming football star.

Making YouTube videos

YouTube is a great platform to show your talent, connect with billions of people, and earn. You can create your videos and share them on YouTube. Vlogging is the new cool. Shoot traveling videos or your daily activities and connect with billions of people.


Cycling is one of the best sports to feel the air and be a fitness freak. Cycling is fun, it makes you happy, reduces your stress, and is very useful to your health. Recall your memories of childhood and be a kid again.

Producing music

If you love creating lyrics and have knowledge of music, then you can be a music producer. You can connect with various artists, and the fame you get will be astonishing. Understand the art of music and work with different artists to be a music producer.


Everybody wants to be free from the busy life and relax. So, you can rent or buy a boat and go sailing on the sea or even lakes and rivers. Taking sunbath, having fun with friends and family, enjoying the water, sunset, sunrise, etc.- such feelings can’t be described in words.


Bowling is a great sport to train your hand-eye coordination of hitting targets with a ball. It is affordable and is very popular among people. And you don’t need to go with friends to play. But, bowling becomes more lively with friends.


You might have raced with your friends in your childhood. Why don’t you try car racing, bike racing, etc., now? But with safety measures, ofcourse! Zoom you go leaving everybody behind and finish the race.

Skiing and skateboarding

If you love playing with snow, try skiing and skateboarding on the snow. Go to a hill station and learn and show your tricky moves. But, beware of the avalanche-prone zones.

Horse riding

You can try horse riding, as you see in movies and racing. Anyone with basic training can ride a horse. It is not only about having fun; it is beneficial to your body. It improves your posture and strengthens the backbone, muscles, etc.  


Watching Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild is so thrilling. If you love watching survival series and want to experience the same, you can also go on a hunt once in a while. But, remember to go with someone who is experienced. You need to return as well.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a thrilling experience where you can go into the sea’s depth and watch flora and fauna that you have never seen before. The best destinations for scuba diving are Malaysia, Australia, and Indonesia. 

Urban Exploring

If you aren’t afraid of spirits and paranormal activities, you can try exploring different abandoned places. Sound spooky yet you are excited, then definitely give it a try. It is risky since you cannot predict what is waiting for you ahead in the abandoned places. Do not go alone to such areas.


Tennis is a fun sport to play indoor as well as outdoor. If you love watching Roger, Nadal, etc., play tennis, you can try playing tennis. It is excellent for your health since it improves your core strength. You just need to swing a racket; sounds easy, right.


Nowadays, people are into making unique sounds from their mouths, popularly known as beatboxing. You can try it as well. Your vocal skill should be robust to beatbox. Training for 2-3 months is enough to learn to beatbox.

Drone flying

Drone flying has become one of the popular hobbies among youths. Either be it construction or photography, or shootings, they are used in almost every field. You can try flying drones to get high-quality aerial images and videos, but they don’t come cheap. *shrug*

Making films 

You can try making your own short films or full-length movies when you are bored. Good lighting and a camera are enough to make a short film or vines and share them on YouTube. Many YouTubers are sharing their videos and gaining fame and earning. You don’t need to shoot a high-budget movie, just start with something simple.


Rafting is an adventurous activity that involves riding on high-current river waves on a raft. It would be best if you learned the basics to handle a raft and listen to the instructors and friends all the time. You need to be alert every time.

Event hosting

Organize an event or volunteer in one. Events are an excellent place to network and socialize. You could even be an anchor yourself. Standing in front of the crowds and having a fun talk is the best way to eliminate glossophobia (fear of public speaking).

Standup comedy

Standup comedy is an excellent way for a comedian to make other people laugh at your standup comedy. A good sense of humor must not be hidden. If you have the talent to make people laugh with your humorous jokes, you can try standup comedy as a hobby. 

Cool hobbies for men at home


Cooking is a great way to try different foods from a different culture. Surprise your taste bud with new dishes every week. You can join a cooking class or watch tutorials to try new recipes. Surprise your friends and family with your best recipe.


Show the world how well you can write in a niche. Writing a piece of content is excellent for utilizing time. Whether you want to write just for fun or a career is up to you. You need to have a passion for dedicating yourself to writing. 

