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How To Be Persuasive And Get What You Want- The Art of Persuasion

Persuasion is the art of influencing people, a way to convince someone. Some people are so persuasive that they can get what they want. They can easily persuade someone instantly. But, how to be persuasive like them? Have you ever thought about it?

It is a great skill that everyone should possess. Without possessing this skill, surviving in this competitive world can be somewhat challenging. Whether you want to persuade your parents for a brand new bike or convince someone to help you, your persuasive skills matter much. 

So learn the art of persuasion. It dramatically affects your success in your life. And here are 13 practical ways to master your persuasive skills. 

How to be persuasive?

Have confidence in yourself first

Everything starts with you. Have confidence in yourself first. If you don’t trust yourself, then how can you convince others to believe you? If you don’t think that you can persuade others, it won’t go the way you want. The moment you feel such negativity, you have failed even before trying.

So, believe in yourself and start what you plan to do confidently. 

Learn about others

Gather information about the people you are trying to persuade. Know their pain points before trying to convince them. If you are unaware of their problems and needs, then you can’t offer anything to them. As a result, they won’t listen to anything you say. Even if they listen to you, their answer will be no. 

You are persuading someone because you want something. Like you, he/she also desires something. So, know their needs, then propose an offer that they can’t deny. 

Plan and prepare yourself

Now, prepare yourself once you know their needs and demands. Plan what you can offer them. Note down people’s needs and problems, simultaneously writing down the solutions you can offer them. 

Make yourself valuable to them. Be the one who can only solve their problems and fulfill their needs. Make them believe that. And for that, you need concrete plans. You should make plans that are sure to be successful. 

Connect with people

Connect with people you want to persuade. How you communicate with other people is a skill which you should focus on. Communication skill matters a lot when convincing someone. 

Most importantly, most people quickly get influenced emotionally. If possible, use emotional appeal along with the logical argument. Give examples that support your logical arguments, like a case study. Research on case studies and explain to them what you found. The conclusions should prove your points to convince them. So, research about people before connecting with them.

Never depend on assumptions.

Depending on assumptions is not at all recommended. Let’s say you are convincing someone based on your beliefs. What if the person you are trying to persuade has another problem? At this point, you can’t convince him/her. Instead, do your research, which is better than regretting later.  

Better than depending on assumptions, back up your words by facts. People want real solutions, not fictional ones that don’t align with reality. So, never rely on assumptions.

Avoid complex messages

The message you are trying to convey to people should be understandable. Your points should hit the target. Meaning, it should address the problems and be clear and straightforward. Even a beginner should get the message clearly. 

Let’s say a government officer asks you for a laptop, then as a salesperson, is it appropriate to speak about RAM and other technical terms? No, he/she won’t get anything. Instead, saying about its warranty, versatility, etc., will make him understand. So, it is best to know to whom you are talking. Then, negotiate with him/her in a language that he/she can understand.

Always avoid complex messages. 

Body language is crucial.

Body language impacts your persuasion skill, so focus on your body language, as well. You don’t want the listeners to perceive you as an incapable person. Rather, make them believe that you are confident. 

When you’re convincing someone, not only do they focus on your ideas, but also on how you are presenting your ideas to them. They observe how focused you are. Moreover, they look at your facial expressions, eye contact, hand movements, body movements, etc. Whether you are confident or not can be noticed in your body language.

So, your body language is very crucial when persuading someone.

Focus on your tone and voice

Adjust your tone and voice when convincing someone. You can’t say, “Buy our products. Be my partner.” right away in someone’s face. You can’t achieve anything this way. You need to watch your tone. 

Your tone, vocal power, and pace also impact when persuading someone. Attract the listeners to your voice. Focus on your voice quality so that the message is conveyed clearly to the listeners.  

Try not to be rude. Most importantly, improve your communication skills. Your main aim is to convince them, solve their problems and needs. So, be positive, clarify everything confidently, rather than being aggressive and impolite.

Compliment and appraise people

If you want to gain what you want, you need to know how to compliment and appraise people. Appraising people for their achievements and good work boost their confidence. As a result, they will give their best to achieve their personal goals as well as your objectives.

Praise and compliment a person to motivate them. Efforts and hard work count, even if they fail. Please encourage them to give their 100 percent. Otherwise, they will underestimate your abilities.

Create excitement and urgency in people

One of the essential factors to win people’s hearts is to create excitement and urgency in them. Everyone wants their needs and problems to be solved as quickly as possible. If you make them believe that you can solve their problems, you can easily convince them. 

Moreover, you need to create a sense of urgency in people. The solutions or products you are offering should be unique, useful, and, most importantly, scarce. Scarcity makes people act quickly. It is an effective tactic you can see everywhere. For example, 11.11 sales, Black Friday sales, etc. 

So, let your listeners know that the offer you are proposing will be gone forever if not accepted as soon as possible. This way, you will attract people with your ideas, views, solutions, and products. 

Provide proof 

Without proof, you can’t convince others. No one will be willing to take your offer or believe you. So, first, look for the facts and evidence to back up your arguments. 

It isn’t only about you. Everyone looks for the benefits before starting or accepting something. And without any proof or facts, no one will believe you. If you have any real stories or case studies to show, please do so to make the situation favorable. Or you can present data and graphs to convince the listeners. 

Prove that you are right and convince the listeners that you can produce the expected results. 

Offer fewer choices

In the end, leave fewer choices to make it easier for listeners to make their decisions as soon as possible. Offering more options will only create confusion, and the listeners might not decide what to do. Don’t provide unnecessary options, they can be the reasons to reject you.  

Offer fewer choices to the listeners along with the benefits. 

Gain trust

The most significant factor when persuading someone is gaining people’s trust. Everything up to now, including learning about people, making connections, focusing on tone, and so on, is a step towards gaining people’s trust. Without any faith in you, people will not work with you or take your offer. 

Would you work with someone or like someone who you don’t trust? Obviously, no. Therefore, to convince people, you need to make them like you and trust you. So, be friendly, polite, offer realistic solutions, and gain their trust. 

In Conclusion

The one you are trying to convince is also a human like you. So, research about them and plan what you can offer them. Most importantly, don’t forget about improving your communication skills. Communication is the key to persuading someone. 

Master the art of persuasion with these tips. 

Image Credits: fauxels from Pexels

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