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How to Open a Bottle Without Bottle Opener Like a Pro

Let’s face the truth. How often have we been in a situation, when we can’t find our silly little bottle opener?

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s more than I can remember. Every time, I grab a beer from the fridge, my bottle opener hides somewhere.

Due to this, I started opening my beer with my teeth. It looked really cool in front of my friends. Every time I open a beer with my teeth, they would look impressed and praise my strong teeth.

Then I started opening my beer with my teeth more often, even my opener was few inches away. But one day, I accidentally hit the gum of my teeth with the cap, while opening a beer.

Oh boy, it hurt so bad and my mouth was all bloody, that I had to go to the dentist next day. That day I decided – I will never use my teeth to open beer bottle again.

I thought maybe there is a better way to open a beer without a bottle opener. I researched in internet and off course, there was a lot of it.

Using those research, I had done, inspired me to write this article so that I can help fellow readers like you. I want to pass you this valuable skill of opening a beer bottle without using bottle opener.

Be prepared to be that guy to whom people will look and say – WHOAA MANNN. Here are the mind blowing ways to open a beer bottle without bottle owner.

1. Open Bottle with Lighter

This is one of my favorite trick to open a beer bottle. I bet some of you have heard about this or seen people do it. You can buy a lighter for 99 cents. If you are smoker, I bet this will be your favorite trick.

Here’s the trick to turn lighter into bottle opener.

Hold your beer with one hand at the neck. Make sure that you have a nice tight grip and put your thumb right below the edge of the cap, so that you can hardly fit a lighter between the cap and your thumb.

With your other hand, push the lighter down as if it’s a pry tool making your thumb knuckle as fulcrum. Then pop that bottle. You may also use your index finger as leverage.

One thing to note is that, it’s not as easy as it looks. If you just push the lighter straight down, the lid won’t come out easily, but will just hurt your finger. The trick here is that not to push the lighter straight but rather scoop it out by pushing the walls of the lid out ward.

But be careful, you may hit someone with the lid.

2. Open Bottle with a Key

This one might is not as easy as it sounds. It needs some practice at the beginning but is very handy because you often have a key lying around. Normally I use car key or my bike keys as they are slightly longer and stronger.

To open a bottle with a key, tightly grab the bottle near the lid with your left hand if you are righty (or with right hand if you are lefty). Squeeze it hard then put the key under the lid and twist it.

If it does not open easily, turn the bottle and repeat this process of squeezing neck of bottle with one hand and twisting the key with other hand.

And it comes right off. easy peasy. But generally I don’t recommend doing this unless absolutely necessary. You might actually damage the key or break it sometimes, if you don’t do it properly.

So may be use some an unwanted key or a spare one rather than your real car key for practising.

3. Open a Bottle With a Countertop or edge of the table

This one is the easiest way to open a bottle without bottle opener. But this method might damage the surface of the table or could make some scratch.

If you got some balls to do it, you will need a flat surface like countertop or edge of the table. Put your bottle against table so that the bottom of the cap just touches the edge of the table corner.

This way the edge of the table will act as the fulcrum. Then use your other hand to smack the cap of the bottle at the edge so that the cap pops open.

Make sure you hold your beer with a strong grip otherwise you might spill the beer on your leg. You don’t want that do you?

4. Use Spoon to open a Beer Bottle

Don’t underestimate the power of spoon. It’s not just for putting the food in your mouth, you can open a bottle or any bottle with it.

To open a bottle with spoon, tightly hold the bottle at the neck, near the cap. You will need to use the strong spoon for this trick and off course a strong grip.

Insert the front side of the spoon between your hand and cap of the bottle. The trick here is to use spoon as a lever like any other method here and your thumb as fulcrum of that lever.

Then push your spoon down so the lid is forced to come outward and pop.

What are you waiting for? If you are reading this article about to pop a beer at home, go grab a spoon and come back. I can wait.

5. Open a Beer Bottle with Ring

You are married? Good. Show them your ring like a magician about to do a trick.

Hold your bottle at the center with the hand that does not have ring. Then, place your ring finger over the bottle and insert the edge of the ring right underneath the bottom of the cap.

Your ring is going to act as the fulcrum while your arm is going to act the lever.

Once everything is fixed, pull the cap outward and you will be able open a bottle with a ring. How cool is that? Why need a bottle opener, when you have a ring. right?

Well, if you are recently married, I guess you don’t want to scratch that precious ring, right? No hard feelings for those people who are married for long time.

In Conclusion

It’s always a good idea to learn some new skills. Who knows when you might need it? If you got some balls, try these alternative method to open a bottle and impress your friend.

When they ask, “Where did you learn this?”, Refer them this article. Or if you want to do it now, you can share this article on your facebook or twitter or any other social media you want.

Let me know over the comments, what do you think of these tricks and if you were successful to open your bottle without bottle opener.

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