Learning new languages

Learning new languages is best for connecting with people and while traveling the world. Moreover, it is frustrating not to get movies and series in a language that you prefer. Why wait when you can learn a new language and watch your favorite movies and series without subtitles?


Doing yoga every day keeps you fit and healthy. It is perfect for a hobby to relax your body, mind, and it relieves you from stress and tensions. Doing yoga daily keeps you fresh and gives you the strength to face any mental pressure. 

Weight training/Workout 

If you love strengthening your muscles and bodybuilding, weight training is the best option. It improves your body and gives you a unique personality of your own. You can either join a gym or watch tutorials to workout on your own at home.


Coding is great as a hobby as well as a career. You can learn to code and develop apps and software. There is an abundance of courses online to help you learn to code. Master a programming language and develop amazing apps.

Start a home business.

Why work under someone when you can be the boss? You can start your own home businesses like online coaching, blogging, digital marketing, freelance writing, etc. Most importantly, these businesses don’t cost you a fortune. 

Online classes

Everybody has a talent that they are proud of. You might have some skills and talents. If you have one, why don’t you show your skills and teach your skills to other people online?


Suppose you love researching the story and scientific reasons about the stars, planets, solar system, etc. In that case, you can start an astronomy hobby. You can go outside at night and learn about the stars and patterns in the sky through your telescope.

Grilling and barbeque nights

Barbeque nights are a great way to have fun with friends and families on holidays. Plus, you get good food with some booze. Having smoked foods with friends and family is a great way to spend holidays. 

Stock market investing

You can now easily invest in stock marketing online. You need to know the stock market if you don’t want to lose all your money. Some courses will teach you how to invest in stocks. It’s time to become rich.

Object Restoration

Many people love restoring their broken and old objects, giving them a brand new look. Some people love to fix damaged cars, bikes, toys, rusted items, etc. You can start object restoration as a hobby.


Who doesn’t love movies? Movies are the best way to spend your quality time with friends and family or alone. You can watch movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc., or go to movie theaters. 

Playing with pets

Some people love playing with their pets and training them. So, you can play with your cats or dogs if you have any. Go for a walk to a nearby park with your pets or play catch in your garden.


Craft something using metals in your garage or your garden or open space. It doesn’t have to be something epic and masterpiece. Just learn to craft something small and improve your skills. You can start by cutting a metal first.


People love magic, and it is a great way to utilize time. You can learn magic as a hobby or be a professional magician. Either way, it’s thrilling to surprise people with your magic tricks and spread happiness.

Review gadgets

If you love reviewing gadgets, then reviewing gadgets is an excellent hobby for tech enthusiasts. Gadgets make our work easy, so it is apparent that we get curious about how it functions and what technology is used in them. 

Take paid surveys

Many websites offer surveys that pay you well. So, if you are sitting at your home doing nothing, then taking paid surveys could be the best way to utilize your free time and earn some money to cover your expenses.

Graphic designing

You might have seen unique and unforgettable ads on TV, websites, YouTube, etc., and wonder who and how they made them. Graphic designers are responsible for them. If that amazes you, you can pursue graphic designing as a hobby or a career. Learn and try different tools to be a great graphic designer.


A podcast is a series where experts speak about a particular topic and an event. You can listen to a podcast series, or if you are well-known about a specific topic, you can start your own podcast series. 

Ping pong

Ping-pong is best for improving your hand-eye coordination. And it is readily available and affordable. You don’t need to buy a table, a ball and a racket is enough. You can set up your ping pong table easily at your own home or practice on a wall.


Poker is a card game played at a casino. But you don’t need to go to a casino nowadays. You can invite your friends to your home and have a poker night. Can’t invite them? Play it online.


Sculpting is an excellent hobby to start. You need enough clay to start sculpting. Sketch a design on paper first and start giving it a unique shape- vase, jar, or a statue, anything you want. Spend time crafting sculptures.


Making your own characters and moving them from one place to another is a great feeling. Animaker, Blender, K-3D, etc., are some of the best tools to learn animation.

Decorating home

You can also utilize your free time by decorating your home or becoming an interior designer. There isn’t any better way than designing and decorating your own home or room. Giving a personal touch to the design is the best feeling one can hope for his/her home. 


Make your own goods with the help of leather. You can either make your own bag, purse, mat, etc., with leather. You can take a course which won’t cost you much and start designing unique leather goods. It would be best if you could self-learn by watching tutorials online. 

