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Best Beard Oil For Real Men – Everything You Need to Know About Beard Oil

Are you growing a beard? If you are, then which do you think is the best beard oil? Growing facial hair has become a sensational trend for men in recent years. It makes a man mature, masculine, and gives them a refreshing look. Moreover, it enhances their looks, making them more charming and attractive. Besides, some people follow celebrities. That is why most men want to grow facial hair. 

Whatever the reason may be, the essential thing comes after you decide to grow facial hair. Yes, and that is taking care of it. Otherwise, it leads to itchiness, rashes, and irritation. Luckily, there is a solution just for that. And that is beard oil. It makes your facial hair shiny, healthy, and strong. 

You might be wondering and have tons of questions right now, like, What is beard oil? How do you use it? Which is the best one? Don’t worry. To help you, we have explained everything you need to know about it. So, let’s get started.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil, as its name suggests, is a grooming product for men to make their beard strong, soft, silky, and most importantly, nourish it and the skin underneath it. In simple terms, it moisturizes your facial hair. 

It provides necessary nutrients, hydrates, and protects your facial hair and surrounding hair follicles, making it stronger than ever. With the help of science and technology and natural ingredients, it has come a long way since its creation. Now, it is more refined and advanced. 

Why should you use it?

Besides making your facial hair strong, healthy, and shiny, beard oil has many benefits.

  • Protects your hair from breaking and brittleness: It provides nutrients straight to your hair follicles and protects your hair from breaking and brittleness.
  • Moisturizes your beard and skin: It keeps your facial hair healthy and protects your skin from rashes, itchiness, and allergies.
  • Makes your beard manageable:  If you don’t take care of your facial hair, it will tangle and become harder and fragile. However, beard oil nourishes it, making it more smooth and manageable.
  • Prevents dandruff: Dandruff occurs when your facial hair becomes too dry and it doesn’t get enough nourishment. But, beard oil prevents that from happening.
  • Releases pleasant fragrance: Most beard oils release a lovely scent that lasts long. It provides you with a fresh and clean feeling. 

When to use it?

It is appropriate to use beard oil when you have long and thick facial hair. Once the facial hair is thick enough to cover the facial skin, you need to start using beard oil. Still, there aren’t any rules that say you need to start using oil when your beard is this much longer. The moment you decide to grow facial hair, you need to consider using the oil that suits you.  

Furthermore, consider the following points that will give you hints about when to use it.

  • You can use it at any time. Still, it is best to use it after a shower or washing your face. Then, dry your facial hair entirely and apply it. 
  • Try to avoid applying it directly to your facial hair when it is full of dirt and sweat. 
  • Use it when your facial hair looks dry and fragile.

How to apply it?

Applying beard oil to your facial hair is very simple. Just take a few drops of oil as needed on your hand. It completely depends on how thick and long your facial hair is. Now, rub it on both your hands and slick your fingers evenly in your beard. Massage your facial hair and skin gently with your hands. 

You need to make sure that it is applied to your facial hair thoroughly. Move upward from the underside of your beard to apply oil entirely. Use more oil if you need it. After that, you can comb your facial hair if you like. 

How much to apply it?

It entirely depends on your beard’s thickness and length. Still, if you want to know, here is a simple guide:

  • If your facial hair has just started to cover your skin, then two to three drops are enough. 
  • For a medium-sized beard, four to six drops are appropriate.
  • For a long and thick beard, seven to eight drops are enough.
  • However, if your beard is too long and thick, then it would be best to take eight to ten drops first and apply it. You can use more oil if you need it.

Remember, first, take a few drops and apply. Take more when needed. This way, you won’t end up using more than the required amount. You will save more. Furthermore, your facial hair won’t look too oily. 

Alternatives to buying it

There are alternatives to buying beard oil as well. If you don’t want to use it, then you can go for natural oils. You can also use different shampoo and conditioners since they are made to make your hair strong and healthy. Still, you need oil since, after a shampoo, your facial hair will look dry. So, it is best to use it.

You can also use cream for your facial hair.

Even better, you can make your own oil at your home. This way, you don’t have to buy one for your facial hair. Moreover, it is a safer choice and chemical-free. 

