15 Signs your ex girlfriend still loves you

What if your ex-girlfriend still loves you even after a breakup? You might have moved on with your life after the breakup, but what about your ex-girlfriend? Is she still calling and texting you, bumping into you every time you are out? What if we tell you that these might be the signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you?

Most people move on with their life even after their relationships end. However, not everyone can do that easily. They are stuck in the past. It makes it harder for them to start fresh in their life. Likewise, what if your ex-girlfriend is still stuck in the past and wants you back? 

You might think that she doesn’t care about you anymore. It could be your misunderstanding. You can look for signs that give you hints that she misses you. If you are having difficulty, then here are 15 signs that tell you that your ex-girlfriend still loves you from the bottom of her heart.

Signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you

Bringing up old memories

Your ex-girlfriend brings up old memories whenever you meet her or when she texts or calls you, then she is missing you. She is missing the good old days that she spent with you.  

If she is talking only about you and the time you spent together rather than talking about her current life, then she still has feelings for you. She is reminiscing those memories to remind you that those were the best days of your life with her. She wants to see your reactions and find out if she has a chance to tie the relationships again and be with you. 

If your ex-girlfriend is talking about old memories, you need to understand that this is a sign.

She still follows you online.

You wake up in the morning and see that your ex-girlfriend likes and comments on all your stories, feeds, and photos on social media. If she is following your social media handles and activities online, then it is a sign that she still loves you. She wants to know where you are, how you are doing, and whom you are spending more time with.

Moreover, she isn’t removing you from her friend list, and she is mentioning you in her stories and feeds, which shows that she has feelings for you. 

Following you online, likes and comments on all your photos, stories, etc., mentions you on her feeds, there is no doubt that she still wants you back in her life. She always wants to connect with you. She wants you to notice her and give her a second chance to be in your life.

Jealous when you are with other girls

If your ex-girlfriend is jealous when you are with other girls, she definitely has feelings for you. We all know that jealousy is a part of relationships. If someone is in love with you, it is obvious he/she doesn’t want you to look at others. He/she wants your attention.

You have a new girl in your life, but she doesn’t like her at all. She always talks wrong about her. When you are with another girl, see her facial expression, you will surely see in her face that she is jealous and annoyed. It shows that she doesn’t want anyone to come into your life but her. 

Calling and texting you from time-to-time

Calling and texting once doesn’t mean she still loves you. But if she calls you on every special occasion like your birthday, Christmas, New Year, etc., you can say that she has feelings for you. 

Besides special occasions, she is calling and texting you every day. She is making different excuses to talk to you. You need to understand that these are the signs. 

When a relationship ends, people don’t like to see each other and completely cut off their communication. If that isn’t the case, it means you are special to her, and she can’t forget you. If she is calling you from an unknown number, she wants to hear your voice. If this is happening to you right now, see it as a sign that she wants to patch up with you. 

Showing up where you go

You are going out somewhere, and suddenly you bump into your ex-girlfriend. It might be a coincidence. The next day, the same thing happens. If this continues for a long time, it is a sign that she wants to come back to you. She knows about your favorite places and where you usually hang out. 

Not only at the old places, but you keep running into each other even if you are at a new place, then it can’t be a coincidence. She is definitely following you and wants to see you. She can’t live even a single day without seeing you. She is bringing excuses to keep coming to the same place where you are. It seems like a scene from a movie and now actually happening with you. 

You need to understand that it is also a sign that she still loves you, wants to see you always, and looks for a chance to be with you again. 

Communicating with your friends and family

If your ex-girlfriend is communicating with your friends and family as nothing happened between you two, then she is looking for a chance to patch up with you. Whatever happened between you two might not affect her relationships with your friends and family. She might still be in contact with them.

If you are getting her message like “How are you? What are you doing?” from your friends and family, you need to understand her feelings for you. After the breakup, she might be hesitating to contact you or can’t face you. The only option she has left is to reach your friends and family to know about you.She still has feelings for you, so she indirectly wants to hear from you even if there is a small chance. She is looking for your reply and reaction.

Still single

Is your ex-girlfriend still single even after your breakup? What if she hasn’t moved on with her life? If she isn’t dating anyone, then she remembers you and still loves you. She doesn’t want any other man to come into her life.