Paper art

Paper art is a unique hobby where people make a building or an animal or a sculpture or any objects using only paper. People are also pursuing it as a career, not as a hobby. If you want, you can try paper art as well.

Hobbies for men that don’t cost a fortune.

Listening to music

Everybody loves listening to music. It changes your mood and lowers stress levels. Also, you can personalize your music list and hear based on your moods. 

Playing online games

Play online games, record your gameplay and share it on social media, or you can stream your games. Just don’t prioritize gaming over your life and daily activities unless you are a professional gamer.


Utilize your time by reading a novel, stories- anything you love. People can be creative by reading and become a good writer in the future. It empowers us, boosts our memory, helps to calm our body and mind.  


Like reading, writing helps relieve our stress and boosts memory power. Writing lyrics, stories, novels, poems, etc., is a great hobby. For some people, writing is a great way to eliminate their frustration and make their imagination a reality. 

Making videos

Making a video is a great hobby to utilize your free time. People are making tons of money, making YouTube videos, and sharing them online. You can also create exciting videos about your everyday activities, vlogging, reviewing products, singing, dancing, etc. 


You can try dart-throwing as your hobby. It is a cool indoor game where you throw darts on a dartboard and record your points. You can play with friends, challenge one another, take it as fun or be a professional dart player, also known as dartists. 


Fishkeeping is one of the popular hobbies where people keep fish in an aquarium. People imitate the natural habitat of fish and try to make the aquarium suitable for fish to live. If you love fish, then you can keep them in an aquarium.

Proofreading and editing

If you love correcting grammar issues, then you can try proofreading and editing content. You need to have strong communication and grammar skills to be a proofreader or an editor. You need to pay attention to every detail, even minor detail while reading content.

Practicing acts

Acting is something that we have been doing since our childhood. Whenever we need something, we act and convince friends and family for our benefit. So, if you love acting, you can try imitating an act from a movie or a play or go on a reality show and show your acting skills.


Whittling is a process of giving shape to wood using a knife. If you love carving woods, you can try whittling as a hobby. Find wood and cut it with a knife giving it a unique shape. First, learn the basics like handling a knife while carving, then start giving shape to a piece of wood. 

Card tricks

Cards aren’t only made for playing; some learn different tricks and surprise people with their card tricks. Nowadays, cards are one of the main elements for a magician. So, show your card tricks if you have any or learn them when you have free time.

Cap tricks

Like card tricks, cap tricks is another performed by a magician like a pigeon flying from a cap. You can also learn some cap magic tricks or juggle your cap here and there and surprise people. 

Solving puzzles

Solving puzzles aren’t only made for kids; adults also can try it. It helps to train your brain and improves your memory power. You can buy a puzzle or download it online. Some of the famous puzzles are crosswords and sudoku.

Playing chess

Like puzzles, chess is best for strengthening your brain. It is one of the most challenging games. If you are interested in chess, start by learning how each piece moves on a board and then creating unique strategies.

Beard grooming

Beard grooming is one of the hottest trends among youths, becoming a part of the personality and style. Beard gives a man a macho look, so they use different products to take care of their beard. If you love your beard, you can try beard grooming as a hobby and keep it neat and clean. 

Candle making

Candle making is a great hobby. Creating a unique candle is a form of art. It is cheaper compared to most of the hobbies listed here. Why don’t you try making candles with beautiful colors and fragrances?


You can research a topic you love or are curious about at any time. It is always good to know about something in detail that you are interested in. You can easily find information on a topic on Google.  

Stone balancing

Stone balancing as a hobby seems a little unusual. Still, some people think of it as art and love it. They collect rocks and balance them on top of each other. So, you can also collect rocks of different shapes and sizes and balance them vertically. 

Handing social media

Handling social media can be a hobby, as well as a profession. Some people use social media just for fun. Some people are serious about social media and choose it as a career. Social media helps to connect with billions of people and promote a business. 

Best hobbies for retired men


Golfing is one of the best sports played by most retired people to have fun and enjoy among themselves. It remains one of the most popular sports regardless of age. It is expensive, so mostly rich people play it. You can play it either alone or with friends.


