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How to Throw Darts: Guide for Beginners

How to throw darts? Is it easy?

Throwing darts looks easy, but in reality, it is challenging. However, once you know its basics and techniques, it will be easier for you to throw darts. You will start to aim and toss like a pro and get used to it in no time. 

Have you ever seen a professional throw darts? It looks so easy and smooth, right. Seeing them, you might have bought yourself a dartboard out of curiosity. And now, you are throwing darts, but they aren’t going the way you want. You are unable to hit the bullseye and sometimes not even the dartboard. You are hardly getting any points. Until you know how to aim, you won’t be successful in throwing it the right way. 

Besides, throwing darts is an interesting sport to play with friends for fun. Party, gathering, picnic, etc., are places where you can play and challenge each other. However, you need to understand its basics and rules even if you are playing just for fun or planning darting as your career. You should know about stance, position, grip, aim, and so on. Most importantly, consistency, accuracy, and techniques matter a lot. 

So, how to throw darts, and what are the techniques to master the game?

Let’s start this guide to throw darts with some basic rules. 

Basics and rules

When you throw darts, the distance between you and the dartboard should be 244 cm or 8 feet exactly. In an official match, the dartboard is hung 173 cm or 5ft 8″ from the floor to the dartboard’s center or bullseye.  

The line from where you throw is known as the throw line or the oche. 

But, how do you calculate the points? 


Each player has 501 points at the beginning, which is the standard point in this game. Each player takes turns to throw three darts at a time.

The bull’s eye is worth 50 points, and the outer green circle is worth 25 points. The double ring area will give you double points. So, when your darts hit that region, you should multiply by two with the given number on the dartboard. Similarly, the triple ring area will triple your points. You multiply by three with the given number on the dartboard. 

Now, the main question: how to win the game? Each time the player earns points, the points are deducted from 501. This way, the first player to reach zero wins the match. However, in the end, you need to hit the double point to make your score zero. 

These are some of the basic rules you need to keep in your mind. Isn’t it interesting?

Note: Never step your feet over the line.

How to Throw Darts With Precision: Stance, Grip, and Throw

Stance and Position

Now, let’s learn about the stance and position. Each player has their own style to stand. They position themselves to stabilize their body and be calm as much as possible. 

There are three ways to stand: side style, diagonal style, and front style.

Side style

In this style, you should stand sideways on the throwing line, facing the dartboard. Your feet should be parallel to the throwing line. 

Diagonal style

In this style, your feet are faced diagonally to the throwing line. This style is the most popular stance. 

Front style

In this style, your feet and body should be facing the dartboard. You need to practice a lot in this stance since it is one of the most challenging poses to master. 

stance types

Grip and Aim

Talking about the grip, there are four different types of grip. 

Two fingers grip

To learn this grip, first, place the dart on your index finger. Now, hold the dart with your thumb from above. It might not give the best control you want; however, it depends on your practice. 

Three fingers grip

The most popular and comfortable grip is the three fingers grip. It gives you the best control when aiming and throwing the dart. Like two fingers grip, place the dart on your index finger and hold the dart with your thumb from above. Then, support the dart with your middle finger. 

Four fingers grip

In this grip, place your dart on the index and middle finger. Now, hold the dart with your thumb from above. Then support the dart with your ring finger. 

Five fingers grip

This grip is the same as the four-finger grip. The only difference is that you will be using all your fingers in this grip. 

After you have found your best grip, stand firmly on the throwing line. Be calm, ease your body, and aim straight on the dartboard. Never lose your focus while aiming and throwing the darts. Most of the players close their one eye to aim precisely. Right-handed players grip the dart with their right hand and close their left eye for aiming. In contrast, left-handed players grip the dart with their left hand and close their right eye. 

Throwing the Darts

After you have positioned yourself and gripped the dart, it is time to release the dart. Before releasing the dart, you need to know the techniques of throwing. 

The releasing techniques include pull-back, release, and follow-through. 

Pull-back technique

First, stand straight and keep your shoulders still before releasing the dart. Now, pull-back your elbow to 90 degrees and keep it that way. Keep your grip firm and slightly upwards before releasing. Bring the dart to your eye level. Then, aim at the dartboard.

Most of the time, players make the mistake of pulling back their whole arm before releasing. Doing this will only disrupt your position and accuracy. And don’t try to make any fancy moves. 

Release technique

Now, flick your wrist when releasing the dart. Just use your wrist and elbow. Never move your whole body when throwing. Keep your body still and only launch your wrist and elbow. Flicking your wrist will boost the speed of the dart more accurately.

Follow-through technique

The most important when releasing the dart is your follow-through. If you are launching your whole body during and after the release, you will lose your accuracy and disbalance your form. As a result, the dart will lose its speed. 

Maintain the position of your body and elbow for a few seconds after releasing the dart. Let your arms flow in a throwing motion. Smooth follow-through will contribute to better consistency and accuracy.

Some points to remember

Here are some basic things you need to keep in your mind.

  • If you miss the dartboard, you will not get any points. 
  • You won’t get any score if you hit your last dart and it falls on the ground. However, the previous dart points will remain as it is.
  • You won’t get any points if you step over the line. If you are playing with your friends just for fun, then you can ignore it. But the same can’t be said in a tournament. It will be recorded as thrown with zero points. You can lean your body as long as your feet are on the throwing line.

In Conclusion

Throwing darts is a fun game to play once in a while. However, if you want to master the game, you need practice. Practicing consistently and hard work are the keys to conquering this game. Most importantly, find the grip that suits you best. 

Moreover, mental fitness is also a part of this game. You need to be in control of yourself to master this game. Practice and hone your skills. Play safely and enjoy.

Image Credits: Tim Bastian from Pixabay

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