If you are going for it, there are some points you need to consider. Choosing the best one depends on your decision, but you need to watch out for these factors:

  • Hair type and thickness: We already have said this earlier, it depends on your hair type and density. Beard oil working for a hair type might not work for others. So, consider this factor before buying one.
  • Skin: Everyone has different skin types. Some people have sensitive skin. One can suffer from itchiness, rashes, etc. In this case, go for oil that is suitable for your skin. If possible, go for natural oil.
  • Quality: We don’t need to say this, but go for quality oil. Low-quality oils might have harmful chemicals that can damage your facial hair and skin. So, think twice before buying a low-quality one.
  • Effectiveness: While buying, look for the efficacy of beard oil. The one you chose, is it right for your facial hair? Will it work exactly like what you want it to do? Consider these before buying. Oil should be effective and useful for you.
  • Ingredients: If you are looking for a chemical-free and natural one, then go for it. You can check the ingredients and make your decision wisely. It shouldn’t affect you negatively afterward.  
  • Scent: If you love pleasant fragrances in oil, then you are welcome to choose one.
  • Price: Last but not least, look for affordable beard oil. If it is within your budget, go for the high-quality one. But, it doesn’t mean that the low prices aren’t worth it. Low prices are also as effective as high-priced ones. It’s just that high-quality ones meet the safety standards. In the end, your budget plays a crucial role in choosing the best one.

10 best beard oil for men

If you have decided to buy one, here is a list of the best beard oil for men that are great and worth using. 

Jack Black Beard Oil

Jack Black Beard Oil

Get this amazing beard oil from Jack Black. Created from certified organic natural oils, antioxidants, and vitamins, it is great for your facial hair and skin. It protects your skin from irritation and dryness. Moreover, the natural and essential oil makes your facial hair shiny, healthy, hydrated, and soft. 

Furthermore, it is lightly scented, which gives you a pleasant fragrance. Plus, it is fused with Kalahari melon oil and marula oil that constantly hydrates your facial hair and protects your skin from itchiness and rashes. Also, it is dermatologically tested, making it suitable for sensitive skin. 

Some other notable features:

  • Brown algae, vitamin E, and carrot extract protect your facial hair from split ends and brittleness.
  • Plum oil promotes healthy and shiny facial hair. 
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Customer ratings: 4.7/5

Check out Jack Black Beard Oil on Amazon.

Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil

Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil

Hawkins and Brimble Beard Oil compromises natural ingredients that nourish your facial hair entirely. Argan oil and shea butter in it help to fight against dryness in your beard. Moreover, it keeps your beard strong, soft, and thick. And everybody loves it if their hair is shiny and silky. 

Furthermore, the natural oils help to treat split ends, making your facial hair even stronger and healthy. Fight against dullness and frizzy hair with the help of this oil. You won’t be disappointed with its effectiveness if you go for it. 

Customer ratings: 4.5/5

Check out Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil on Amazon.

Bulldog Men’s Original Beard Oil

Bulldog Men's Original Beard Oil

Bulldog Men’s Original Beard Oil is one of the best oils suitable for all facial hair types. It is full of natural ingredients like aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea, which are some of the best elements for making your facial hair healthy and soft. Besides, these ingredients perform exceptionally well for irregular and uneven facial hair. 

Moreover, this beard oil contains moisturizing and softening properties that continuously hydrate and boost your facial hair’s glossiness.

Some other notable features:

  • Non-oily
  • Fast absorbing
  • Cruelty-free
  • No artificial colors
  • Harmful chemicals-free
  • Customer ratings: 4.5/5

Check out Bulldog Men’s Original Beard Oil on Amazon.

The Outlaw Badass Beard Oil For Men 

The Outlaw Badass Beard Oil

The Outlaw Badass Beard Oil is really the badass oil you could buy. With its natural oils, not only it makes your hair shiny and soft, but it promotes healthy hair growth, making your facial hair stronger and thicker. It is 100 percent natural and is suitable for all types of facial hair. And not to mention its sweet tobacco, black pepper, and vanilla scent that release a pleasant aroma. 

Furthermore, it repairs split ends and continuously hydrates your skin, preventing rashes and itchiness. Plus, this oil eliminates dandruff. Use this beard oil to make your facial hair healthier, stronger, and manlier.

Customer ratings: 4.6/5

Check out The Outlaw Badass Beard Oil on Amazon.

Duke Cannon Beard Oil

Duke Cannon Beard Oil

Duke Cannon beard oil is another oil that should be on your list. Made from natural and organic ingredients, this oil strengthens the hair follicles. Even amazing, it contains Budweiser beer, which is best for making your hair smooth, sturdy, and healthy. And its cedarwood scent gives you a nice fragrance all day long. 

