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Benefits of Cold Shower – Is Cold Shower Really Good For You?

Do you know Spartans? They were one of the bravest and the most feared forces in ancient Greek. Their presence was enough to strike fear in their enemies. But do you know the reason behind their strength? Cold shower. Yeah, you heard that right! They used to take baths with only cold water because they believed it boosted their metabolism and immune system.

Let’s kick Spartans out and talk about you. Have you noticed yourself more active, less stressed, and your body felt light as a feather after a shower? Perhaps, you took a cold shower! There are so many benefits of taking a cold shower that you could even tolerate freezing temperature or hypothermia. 

Let’s understand a little bit more about what cold shower is and the reasons behind its popularity in recent years. Please stick with us till the end to find out how you can benefit from it as well.

What is a cold shower?

A cold shower as its name suggests, is a shower taken with water below 70°F. Yes, below 70 °F. Humans do survive taking a shower in that temperature. 

A cold shower might not be so appealing the way it sounds. It might not be a pleasant experience for most people. Moreover, they would not think twice before claiming it to be a stupid thing to do. And why not? When you can heat water with a single touch nowadays, why go to such lengths to take a cold shower?

Regardless, there are people who still prefer cold showers. And they are definitely not stupid for doing so. Science has proved that taking a cold shower is very beneficial. Let us shed some lights around the benefits of a cold shower for you.

Reasons to start taking a cold shower

Since ancient times, cold showers have been a common thing. We can notice people from previous generations are more active and healthier and live longer than us. Obviously, there are several reasons for their long healthy life, but a crucial reason is a cold shower. 

Cold shower boosts blood circulation and immunity

According to studies, cold showers help to boost blood circulation in the body. The body needs to be at an ideal temperature to function correctly. So, when you take a cold shower, the blood in your veins circulates faster to maintain the body’s temperature. 

Additionally, a cold shower helps increase white blood cells in your body, which are essential to fight against viruses and bacterias. In a sense, a cold shower helps to boost your immunity power.

Cold shower in, fatigue out!

A cold shower is the perfect energy booster. Like said earlier, a cold shower helps to boost the blood circulation in your body. And when blood circulates faster, the oxygen level increases with a decrease in your body’s carbon dioxide level. As a result, it slowly starts to cleanse your body’s impurities that raise your metabolic rate.

A cold shower keeps your body fresh and light throughout the day.

You no longer need “Red Bulls” to energize yourself throughout the day. Ehh? Taking a cold shower daily is enough to make you more energetic.

Trying to lose weight? Cold shower helps.

Good news for those people who are looking for ways to lose a few pounds. Start taking cold showers if you want to burn your fat. 

According to research, taking a cold shower helps to boost your fat cells, mostly brown fat. Brown fat generates heat in your body to burn calories. So, start taking a cold shower for weight loss.

Reduce muscle soreness after a workout with cold shower

Why do you think bodybuilders and athletes always take a cold shower after workout and post games? Taking a cold shower helps to relax muscles. It helps to increase the body’s metabolism that is needed to recover muscles after a workout. 

Furthermore, your body generates more heat when you do physical exercises, and your heart beats faster than usual. During this time, you are more prone to cardiovascular problems due to increasing heartbeat rate. So, taking a cold shower after a workout helps to maintain your body temperature and heartbeat.

Cold shower fights depression

According to WHO, globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. There are various causes of having one and there are several ways to reduce it. And one of them is cold shower therapy.

Taking a cold shower helps raise endorphins levels in the body responsible for relieving stress and pain. Moreover, a cold shower sends an electric impulse to your brain through the nervous system that helps release noradrenaline in the brain. And noradrenaline is known to help in reducing depression.  

Besides these, cold shower therapy increases your willpower and fertility, reduces itchiness from the skin, and keeps your skin and hair smooth and healthy.

When should you take a cold shower?

We often hear people saying you need to take a cold shower before bed for a sound and deep sleep. However, it would be best if you took a cold shower in the morning because it refreshes your body. Everyone has their preferences. Some people say based on facts and some from their experience. 

But, many studies suggest taking a cold shower in the morning and after exercise and a workout is beneficial.

Many people are also concerned about taking a cold shower when you are sick or are down with a fever.  In such cases it is better to stay away from the cold shower as it will take time for your body to warm up and maintain temperature. It can impact your immunity power.

How to get started with cold showers?

Starting right off could be a bad experience for many people. Everything comes down to how your body reacts and adjusts itself to the cold temperature. 

The best option is to start from hot showers and slowly decrease the water temperature. Switch the temperature from hot to cold every 10-20 seconds. Do this until your body adjusts to the changing temperature. Practice this every day until you are ready to take a cold shower right from the start.

Cold shower vs hot shower: which is good?

Which is right for you, cold shower or hot shower? Let’s see.

Like cold showers, hot showers have their plus points.

  • Hot shower relieves stress: A cold shower isn’t the only thing that relieves stress and pain. Hot showers help to relax your muscles, making you free from any stress you had during the day.
  • Hot shower improves sleep: Taking a hot shower before going to bed helps to improve sleep. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system that makes the body numb and tired, giving deep and sound sleep. It relaxes muscles that help to prepare for sleep.
  • Hot shower reduces blemishes: Taking a hot shower helps to minimize any marks you have on your face and body by unblocking the pores. It cleans the dirt from the pores, making your skin fair and healthy.
  • Hot shower relieves respiratory symptoms: If you are suffering from nose blockage, then taking a hot shower helps to clear the nasal passage. Mostly, the steam helps to relieve you from cough, sore throat, etc.
  • Hot shower improves brain health: Taking a hot shower helps in the maintenance and growth of the nerve cells.

Both cold showers and hot showers have their advantages. Unless you are suffering from fever or other diseases, go for the cold water. But again it’s totally up to you to judge which is better when. Take a cold shower and a hot shower, depending on the weather and your health condition. See the above-listed benefits and plan when to take a cold shower and a hot shower accordingly.

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