It takes years to fill the gap left by someone you love passionately. Likewise, if your ex-girlfriend is still single even after years later, then she still loves you. She has feelings for you, and her memories are filled with you and your love for her. 

Even if you don’t find any signs, sometimes she will deliberately give you signs. Without asking, she will tell you that she is still single or gives you hints. 

Calling you when she is in trouble

You will be the first one on her list to call when she is in trouble. She might have a list of friends and family to depend upon, but she relies on you. You are important to her, so she is calling you first. She has spent her precious time with you, and she knows how caring and helpful you are. Therefore, she trusts you and calls you when she is going through rough times.

She understands you better than others. If she has been calling when she is in trouble, you need to realize that she still loves you. 

Keeps your stuff

Is your ex-girlfriend still keeping your stuff or gifts that you gave her? If she is, then she still has feelings for you. She might be keeping your photos with her. She has kept it with her even after the breakup means she is hoping you might change your mind. 

Most people throw away the stuff after the breakup, not to remember them again in their life. They hate them for what they did. But if it isn’t the case with your ex-girlfriend, then she still remembers you and wants to keep your belongings.

Extends the conversation

Some couples, even after the breakup, keep in touch with each other. Initially, it will just be a casual conversation. It will end in hi, how are you doing, what are you doing, bye, etc. But if your ex-girlfriend is extending the conversation, then she is trying to make up with you.

She is being nostalgic and starting to talk about old memories. She wants to hear your voice and keeps talking with you longer. Suppose she talks about old memories in your little chat, like “do you remember when we..”, then she still has you in her heart. She wants you to remember those happy days when you were together to reconsider your relationships with her.

She keeps coming closer when she is with you.

If your ex-girlfriend still loves you, she will keep coming closer to you when hanging out together. She still has feelings for you and wants your attention. She might get physical, like placing her hands on your shoulder when being friendly, shaking hands, hugging you, etc. These are the signs that tell she still loves you. 

If you don’t have the same feelings, you can tell her you are not comfortable when she comes closer. However, remember not to hurt her feelings.  

Compliments you

Even after the breakup, your ex-girlfriend never misses a chance to compliment you. You will notice that she is talking a lot about you. If you are looking good in your outfits or have a hair cut, she will surely compliment you. She loves to boost the confidence of the man she loves. It is a sign that she is still into you. 


Is your ex-girlfriend ok after the breakup? If she is feeling lonely and is depressed, then she hasn’t forgotten about you at all. She remembers you and has feelings for you. 

Moreover, she becomes an alcoholic to get you out of her mind. But she can’t. She still loves you. Have you ever got a phone call while she is drunk? When she is drunk, she only remembers you. Even if she is not in control of herself; she has you on her mind. And the first thing she does is dial your number to show how she is feeling right now. She shows her love by telling her feelings, taking out her frustrations, sometimes abusing you, etc.

Comforts you when you are upset

Your ex-girlfriend will be the first one to help you when you are in trouble. She knows you and understands you, so she will extend her hands to help you. 

If you are sick, just call her. She will never say no. She will be worried about you. At the same time, she will be more than happy that you called her when you are sick or in trouble. This indicates that she still loves and respects you. She will always be available for you, and you will always find her beside you. 

Ask you about your current love life.

If she takes an interest in your current love life, then she still has feelings for you. Otherwise, it won’t matter to her how and what you are doing in your life. 

She keeps asking about your future plans. She will ask you about your current love life as if she doesn’t care at all. But, she does care. She wants to know if there is any girl in your life. If not, it will give her confidence that she still has a chance to come back to you. 

Whatever questions she asks you, it will give her hints about your life, like whether you have moved on with your life or not. She wants to know if she still has a special place in your life. It is a sign that she is still in love with you.

Besides these, many signs show that your ex-girlfriend is still in love with you. These are the most noticeable and promising ones. If you ever want to know whether your ex-girlfriend loves you or not, look for these signs. You will know it and might have a change of heart to give her a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance to prove themselves. She might be craving to come back into your life.

Hope this list of “15 signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you.” helped you give your relationship a second chance.

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