how to spot a fake luxury watch

How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch?

With the popularity and the demand for luxury watches rising, the counterfeit watches’ market is booming as well. In the hope of making tons of money quickly, the market is increasing seemingly. And, it’s challenging to predict how big the business is currently. 

The duplicate watches are so well designed that it is becoming harder to differentiate them from the real ones. We really can’t blame people who are tricked into buying the replica of luxury watches. The materials, design, technology, and quality are as close as the real ones. That is why it is tough for an average person to spot a fake luxury watch. So, you might be wondering, “How to spot a fake luxury watch?” then.

Only an expert is capable of spotting a fake luxury watch. Still, we will share some tips to help identify whether the watch is fake or indeed a luxury watch. Here are some ways for you to detect the fake luxury watch. 

How to spot a fake luxury watch in 10 simple ways?


Before buying any luxury watch, research about it first. Learn about its quality, designs, materials, and so on to avoid buying a duplicate one. You need to know what a real watch looks like to spot a fake luxury watch. 

The Internet is full of information. Dig it and find every data you can find about the watch. You can easily know the prices, details and see the images of the watch. And when buying the wristwatch, this information will be your primary weapon to spot the fake luxury watch. 

Research and observe the seller

Another effective way to spot a fake luxury watch is to research and observe the seller. No authentic seller will be hasty to sell the watch. Watch the seller closely, and if you find it suspicious, don’t buy the watch. 

Moreover, gather information about the authenticity of the seller. Look for a trustworthy seller or only go to the authentic distributors. Another method is to ask them about the watch, its features, its manufacturers, etc. The chances are that the dealer might hesitate to give details or have insufficient information. 

So, be knowledgeable about the seller and ask the seller crucial questions to spot the fake luxury watch.

Observe the movement of the watch

No matter how much well designed a fake watch is, observe the movement of the watch. It will help you to differentiate between a fake one and a real one. The movement of the dial and the hands sometimes will give you hints about the fake one. 

The real ones have very smooth movements and mechanisms. However, a fake one fails to replicate such actions. They have very rough motions. So, examine the movements of the watch thoroughly and prevent yourself from buying a fake luxury watch. 

Look for the rust and scratches.

Another effective way to spot a fake luxury watch is to look for rust and scratches. But it is highly unlikable to find one. The exterior will be as real as the actual watch. So, it depends on your luck. Rust and scratches are the minor details you can find in any fake watches. 

Moreover, before selling a duplicate one, it is evident that the seller will look after the scratches and fix them. Real ones are made from high-quality materials, so there won’t be any scratches. Still, by any chance, if you find unwanted marks on the watch, don’t buy it. 

Observe the font, spelling, and quality

While observing the watch, watch out for the quality, fonts, and spellings engraved on the clock. Real ones have sharper fonts and use high-quality materials. However, the fake ones sometimes make spelling errors, which can easily be spotted.

Moreover, the fake luxury watch engravings aren’t as refined and polished as the original ones. Plus, you can easily detect the differences in the font’s size, shapes, and styles. You might not see it with your naked eyes. But with a magnifying glass, you can easily spot the difference. Watch out for the placement of fonts, spelling, and its quality to spot the fake one. For this, you need to know about the real luxury watch. 

Feel the weight

Real luxury watches are made from the finest materials, which make them heavier than the normal ones. They are crafted by the best watchmakers who have years of experience. They make luxury watches using premium stuff with excellent detailing. So, while buying a real luxury watch, consider feeling the weight. If it feels much lighter, it might be a fake watch.

Most importantly, it would help if you have a good understanding of the weights. Know what a genuine watch looks like and how heavy it is before buying a luxury watch. 

Look for the serial numbers.

Don’t observe the watch only; look for the serial numbers on the wristwatch to spot a fake one. Designers always use serial numbers to identify each watch they make uniquely. It makes it easier to know about the watch in detail, like the manufactured date.

Real Rolex watches have serial numbers engraved deeply in the metal behind the main body. However, a fake one may or may not have such serial numbers. Even if they have, they are just carved on the surface with an acid or laser. Such falsely engraved serial numbers help you to spot a fake luxury watch.

Ask for the papers

If you aren’t buying a luxury watch from an authentic dealer, ask for the warranty papers and other necessary papers. It prevents you from any trouble in the future. The documents include receipts, manufactured date, ownership, and different histories about the watches. The chances are that you might not get such papers when buying a fake luxury watch. 

Moreover, such papers are strong evidence to prove the purchase. It will help you feel relieved as well. So, it is best to ask for the necessary documents when buying a real luxury watch. Whether you are purchasing it from an authorized dealer or other places, never forget to ask for the papers.

Low price

The luxury watches are expensive. The cost of a real luxury watch easily starts from a few thousands of dollars. If a seller is trying to sell you a luxury watch way below the current market value, then you might be falling into the trap of the seller. The offer is too good to be true. So, make yourself knowledgeable about the market price. 

If a seller is offering you the watch at a low price, then be aware. To avoid such trickery, always buy from the authorized dealer only. 

Consult an expert

If the offer you are getting is too suspicious, then consult with an expert before buying. 

Visit an appraisal and ask for their valuable suggestions. Ask them whether the watch is real or not and about the deal. They will tell you everything about the watch and whether you should accept the offer or not. 

In Conclusion

Buying a real luxury watch from authorized dealers is the only best way to avoid buying a fake one. Still, if you are buying it from somewhere else, then beware. If you have any suspicion, then we recommend you not to buy it. 

Always gather information before buying a luxury watch. Plus, the tips mentioned above will help you on your quest to spot a fake luxury watch and buy a real one. 

Image Credits: Henry Fokuhl from Pixabay 

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