how to train your brain and be smart

12 Sure Ways to Train Your Brain and Become Smart

Have you ever wandered into a room looking for something and spoof you no longer remember what it was? Don’t worry, it happens to us all the time as well.

We sometimes forget what we were looking for or what we were going to do. Sometimes we leave our phone in the restaurant and other times it’s a misplaced purse. The reason for this forgetfulness is related to how our brain works. We workout, exercise, run, play physical games to maintain our physical health. But, what about our brain, our mental health? We easily forget about our brains.

Like you train your body, you need to train your brain as well. Exercising your brain makes your memory stronger, sharper, and free from mental breakdowns. So, how to train your brain to stay focussed and boost memory?

Here are the ways to train your brain

1. Play games that makes you really think.

Many people, when they hear about games, they are like, “Oh, I love playing games.” Most people enjoy playing games as it keeps them entertained. But, did you know playing games makes your brain fit and sharp as well? 

We aren’t talking about just the action games like PUBG, Call of duty, Free Fire, etc. To give your brain some extra workout, try playing games like Chess, Sudoku, Puzzles, etc. These games improve your thinking process, reasoning process, and vocabulary. 

And, thanks to Google Play Store and App Store, you can quickly get these games for free simply by typing “chess, sudoku, etc.” on the search field. Quick tip – search for the terms “train your brain games or train your brain app.” to find some really cool games to boost your brain power.

2. Healthy diet for a sharp mind.

For a healthy brain, maintaining a healthy diet is a must. A healthy diet provides the necessary nutrients for the brain to function correctly. Nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, B9, B1, etc. are right for brain structure. These nutrients are essential for your nervous system, your brain’s growth, and reducing stress levels.

So, include green leafy vegetables, eggs, milk, fatty fish, dark chocolate,  blueberries, etc. in your diet.

3. Sleep! Your brain needs it.

Sleep deprivation affects our thinking and decision-making process. Just like your body needs sleep, your brain also needs rest to recover its energy to function correctly. You feel irritated, annoyed, and stress starts to build up if you don’t get enough sleep. In the end, it affects your reflexes, your daily activities, and the capabilities to think and store information.

The brain functions by sending electrical impulses from the nervous system to your body. Sleep deprivation affects these nervous systems directly. So, you need 7-8 hours of sleep to have a healthy brain.

4. Exercise daily for a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

Exercise doesn’t only help you physically but mentally, as well. Daily exercise helps in the development of nerve cells that are essential for the brain to function correctly. Furthermore, it helps in the growth of muscles and your immunity power.

Research suggests doing exercise improves memory in adults. Doing exercise daily increases your body’s blood flow, improves brain function, and increases memory power and alertness. It helps to lower the risk of cholesterol, heart problems, and depression. 

5. Read more, please!

Many people hate reading because they think reading is boring. However, reading increases your memory, intelligence, IQ, and expands your vocabulary. Reading helps to stimulate brain cells making these cells more matured and stronger. As a result, it boosts your memory and heightens brain function. According to a research, reading reduces the risk of dementia. 

Start reading books to boost your memory. Don’t limit yourself by just reading your academic books. You can dive into the world of fiction, biographies or, anything you love.

6. Keep calm and meditate.

According to research, meditation reduces stress and depression in people. Anxiety and depression are the major factors for the nervous system’s breakdown, high blood pressure, heart attack, etc. And meditation helps to alleviate these risks by protecting your brain cells and calming your body and mind.

You can try meditation if you don’t want to exercise daily (we recommend both, by the way).  

7. Stay away from alcohol and tobacco. 

We all know how dangerous alcohol and tobacco can be but still, people consume them. While consuming them isn’t a problem, excessive consumption can be problematic. 

Research shows that the intake of alcohol and tobacco damage the nervous system. It causes chemical changes and inflammation in the brain. Moreover, they are some of the main reasons for Alzheimer’s. 

You are exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet but at the same time, if you are consuming alcohol and tobacco, you’re gone! The effort and dedication you put into keeping a healthy brain are all wasted.

8. Build relationships. Your friends are your biggest assets. 

According to research, close friends and loving relationships keep the brain healthy. Having close friends and loved ones around you helps to cherish the moment, make you laugh, and forget your problems. Surrounding yourself with people lowers the risk of dementia and Alzheimers.

Additionally, having healthy relationships reduces the risk of depression. So, play, dance, trek, hike, travel, etc. together with the people you know and make new friends to make your brain healthy and stress-free. 

9. Keep learning something new

The brain is a mysterious organ. The brain activates a signal whenever you want to learn something new – your curiosity increases in such a time. So, challenge yourself to learn something new every day.

For instance, when watching a horror movie or a suspense movie, you get curious and overthink the next plot. Your brain focuses on one event during such a time, and your thinking level and analyzing level reach the peak. A new way of thinking and decision making emerges. So, your brain starts to mature and your memory grows more vital when you learn new skills, language, instruments, etc.

10. Don’t multitask. 

Most people love multitasking because it saves time. However, you are hampering your brain’s thinking capacities and straining your brain by doing so. According to research, multitasking kills the productivity and efficiency of the brain.

The brain’s full capacity is unlocked when it focuses on one task. Contrarily, your brain doesn’t function correctly when multitasking because your brain cannot process the information. As a result, the performance of your brain reduces. So, carry out one task at a time.

11. Do not stress yourself out.

Do not stress yourself out as an increase in stress levels stimulates the stress hormone. When stress hormone level increases, the risk of heart attack, blood pressure, etc. increases. Your nervous system gets damaged permanently in the worst case. 

Stress affects the brain cells that are necessary for the brain to function correctly and make rational decisions. You might have seen many people having mental disorders due to depression. Stress affects the brain in such a way that people don’t recall what they are doing. 

In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. So, never let yourself stressed out. If you have any problem, consult with friends and family. Learn to handle a situation.

12. Consult a doctor

There are people, no matter how much they try and train their brain, they fail to improve their memory. They find difficulty in forming new memories and can’t recall anything. Why? They might be suffering from a disease they are unaware of. Many people fail to understand the underlying problems.

Diseases like Dementia, Amnesia, Agnosia, etc. might be affecting your brain to function correctly.  So, consult a doctor if you have a doubt.

Nothing good happens until and unless you give your 100 percent. If you want to keep your mind healthy, train your brain. Train your brain for success if that is the goal in your life. 

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