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11 Ways to Lose Weight for Men

Are you looking for ways to lose weight?

Currently, having a fit and healthy body is a dream of many including both women and men. Honestly speaking, belly fat and being overweight aren’t uncommon in today’s world. If you go out, you will see men walking with their fat bellies here and there. Some care about their large body and look for ways to lose weight, whereas some don’t. Afraid of gaining too much weight, some people even take proper precautions beforehand. 

Burning that excess fat and having a fit body is something that every man hopes to achieve. And if you are one of those looking for ways to lose weight, you have come to the right place. 

Here we have listed several effective ways to lose weight.

11 ways to lose weight

Follow a diet plan

The more calories you take, the more you gain weight. However, it is always not the case. Some people eat more calories, and they still don’t get overweight. Whatever the case, what we want to convey is that you need to track your intake of calories and create a diet plan to lose weight. 

If you take in more calories, then you need to burn them not to gain weight. Set how much you want to take calories for the day and follow the same routine every day. And to make a diet plan, you need to be aware of what you are eating. You also need to know what type of food to take and what not. 

Eat a healthy diet

Until and unless you eat a healthy diet, you won’t be successful in losing weight. Moreover, a proper diet plan should contain healthy foods. You need to avoid sugary and oily foods to lose weight.

Your healthy diet should include:


Foods such as eggs, yogurt, meat, fish, vegetables, etc., are high in protein and are best for maintaining overall health. When you cut out on foods, foods rich in protein will help in the metabolism process and give you the energy to burn excess fat from your body. So, it is important to intake more protein. 


You should include foods such as lentils, fruits, vegetables, beans, etc., that are rich in fiber to lose belly fat. These foods keep the bacteria in your stomach healthy which are responsible for metabolizing nutrients from food and improving your overall health. Moreover, foods rich in soluble fiber help in reducing fat around your belly. 


You should consume foods such as dried fruits, beans, seafood, chicken, etc., that are high in iron. Iron helps to carry nutrients and oxygen throughout your body and helps your body to burn fat. 

Add vinegar

You can also add vinegar to your diet. According to a study, consuming vinegar helps to lose your body weight by reducing your intake of calories daily. 

Avoid junk foods

If you seriously want to lose weight, then avoiding junk foods can be a lifesaver. No matter how tempting pizza, french fry, burger, etc., can be, control yourself. You will be able to save calories. Consuming such foods means you need to do extensive workouts and create a strict diet plan to lose weight. That further means extra time and hard work. 

Limit the alcohol

Limit the alcohol if you want to lose excess fat. You might have seen people with big bellies when you are in a pub, clubs, or even around you. We call it beer belly. If you want to avoid having such a beer belly, then stay away from consuming too much alcohol. 

According to a study, men consuming 1000 ml of beer a day were at 17% higher risk for weight gain. It contains sugar and starch that are the main reasons for higher calories. On average, the beer consists of 150 calories. Therefore, limit the consumption of alcohol to avoid gaining too much weight. Avoid it entirely, if you can. 

Limit eating out

Do you always be like, “It’s free time. I am dying to eat out. Let’s go for dinner somewhere nearby.” If you earnestly want to lose weight, then avoid such a habit. When you go out for lunch and dinner, you won’t be able to control the intake of calories, and it is not possible as well. Like at your home, you can’t tell chefs in the restaurants what ingredients to add and what not.  

Moreover, the food you eat at a restaurant has a larger portion, which can disrupt your diet plan. And sometimes, to give the company, you might end up overeating, or your friends might force you to eat more than what you had planned. So, it is best to limit eating out and eat healthy and well-cooked food at home. 

Drink water

Staying hydrated might not sound like it will help you lose weight, and you might have a question about how it works. And there is a simple answer to it. Drinking water hydrates your body, energizing you and boosting your metabolism. It helps in blood circulation and carries oxygen throughout your body, allowing you to carry out your daily activities like workouts, exercises, yoga, work, etc. This, in turn, helps to lose your excess fat. You need water to move your body throughout the day. 

Moreover, before any meal, drinking water aids you to eat less and fill your stomach. You will have little space to take food. As a result, you will consume less. This way, it helps you to lose excess weight.

Control eating portions

Another simplest way to lose weight is to control the eating portions. Whenever you eat your food, limit the size. 

If possible, use a small plate. When you use a small one, you will only eat that much. But, if you use a large one, then you will consume too much food. Thus, increasing the calories. Still, remember, if you use a small dish, try to avoid asking for seconds. 

Even better, drink water before your meal to consume little food. This way, you will avoid taking too many calories, thus preventing yourself from gaining weight. 

Start training and exercise.

You cannot imagine losing weight without any exercise and workout. There won’t be any way to burn the calories you gain by eating in the absence of such training. One way or the other, you should burn the excess fat to lose weight. And that is why you need to do exercises. Otherwise, you will only gain more and more weight. 

Take your time, research, and create a workout plan that is best for losing weight. Not only does it make you strong physically, but mentally as well. You can also join a gym and take help from trainers. 

Or, you can also start aerobic exercise or dance to lose weight. So, start exercising to prevent gaining weight. Start moving now.

Get enough sleep

How can getting enough sleep aid you in losing weight? You might be wondering, right. Like drinking water, getting enough sleep is also essential to replenish your energy so that your body can function correctly. It is when your body repairs itself and conducts metabolic functions to digest the food you eat. 

And if you are exercising and following a diet plan to lose weight, then it is vital to get enough sleep to function perfectly the next day. This way, you can continue your routine.  

Take help from friends and family.

Sometimes, people think, “How will my family and friends help me lose weight?” and they ignore them. Well, here is a simple answer to it- support. Simply saying, when people are alone, they slack and become too lazy to do anything. However, if you ask your friends and family to help you lose weight, then they will definitely help you.

Ask your family and friends for a walk, jogging, yoga, exercise, etc. This way, you will get their company, and you won’t feel lonely to finish what you have started. Moreover, they can introduce you to someone who knows ways to lose weight. You are getting the gist of it, right.

Consult a dietitian

If you are getting satisfactory results on your own, then there can’t be any better news. However, if you cannot get the expected outcome, it is best to consult a dietitian or nutritionist. 

Experts have the experience and skills to solve your problem. They will look after your eating habits and lifestyle and suggest what to eat and what not to. In other words,  they will simplify your journey to lose weight by giving you the proper diet plan that you need. So, it is best to consult them.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, losing weight depends on you. It is not something that you can achieve overnight. For that, you need to be mentally prepared to get rid of the hurdles that come ahead of you. You need to have a clear goal. It can be challenging at first. But, you need to give your best. 

As you can see, you don’t have to do monstrous tasks. Follow the ways mentioned above to lose weight. Just changing your eating habits and lifestyle can help you get rid of your overweight. Change your daily routines to see realistic and satisfactory results. 

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