It is made to work on even the hardest beard. With its natural ingredients and beer, it works as a moisturizer and conditioner for your facial hair. Get that silky and shiny beard with the help of this oil. 

Customer ratings: 4.8/5

Check out Duke Cannon Beard Oil on Amazon. 

Ricki Hall’s Booze & Baccy Beard Oil by Captain Fawcett 

Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy Beard Oil

Ricki Hall’s Booze and Baccy beard oil is full of rich and complex ingredients that boost hair growth and glossiness on your facial hair. A mixture of top notes spice from the bay rum tree, and zesty orange releases a burst of sweet scent that gives you soothing feelings.

Moreover, Ricki Hall’s Booze and Baccy beard oil contains fresh tobacco leaves, maple-like benzoin, dusty aromatic frankincense, warm exotic vanilla bean, and woody oakmoss that boosts the sweet fragrance. 

Customer ratings: 4.4/5

Check out Ricki Hall’s Booze & Baccy on Amazon.

Billy Jealousy Devil’s Delight Beard Oil

Billy Jealousy Devil's Delight Beard Oil

Made with natural ingredients like sunflower, sweet almond, and avocado oil, Billy Jealousy Devils’ Delight beard oil is best for all types of beard. It nourishes, moisturizes, and strengthens your facial hair. Plus, it protects your skin from itching and flakes. Moreover, it protects the beard shaft. 

It is also blended with black pepper, lavender, orange, vanilla, sandalwood, and coffee that releases a lovely scent. 

Use this oil once or twice a day to fully exploit its effectiveness and get excellent results. 

Customer ratings: 4.6/5

Check out Billy Jealousy Devil’s Delight on Amazon.

Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand

Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand

Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand works great if you want an oil that is absorbed quickly, which doesn’t make your facial hair oily. Made with 100 percent natural oils, it makes your beard smooth and soft. It hydrates your skin underneath your facial hair, reducing the dryness of your skin. Moreover, it aids in the growth of your hair. 

It releases light and clean scent of fir needle, cedarwood, and a subtle hint of Eucalyptus. It is great for conditioning and moisturizing your facial hair and suitable for short and long facial hair. Use this oil daily to see promising and immediate results.

Customer ratings: 4.5/5

Check out Beard Oil by Mountaineer on Amazon.

Bossman Beard Oil

Bossman Beard Oil

Many things make Bossman the boss of beard oil. Not only hair follicles, but it directly affects the pores that are responsible for moisturizing your skin and hair. This is what makes it unique from other oil. It is made from 100 percent natural ingredients and oils to stimulate your facial hair’s growth and thickness. 

Most importantly, it lasts longer than any other oil because of its jelly nature. It hydrates the roots of the hair follicles to make your facial hair strong and shiny. Plus, a mixture of lavender and geranium with vanilla and patchouli gives you a pleasant fragrance. 

Some other notable features:

  • Speeds up hair growth by 2x
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-greasy
  • Fights off dryness, itchiness, and dandruff
  • Customer ratings: 4.5/5

Check out Bossman Beard Oil on Amazon.

Cremo Forest Blend Revitalizing Beard Oil

Cremo Forest Blend Revitalizing Beard Oil

Cremo Forest Blend Revitalizing beard oil works wonders on restoring your facial hair’s natural softness, moisture, and fights off against dryness, as its name implies. It repairs the damaged hairs and split ends. Plus, it aids in healthy hair growth. 

It nourishes and moisturizes both your facial hair and skin. You don’t need to worry about flakes, brittleness, and irritation. It combats with these problems and restores your facial hair’s lost natural follicles and moisture. Plus, it is suitable for any length. 

Some other notable features:

  • Non-greasy
  • Lightweight
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Smells great
  • Customer ratings: 4.6/5

Check out Cremo Forest Blend Revitalizing on Amazon.

In Conclusion

Growing your beard is easy, but it comes with extra responsibilities. You need to take care of it. Otherwise, problems like dryness, split ends, dandruff, itchiness, irritation, etc., will not take time to trouble you. So, be prepared before such issues arise by picking the best beard oil that suits you and use it. 

Finding the best oil is crucial to making your facial hair strong, healthy, smooth, and shiny. Which one to use depends on your hair type and length. So, choose wisely and boost your personality and style. You can select the best one from above. These are made from natural ingredients and oils and are worth it for your facial hair and skin.

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