Gardening is an excellent hobby for anyone. It shows your affection and love towards the plants. So, pick your tools, plant flowers in your garden, trim the bushes, and make your garden neat and clean. 


Fishing is a game of patience and endurance, so it is excellent for improving your patience level. It is a great way to enjoy and spend quality time with nature and friends. It requires skills and techniques to catch fish and can be expensive depending on people.


Volunteering is a great way to help needy people. Some people can’t even afford basic needs. You can help such people or volunteer yourself to do some social work. Making other people happy, and getting blessings back is a feeling that can’t be described in words. 


Like yoga, meditation helps strengthen your mind, relax your body, and know the true meaning of life. It doesn’t take much of your time- 30-60 minutes daily is enough. The feelings you gather while meditating is out of this world- it cleanses impurities from your body.


Since the stone age, archery has been the primary weapon for hunting and surviving in extreme conditions. But, now it has become one of the popular sports that is even played in the Olympics. It is an excellent sport to try. People take arrows and a bow and hit a target. You can play it anywhere- indoor and outdoor.


Like archery, shooting is a great sport to practice your aim accuracy.  You can join a training center and practice clay shooting. It is excellent for those people who want to show their accuracy and precision in a shooting. We don’t need to tell you about the risk, so you should be careful when handling a gun.


Just like paper art, origami, an unique paper, is an art of paper folding. It is prevalent, especially in Asia. It is so popular that even NASA uses origami to design prototypes. If you love paper art, you can also try origami and give different shapes to the paper.

Coin Collection

Coin collection is one of the oldest and strange hobbies. Even today, many people love collecting coins. They love collecting coins from different countries and different generations. You can make coin collecting your hobby.


Woodworking is the art of creating different things out of wood. From a small shoe shelf to a house, you can make anything from wood. If you are interested, then you can try woodworking as a hobby and show your mastery.

Bird watching

Bird watching an excellent way to know about birds of different species. It is inexpensive. You just need a camera and a binocular to observe birds in their natural habitat. You don’t need to go anywhere far; you can easily watch birds around your home. 


Everybody loves pastries and cookies unless you are on a diet or a diabetes patient. If you love pies, cookies, cakes, etc., you can try baking them. You need a little knowledge to start, which is readily available online. You can try baking when you are bored.

Stamp collection

Like coin collection, stamp collection is one of the oldest hobbies. People have been collecting and storing stamps safely. It is a unique hobby that helps people get knowledge about stamps and different parts of the countries.

Playing mahjong

If you love challenges, then you can try playing mahjong for a change. It is a tile-based game, one among Asia’s most popular. You can try playing it, but it is quite hard to play. You can try learning some basics first and then advance to the next level to slowly master the game. 


Beekeeping is a pleasant hobby to start where people love keeping bees in man-made hives and sell their honey and earn. You can try beekeeping for making money and consuming honey. Initially, it is expensive, and you need to take precautions when keeping bees.


Farming is another excellent hobby unless you are a farmer. Nothing is better than consuming vegetables from your own farm, which is safer and more chemical-free. If you want to start farming as a hobby, you need to know about soil quality first. Then you should decide what to plant and when and how to provide water and nutrients.

Car collecting

If you are a car lover, you can collect cars, not toys, but real cars. It is an expensive hobby, though. It is for wealthy people, and not anyone can collect cars as a hobby. Some people love collecting vintage cars, while some people love collecting modern cars.


You can learn pottery and make beautiful pots that best showcase your skills. Learn pottery and give shape to your imagination and surprise people with your beautiful art. It is excellent to improve your patience level. It is a fun activity for some people, and for some people, it is the only way of fulfilling basic needs. 

Watch collection

Collecting watches is also another great hobby loved by many people. They admire the designs of different watches and love to collect them. You can collect watches and keep them safe or even a  great idea- you can try making your own design.

You don’t always have to sit in one place doing nothing or watch TV every time you have free time. Why don’t you try something new? Why don’t you try picking one hobby from the list above and learning it if you don’t have a particular choice?

No matter how much time it takes to learn, do something that you love. You don’t have to master it. Utilize the time you have and live your life to the fullest. It is better to do something you love than regret it later. 

Hopefully, this list of “hobby ideas for men” helped you. It doesn’t matter what your age is. Just pick one and try it.

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