how to whistle with your fingers

How to Whistle With Your Fingers?

Ever tried whistling with your fingers and failed miserably? It is easy to whistle without fingers. But, the same cannot be said with fingers. Many men may disagree with this statement. Still, some men can’t do it. While it might not sound much helpful, you may never know. Either you want to grab someone’s attention or call someone, it comes in handy.

Some men are pretty fascinated with whistles. They always want to learn how to do it with their fingers but never succeed. You might also have friends who whistle very loud. It’s impressive, right. And if you want to learn it too, don’t worry. We will help you. It’s super easy. 

You might fail numerous times, but you will be able to whistle with your fingers in no time. You just need the practice to master it. It is a cool skill to learn. 

So, are you all set to learn how to whistle with your fingers? Let’s start then.

How to whistle with your fingers in 4 simple steps?

Finger combinations

First, you need to learn the finger combination before proceeding to the next step. Without the correct method, you won’t progress at all. You will be inhaling and blowing the air through your mouth and nothing much. 

However, make sure that your fingers are trimmed and clean. You don’t want germs to enter your mouth and make you sick. 

While there are several finger combinations, we will be showing you three different ways to do it: One finger, Two fingers, and Four fingers.

One finger 

Whistling with one finger can be quite challenging. However, if you get the gist of it, you will be able to whistle easily. As its name suggests, you need only a finger. It can be either your index or middle finger. Whichever hand you prefer depends on you. 

Two fingers

In two fingers, you bring your index finger and thumb close to each other and touch your fingertips. It should be like a “O” shape. Simply saying, make it like how you say OK with your fingers. 

Four fingers

In a four-finger combination, you use the index and middle fingers from both hands. 

Put your index and middle fingers straight. They should touch each other. Do you know how to make a gun shape? Yes, make it like a gun sign. It applies to both hands. Once you do that now, bring them together and make an “A” shape. Your middle fingers should touch each other.

These are the finger combinations that people normally use to whistle. Whistling with one finger is a bit difficult, so people prefer the other two. 

From here on, the remaining procedures are the same for every finger combination. So, find one that suits you best. 

Lips placement

So, let’s talk about lips placement. First, make your lips wet. You can use your tongue or lip balm, or water. 

Every time it might not be possible to get water and lip balm, so it is best to use your tongue to make your lips wet. Now, bring your lips back and tuck it to the teeth. Cover your teeth with your lips. This way, your whistle will be louder and smooth. 

Tongue and fingers placement

Now, roll your tongue back and touch your teeth gently. 

Or, you can also take the support of your teeth to hold the tongue rolling until you push it with your fingers. 

In one finger combination, bring your index finger on either side of your mouth. Now, push the tongue back inside your mouth with your finger. Your finger should touch the underside of your tongue. And with your lips, tightly press the index finger so that air doesn’t pass easily. 

Remember to open the other side of the lips to let the air pass when blowing. 

In two fingers combination, push the tongue back inside the mouth with your “O” shaped fingers. Your fingers should be underneath your tongue. Close your mouth and press the fingers with your tucked lips. Ensure that air passes only through the gap of your fingers, not through the side of the lips.

In the four fingers combination, the process is the same as the two fingers. The only difference is that you will be using index and middle fingers to push the tongue back into the mouth. 


Now, inhale air and blow hard. Don’t overexert yourself if you don’t want to get hurt. Take breaks from time to time. Once your breathing is normal, try again. You might not hear loud sounds right away. But, slowly, you will be able to. 

Practice until you hear a loud sound. 

If it is not going the way you want, before blowing hard, first, check whether the air is passing through the gap of your fingers or not. Blow gently and make sure that the air isn’t going through the side of your lips. You need to seal your mouth tightly so that nothing goes wrong while whistling. It is a common mistake that many men make.

However, don’t do this continuously if you are a patient with asthma and other breathing problems. You don’t want to complicate things. 

Besides these, people like to show their skills and creativity. They bring different methods and use different finger combinations other than those mentioned above. Surprisingly, they do it perfectly. Once you are able to do one combination successfully, you can create your own technique and shock other people. It will be exciting to see other’s reactions.

In Conclusion

This is how to whistle with your fingers. It is easy, right. You just need to find the correct finger combination and practice. Still, it doesn’t mean other processes aren’t important. They are equally crucial. If you miss one, then you won’t be able to whistle. 

You just need to remember the process:

  • Find the best finger combinations.
  • Make your lips wet and tuck back to your teeth.
  • Roll your tongue and push it back into the mouth with your fingers.
  • Inhale air, then blow through the gap of your fingers.

Not just one, you can use any finger combination. Keep practicing and adjusting until you are comfortable and able to hear the whistle. However, do it only when you have free time. Don’t start it anywhere. Don’t create problems for other people. 

That being said, have fun whistling.

Image Credits: C Technical from Pexels

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